July 18, 2012

Laura & Ashley (and a lil' giveaway)!

 Today, I am busy, busy as a beaver!
I wish I could just take a nap, but alas, I have TONS I need to get done. 

I am SURE it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm having a HUGE sale at Neon & Nude right now.  
I L-O-V-E being THIS kind of busy!! :)
P.S. Did you hear you can get 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER until Friday?! 
{Use code: Neon in July}
Today, I get to talk about two girls I SERIOUSLY ADORE. I mean, really. 
Love them. Love their blogs. Yup.

Laura is seriously a doll. 
She is married to a cop and has the CUTEST little baby boy! Needless to say, she is a busy girl!
She blogs about her life, recipes, design and just anything she loves!
I absolutely love her style, I tell ya!

Some of my fave posts from Miss Laura:
She just made the most AMAZING Cinderblock Bench I've ever seen!
This Berry Ricotta Cheesecake looks so freakin' delicious!
And she gets REALLY real about having more than one child here.
Check her out - you will love her as much as I do, I promise!!

Oh, Ashley. Where do I begin with you, my dear? :) I have SO MANY good things to say!
Ashley has been a LOYAL reader of mine for...well...since I can remember! She always leaves the nicest comments, and well, when you give me lots of compliments, we automatically become friends (hehe). 

Ash is married, has two little babies, and blogs about everything she is passionate about.
She has a BFA in Dance (I mean, how cool is that?!), and is absolutely beautiful (inside and out)!

Some of my favorite posts from Miss Ashley:
This BACHELORETTE POST was pretty dang funny!
Her 11 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW PRE-BABY would've really come in handy before I had D!
And her FASHION SENSE is just adorable. Love it!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh........and did I mention Ashley is giving away these earrings? HOW CUTE, huh?!!


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