March 14, 2012

WIWW-Oodles of Swag

As you all have heard by now (I'm sure), last weekend I was attending Creative Estates! I have already talked about the amazing amazing girls I met, how much fun we had together, and the friendships that were formed over four short days. 

Although I am not one to dwell on the past (which I consider last weekend to be, duh), much has gone on in the last few days that I have been saddened by. I do feel like the girls have said pretty much everything already...

So, I will just say this: 
I do think I missed out on really getting to know some of the girls, because the retreat itself was such a HUGE part of my attitude towards everything. To be honest, I completely let my negativity take over at some points....I NEVER do that!! I think that when you are thrown into a situation that you are less than comfortable with, it is hard to be how you intended to be. Heck, I didn't even get to know some of the girls' NAMES! Sheesh. That should tell you something.

BUT......I have realized this much:
We are all different.
We are all crazy in our own way.
We are all entitled to our opinions.
We ALL had different experiences last weekend.

AND that is JUST FINE! You live, you learn, and you MOVE ON.

SO...I'm moving onto one of the BEST PARTS of last weekend---MY SWAG BAG!!!! 
I cannot believe all the incredible things that were given, made with love, and sent to Arizona to take their rightful place in my black bag! :) I don't want to take ANYTHING away from these ladies that gave their amazing products to us---cause they are THE (that's right)!

 Just SOME of my favorites:
1--The most fun hair accessories by ARTSY ANTHROPOLOGY
2--Probably the cutest Paper Clips ever by SUGAR AND DOTS
3--Diana makes THE CUTEST prints (and happens to be the sweetest chick ever) by
4--Flower necklace by VINTAGE WANNABEE (LOVE LOVE HER!!!)

5--Adorable headband by LONESTAR LOVLIES
Fabric flower earrings by ALONG FOR THE RIDE
Bobbypins!! by LOVESTITCHED
The cutest hair accessories ever (remember my big blue bow?) by MUCH LOVE ILLY

Aren't they all SO GOSH DANG DARN CUTE!? GO VISIT their shops and show them some MAJOR LOVE!
They seriously deserve every ounce of it!!!!!!!!!

And here is what ELSE I wore today (it's been an indecisive day for me apparently :)

THIS one is for you Ashley! :) 

 I'm not gonna lie, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into this it's a little boring 
                                     (but sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles)
{Shirt-Gap}{Jeans-Nordy's BP}{Necklace-F21}{Shoes-Urban Outfitters}
{Earrings C/O Acute Designs-more swag}

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  1. Love the orange/blue combo! I don't think it's boring at all. And that IS a pretty rockin swag bag :-) jenn

  2. Awesome! Sounds like you had fun and learned some things too : ) It is what it is! Love your swag bag - awesome stuff! Love that it's all handmade!


  3. I'm wearing the same shirt today too! Except with hot pink stripes. LOVE IT! Perfect for the beginning of Spring :)

  4. Super cute girl! Love all the fun hair accessories...


  5. I LOVE the houndstooth cute!

  6. look at you putting together that swag! looks so awesome!! love ya girl!!

  7. So cute!! Wish I were more crafty...all these things are adorable.

  8. You have beautiful hair! that's all. :) just wanted to tell you.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hey, my comment got accidentally deleted so sorry if you get this twice but I just wanted to say I recently found your blog and love it! You are gorgeous, you have flawless skin-you should do a post on how you do it! Looks like you cleaned up in that swag bag, my dream is to get one from a Hollywood awards show one day. Anyways, look forward to following you!

  11. I love all the bobbypins and prettiness for your hair--i really need to up my hair game!

  12. That definitely IS a lot of cool swag! NICE! And I love that last outfit. It's clean, fresh, and colorful!

  13. Cute! I love all of those little accessories :) and those button paperclips are awesome!!

  14. cute color combo! i love the outfit! love the coral and the turquoise. love your blog too xo

  15. i love the turqoise necklace with the orange stripes and angle looking down, too;)

  16. nice job :)


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