May 15, 2012

Britt's Summer Must-Haves!

I have a special treat for you today, lovelies--it's ALMOST as good as chocolate cake :)
Good day Life of the Wife readers! My name is Britt, and I blog over at The Magnolia Pair ! Jenna is the bomb, so I am pretty excited to be posting here today, and hope you love my post! Jenna and I are swapping blogs today, and I am really excited about that! Her and I bonded way long ago and have been blog bff's since. It was so great to meet her during the time when I thought I was only writing to the cricket. So, thanks Jenna for having me today, I am so happy were friends :) 

Summer is nearing quickly, and I almost feel un prepared for it. Do you have all of your go-to products and favorites to get through the hot summer months? I've gotten a couple of things over the past month, but still need to get some of those essential items. I just love polyvore, so I've made a cute little board of my favorite summer must-haves. 
First Essential Item: Sun glasses. I usually toss out those darker frames I've collected from the winter months, and replace them with a brighter tinted frame. Light brown and creme are my favorite color combinations. Second Essential Item: A floppy hat. I think I just feel 10x cooler, when I stroll around in a cute floppy hat. And when I say cooler, I mean both cool in temperature and cool in the sense of feeling fly. Third Essential Item: Fun shorts. I just counted the amount of shorts I have in my closet, and I've got 16 pairs of shorts. My favorite place to get unique summer shorts is J Crew. They always have the cutest ones in nautical prints, stripes, bright colors, sear sucker, and more. Fourth Essential Item: Wedges. Wedges can always dress up an outfit and make you look super chic when you're not even trying to be, especially the strappy kind. They are usually comfortable to wear and there's lots of colors offered to match every outfit. Fifth Essential Item: Sun Dress. Oh, how Ben Kweller's song Sundress comes to mind. But really, how necessary is it to have at least one good summer sun dress? I may be exaggerating, but during the summer months it seems that the party functions quadruple during the summer months. Invest in a good one so you won't be caught off guard whenever you get that invitation. Sixth Essential Item: Baby Lips. Whether your smooching your Hubby, Boyfriend, etc. you need soft moist lips. And this stuff does the trick! My favorite is the punch (pink) shade. It's great for those who aren't lip stick lovers (Oops that's me) since it is quick and easy  to apply (like chap stick) ! Seventh Essential Item: Umbrella. Please keep one of these in your car, purse work, and home. You really don't want to get caught in the rain when you've got that pretty white blouse on. Returning to the office after an incident like that is never a fun explanation nor is it fun to wear a table cloth the rest of the day even if you did wear a cammi under it. Trust me, I know.  Eighth Essential Item: Bikini. Whether it is a one or two piece. Spend the extra money in one you like that is flattering on you. I used to work in a Swimwear boutique, so I know that those saggy swim bottoms you still have stored in your closet should be tossed out and swapped for a new one. Target has some great suits! Most women don't realize that if you just find the right suit for your body, that it can do wonders! I hope you enjoyed my Summer Must Haves ! I know that there are many more, but these are just my top favorites that I usually can't get by without. If you want to read more from me, stop over at The Magnolia Pair to read more. I love meeting new people ! And most importantly, come read what Jenna has to say about her jewelry shop and some of her favorites, you will want to know her secret !
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  1. I love the look of the dress, so cute!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. Ooooh that suit is so cute! I asked Andy over the weekend if it was appropriate to do yardwork in a bikini (I'm getting a nasty farmer's tan) and he more than happily obliged. Boys.

  3. I am just now really getting to know Britt, and she's great!

  4. Love this! That sundress is adorable :)

  5. Love the must haves - I just got some of that Baby Lips stuff!

  6. I want all of the must haves. AND a vacation to go with it!
    Am I getting too demanding? I should ask Chris.

  7. Oh my goodness! I soooo want a floppy hat! I've been trying on every one I've seen over the past few months and they all look so silly on me.

    But I haven't completely given up!

    P.S. Soooo happy that there are posts about SUMMER!!! Yessssssss.

  8. I would love to rock a pair of fun shorts - but for a girl with junk in the trunk - fun shorts aren't so fun! Unless you're looking for tons of fun? Then I might be able to pull that off.

  9. I definitely need a new pair of sunglasses! And I LOVE floppy hats! And the sundress is super cute!!!

  10. I love the Baby Lips too! I have it in pink and I'm considering buying the red (I've heard it's more sheer). It's nice that they are priced more like chapstick than lipstick too.

  11. EVERYTHING about this post is FABULOUS :) Hope you are well my friend!!

  12. Great ideas, making me crave summer, love that dress and floppy hat. Heading over to your blog to check it out!!

  13. I finally managed to snag myself the Peppermint Maybeline Baby Lips and let me just tell you, as Joey on Friends would say "like a moth to a flame!"

  14. Love these fans! Fantastic. I'm a new follower to your fun blog : )

  15. Love those summer trends :D
    amazing post, and really great blog :)



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