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Helloooo There! I'm Jenna, the owner of this here establishment!
Welcome to my little corner of the world where I talk about my life and everything that goes ON in my life.

Some random facts about me (for your reading enjoyment):

My name is Jenna (I think I already said that. Oh well). 
I am a hoarder. Of makeup & beauty products. Nice to meet you.
Warning: I'm crazy bananas. I am super sarcastic. Like it or not.
I love cereal. I could eat it (and talk about how much I love it) ALL the time.
I have a mole that changes color 
(yes, I am aware I have a pen-like dot on my forehead, people).
I taught 3rd Grade until I had my baby.
I paint, draw & sketch to relax my OCD mind.
I love reading but I can't find time to read anything but InStyle or Lucky lately. 

Here is a little snippet of my life as I know it 
(well life after I met my hubby anyway!! ;)

Description of Photo

Description of Photo 

Description of Photo

Description of Photo

Description of Photo

We LOVE our life together & are so so blessed.
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The Big M (My Miscarriage Story)

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