May 28, 2012

Featured Sponsor - Melissa

It's the last (but not least) Featured Sponsor of May Day! 
I'm kind of sad that Callie, Renee & Melissa won't be over there on my sidebar anymore come June.
 I love these girls!

Today, it's Melissa from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife!
{Yes, our blog names are pretty simliar...we both love being "The Wives"!} ;)
Melissa is one talented lady. 
She is a jack of all trades, this one. 

She cooks. She bakes. She sews. She does some beautiful graphic designs. 
Aaaaaand  to top it off she is SUPER nice.

I am quite jealous of her sewing skills. I mean, I can barely sew a BUTTON on my hubby's shirts. 
Check out more of her sewing skills HERE.

She also makes some DELICIOUS RECIPES, like this Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread!

So what are you waiting for? Go over to her BLOG & say hi!

**Comments are turned off so you can go and give her some bloggy love! :)
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