May 10, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays {#10}

WOW! I can't believe it's Thursday already. Am I the only one who loses track of what DAY it is sometimes? I woke up and thought YAY--t's Friday! Only to realize that  my phone (which is my source for the TIME & THE DATE) was telling me it was Thursday. Oh man..I'm losing it! :)
After complaining about my OCD the other day, I was WOWED by ALL of your wonderful suggestions! You guys were SO HELPFUL (thankYOU!). The one that I decided to put into action was GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE. I did--and went and got a pedicure with my Mom & Grandma. 
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It was ABSOLUTELY necessary. And now my toes are feelin' fine!

My thumb is peach. NOT green. We bought our house last year, but I never planted a garden because I had a newborn baby (priorities, people). This weekend I PLANTED a little bitty bit. I was actually surprised by how much I liked it! It was VERY relaxing (after the cursing raking was over)!
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We had to order a new carseat for D. When it came yesterday, I was kind of sad about it. How the heck do I have an ALMOST one-year-old? Seriously crazy. 

AFTER we got the carseat, D proceeded to climb in the box and have a good 'ol time in there. He LOVED it. I started laughing at how much fun he was having in it, then he laughed, then I laughed some more (and on and on). I love hanging with this baby all day. 
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This freaking Olympic Mom commercial. Know the one? I swear if you're a Mom or HAVE a Mom, or KNOW a Mom, this commercial will make you cry. They did it on purpose I tell you!

**I JUST cried again watching it. Sheesh!**

Whenever I'm feeling super self-loathing, I try to do something for someone else. I happened to be on a walk with D yesterday, and spotted my neighbors dog FAR AWAY from their house. I corralled him, and took him back to the family.
Yes, it was little, but it made me feel better that he was safe with them again.

This picture to my friend who needed a laugh. I mean, come on--that's HILARIOUS, right?!!

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  1. i can't get over that waldo winning picture. i need that framed!
    and i saw the olympic commercial. twice. it's like the google commercial with sophie and her dad. i just can't handle it.
    happy thursday!

  2. HAHA that picture! Too funny! Cute pedicure :)

  3. hahahaha winning! oh waldo .. you've changed a bit since my days of searching for you in a crowd.

    glad you're feeling a little better :)

  4. Love the pedi! I need to make some time and go do that! :-)

  5. thanks for making me cry- it's only 10am! hahaha...but then I'm just asking for it, and stole the video and posted it on my blog, and have cried 3 more times! hahha. HAPPY THURSDAY!

  6. Somehow a pedi makes everything better!

  7. Pedicures and smiley babies are always good for stress! :-) Thanks for hosting, lady.

  8. I am going to have to get a pedicure this summer - so relaxing!

  9. Glad to hear you're getting some more relaxation in! I struggle with anxiety but felt like I had no place giving advice. Your garden looks so colorful and pretty! And OMG THAT COMMERCIAL! I was watching it on my phone while waiting in line somewhere and I could not contain the tears.

  10. Agh! I totally forgot to link up til just now. I'm such a tool, I have had this done since last night! and nothing makes me feel better than a good deed! Little or not, I feel like such a do-gooder. You go with your puppy wrangling self. :)

  11. Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment after I linked up for the beauty vlog. :)

    I totally pamper myself to relax as well... pedicures, manicures, bubble baths... not to mention eating way to much sugar while I am doing all of those things. :)

    I am glad I found your blog in this blog-o-sphere. :)


  12. If I received that silly picture in a text message, I'd probably wet my pants from laughing so hard!! Too cute :) Glad to see you did a little pamper sesh, we all need those every-so-often, don't we?

  13. My cats are going to be so mad when I have kids because currently they get to play in boxes when I am done with them :)

  14. That video TOTALLY made me cry. Nice pedicure :)

  15. your posts put me in a good seri! I am linking up next week, i always forget but i wrote it down so now its your pedi and box baby!

  16. Oh my that last picture? hhahaha... yes, it's funny! MMm a pedicure sounds amazing. I might have to copy you :)

  17. i linked up and joined in- thanks for a great time!:) loved your post, very cute nails, hope you like mine!:)

  18. I haven't seen the video yet, maybe I shouldn't. I do not like gardening one bit- but when it comes to growing food, I enjoy it! Weird, huh?

  19. I think your thumb is more green than you think! Very pretty :-)

  20. Your baby is adorable!

    Your garden is super cute! I do not have a green thumb. Or a peach thumb. I have a black thumb. My boyfriend calls me the plant serial killer.

  21. I thought this was super cute. I linked up!


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