November 7, 2011

Who Loves Holiday Decor?!

Ooh ooh, me me! I do I do! Have I mentioned I love holiday decor yet? I am especially excited this year, because I have a HOUSE to decorate! Growing up, my Mom's house was always decorated to the brim with holiday decorations. It is always so fun & festive; she has such a knack for making it feel like the Holidays are here. Being at her house will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

So finally, I get to buy/craft/create/design for my house this season! I kind of skipped Halloween this year (save for a few measly pumpkins), purely because I wanted to focus on Thanksgiving & Christmas. So sorry, but you might be seeing a lot of posts about DIY's for the next couple of weeks. I have done a few things here and there, but I wanted to share my "I can do it myself" (who else looks at ridiculously expensive things and says that to themselves?) banner. Yes, banners are everywhere, but they are so much fun to make and to look at!


What You Need:

  1. Burlap (or any other fabric of your choosing)
  2. Paint Pens (or you can use craft paint and letter stencils)
  3. Jute, Twine or Ribbon (enough to hang it somewhere)
  4. Glue Gun 

Step 1:
Lay out your burlap/fabric. My burlap was folded, and therefore super easy to cut into squares. You can make the squares any size you want to (you can also cut it into triangles, seen here if you prefer). I was a little tired of seeing triangle bunting banners, so I made this one with squares :)

Step 2:
After your fabric is cut, you can start writing your letters onto your fabric with the Paint Pens (I highly recommend you try these! I use them on tons of projects..and they last forEVER). You can also get pre-made Letter Stencils and sponge on the paint. I like the Paint Pens better, because I usually don't like the stencil "font." This way, I can make my own font! Start painting on your letters (make sure there is newspaper or something under your material so the ink doesn't bleed through.

Step 3: 
After you have drawn your letters, lay each letter out in the order it should go (aka G-I-V-E-T-H-A-N-K-S) and turn them over onto the backside. Cut your jute/twine into the length you desire (I always use excess just in case).

Step 4:
Cut your jute/twine into the length you desire (I always use excess just in case). Place the twine under the top edge of the fabric. Run the glue stick along the edge of the twine and fold the top of the fabric over it and press to secure. Keep going on all the letters until you are done!

Step 5:
Hang and take pleasure in the fact that you made it! Ha!

Happy Decorating!

The Wife Pin It


  1. love it! It turned out so great! I love decorating for the holidays too...and the "I can make that" phrase runs through my head more often than I can make stuff. ;)

  2. This is adorable, I love the feel of burlap. Gives it that homey feel, loving this for birthdays too. Thanks for sharing!



  3. I looove me some burlap! Any project with burlap and you can count me in!!


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