February 13, 2013

WIWW: Printed Palette Style {1 Shirt - 3 Ways}

When I buy a shirt, I intend to wear it a LOT.  I don't wanna look like a bum though, ya know..wearing the same shirt for three straight days (although I'll admit it - I HAVE done that before). 

So..when I find a shirt I LOOOOVE (like this Printed Palette shirt), I try to get away with wearing it a lot style it lots of different ways. You all should know my obsession with Neon by now, and anything I see in Neon, I pretty much have to buy. You should've seen my hubby draaaaagging me out of Forever 21 the other day...I mean..they had a WHOLE Neon section. Swoon! 

Here's how I styled my NEW FAVORITE TANK from The Printed Palette:

The Printed Palette Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
{Hat: Amazon} {Jacket: Forever 21} {Tank: C/O The Printed Palette} {Jeans: JOLT} {Shoes: Toms}

LOUNGE STYLE (Yes this is the comfiest tank ever)
Description of Photo Description of Photo
{Headband: C/O WhippyCake} {Sweater: Hollister (old)} {Pants: J.Crew}

Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo
{Jacket: H&M} {Skirt: Forever 21} {Necklace: Forever 21} {Belt: BP Nordstrom}

So there you have it. My style. One Shirt. Three ways. What's your fave? 

Also.... I'm mildly...ok totally...in love with everything that The Printed Palette makes. I've fallen in love with pretty much all of it..but these are a few of my faves:

Head over there & check it out! And make sure to use the discount code:
WIFE10 when you do!! I'm all about a discount! :)
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  1. Great tank (love the color!) I like that you showed a bunch of different ways to style the same piece. My goal is to buy versatile pieces, so it's always good to get new ideas for switching things up.

  2. Love that last outfit so much! the sorbet colors are delicious!


  3. I just bought a shirt from them! I can't wait till it arrives ;)you look adorable, my fave is with the jeans and with your date look!
    xoxo- Kaara

  4. I adore that shirt & loved the different ways you styled it!

  5. you are so cute! super cute combos! I love you in your glasses!

  6. I love me some Printed Palette!! So cute how you put it with each outfit!! So cute!!

  7. I love the printed palette!! This top looks amazing on you!!' I think weekend and date night are my fave. Super cute Jenna! Your looking fantastic! I've got 70 lbs to lop off:( boo hiss! Xoxo hanna

  8. Love that shirt. And for set #3 you must have been FREEZING!!!

  9. Love the shirt in the first look with that green cargo jacket! perfection!

    Karen Kane Giveaway!

  10. Stopping by from WIWW... You are too cute! I love all of these outfits-- I wish I could look as good as you when I'm just lounging around :P

  11. I love the casual look! The tank is adorable!!



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