October 20, 2011

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

I am obsessed with wrapping things in yarn! Everyone seems to be jumping on the yarn-wrapped bandwagon, and I am a-ok with it...it just gives me more inspiration! I actually started making yarn wreaths about a year ago, and I am still in love with them!

They are so much more fun than the normal tacky fake flower wreaths I see everywhere (I'm talking to you, Hobby Lobby)!
Warning: if you are going to attempt to yarn something (yes I used it as a verb), it is going to take some time. Be prepared to sit back and watch a movie or a couple episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It will definitely take some time. Once you get going, it is so easy, and for me it is very relaxing.

The latest thing I made are the letters L-O-V-E for my family room. I absolutely love the way they turned out. They took me about four hours total, but it was totally worth it!

Here are the easy-peasy steps:

1. Find something you want to wrap. If you want some inspiration, look here or here
2. Grab some yarn (the thicker the yarn is, the quicker it will go). I love to use twine too!
3. Start wrapping! If you are doing letters, start with the tricky parts first, like in the letter "L" I began in the corners first. Cut the string if you need to and either glue or tuck the ends into another strand. 

4. Keep going...it doesn't need to be perfect, the imperfections won't really show.
5. Voila! You're done!

The finished product! 
Let me know if you attempt this, I would love to see what you have made!!

The Wife
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  1. That is so adorable and a great and simple idea. I am going to do twine!!

  2. I LOVE how you staged the letters! SOOOOooo cute on those shelves. Totally artsy and fun.

  3. How the crap did you do this!!? haha. I have the same letters and my L looks absolutely ridiculous! Help me!!


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