March 23, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Laundry, You are my nemesis right now. You keep piling up because you keep getting dirty. I'm sick of cleaning you.

Dear Almond-Coconut Butter, You are my most favorite snack of all time. You are yummy on toast with bananas or with apples. I get a little happy every time I eat you.

Dear Hunger Games, You are going to be my favorite movie of the year. I just know it. I still have to wait 2 days to see you, so I hope no one spoils your magnificence for me.

Dear Hubby, I know I have been consumed with blogging, emails, and Twitter, and it's been taking time away from us. Tonight is all about YOU & ME baby.

Dear Draw Something, I really wish I could "undo" a word after I pick it. Why do you make words like "cheese" and "fishing" seem so easy, then nearly impossible to draw when I go to do it? Curses!

Dear Skinny Jeans, Why did you fit last week and this week you seem 4 sizes to small?

Dear Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I think I've figured out that you're the culprit of my pants not fitting.

Dear Davis, I can't believe you're 9 months! You keep growing & growing! Please stop it.

Dear Winner of the Alycia Grace Giveaway, You are a LUCKY DUCK! I wish I could have entered! (Oh, by the way the winner is: EMILY from EMMY JUNE BORN IN MAY!!) She happens to be one of the cutest girls ever! Yay! **Email Me!**

Dear AMAZING READERS: You are the bees knees. The apple of my eye. The cherry on my sundae. You ROCK my socks off, people! THANK YOU for being you.

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Jenna, The Wife Pin It


  1. "Dear Skinny Jeans, Why did you fit last week and this week you seem 4 sizes to small?"

    Story of my life!

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. YAY! I'm so glad my BBFF Emily won! People need to know about her blog, because she is AWESOME!

    Happy Friday, Jenna dear!

  3. Love this! I so need to try almond-coconut butter! Where the heck do ya buy that?

  4. These are such cute letters! Also, if this Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream is anything like Cherry Cordial ice cream then I totally understand!


  5. Dear Jenna,

    Coconut almond butter?! How did I not know about this delectable treat?!

    Love, Kylee

  6. dear jenna,
    i played draw something half asleep last night and my fat finger thought i pressed one thing but i ended up drawing another thing completely... at least 3 times. needless to say, my draw something friends are not happy.
    love, jes

    ps. happy weekend :)

  7. Dear Jenna, these posts crack me up. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  8. Dear skinny Jeans... Yeah I know that one, only for me its, dear normal trousers, shirts oh and even dear bra... and one week they will be too small and the next too big!

    Anyways very cute write up :D

  9. Ha ha ha! I am sooo glad I'm not the only one who wishes there was an "undo" button after picking a word! I always regret the choice I picked!
    This post was the best... just like YOU! :)

  10. Haha! I love draw something! What I see in my head is usually not what it ends up looking like.

  11. I have to wait till next week to see Hunger Games because I'll be out of town..I am so sad.

  12. Cute post! I have had almond butter, but almond coconut butter?!? This just sounds amazing.. And I'm doing laundry today and hating life :)

  13. Gosh, I know exactly how you feel. I wish my dang laundry would wash and fold itself. Such a chore!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am absolutely loving it. You are adorable!! Xo

  14. I feel the same way about my jeans!!! Hoping the mint ones are perfect ;(


    So excited to be a winner. I'm a blog giveaway winner virgin. Ohhhh yeah.

    And apparently I'm not the only one with a hubby who would like to reclaim some of my "blog time."

    Have a great weekend, Jenna!

  16. New follower! I seriously could have written half this post. Laundry and The Hunger Games are pretty much dominating my thoughts right now.

  17. Ugh...That's the worst when your clothes fit a little tighter than they did before :p

  18. ughhh you are going to love HG! it was amazing. of course some scenes or characters were cut, but not at the expense of the story :0)

  19. Hey Jenna! I have a beauty "Q"... I am wanting a facial moisturizer that tints (like Jergens) and is anti-aging...OH...and has SPF. I don't know if such a thing exists, but if so do you know what it is? Thanks hun! I should have entered it under the Q&A but missed it!

  20. Super cute!! Love the hunger games..and I totally get the skinny jeans thing! RIght now they are driving me nuts!

  21. Hi Jenna! Your blog is so pretty! I'm stopping by from the SNAP link up to say hello. I'm attending next month, as well, and look forward to {hopefully!} meeting you and so many other talented bloggers that weekend. Happy and safe travels!

  22. We have almond butter that you can "grind" yourself at our Earthfare but where exactly do you get the coconut variety? Sounds like something that would fast become my favorite!


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