August 24, 2012

Anniversary Recap & FEATURED SPONSORS!

I don't know about you...but I am always looking for new and great blogs to follow!
Well...look no further, my friends. I have some LOVELY & AMAZING Featured Sponsors!
They are pretty dang awesome..and I'm so lucky to have them!

First up...
My girl Sando is the sweetest ever. Her attitude on life is just contagious. Oh...and NBD but she is an amaaaaaazing cook with some equally amazing recipes on her blog.
Like this delish Honey-Ginger Corn & Avocado Salad (that I made and LOVED)!
Did I mention she is a teacher and a wife, too? This girl does it all!!
Her blog is one of my GO-TO blogs for new recipes! They are pretty easy, but super scrumptious!
I HIGHLY suggest you follow her Pinterest Board called YUM! You'll be drooling!!

I can't quite remember how Tayli & I "met." But I instantly loved her! I know you will too - I mean, how can you not? One - she is gorgeous. Two - she's super super nice.  Three - I just want to copy her entire style (outfits & design)! She is a DIY-er. A Mom/Wife. And her designs are so dang awesome!
Head over there and show my fellow Utahn some love!!

Awwww...Ginny! I can't even begin to tell you how much I adore this girl. I FINALLY get to meet her in person in October and I couldn't be more excited (EEEEEK!!)!! She is the best. Her blog is seriously one of my favorites. It's one that I always make sure I read!
Some of my FAVORITE posts from her: This PAINTED BOWL tutorial (so cute),
these FISH TACOS, and these FRUIT & YOGURT POPS (which I think have been pinned on Pinterest a billion times-go girl!). Her photography is beautiful and so is she! Check her out, peeps!

Adelyn is so super cute (I mean..that peplum outfit is so adorable)! She is a young fashionista! Her style is pretty impeccable for being so young (awww those were the days)! Her FASHION BOARD made me want to go out and buy some burgundy! And I am NOT a loafer fan..but then she posted these CHEETAH ones and I might have to get some now! She is also getting married soon, and picked out a BEAUTIFUL PALETTE! Seriously..I'm dying over those colors together!!

For those of you who asked how our Anniversary Day was the other day was....

On that day, I sent Ty to work with a surprise box of goodies...
Every hour (I started with 8:22 - our anniversary date) he got to open a little present from me. They weren't super fancy (Snickers, Love Coupons, T-Shirts, etc..) but I think he had fun not knowing what they would be. He said he loved it so that makes me happy (and the suspense was killing him - which made me even happier ;) 

We went to dinner at The Melting Pot (seriously sooooooo goooood) one of our favorite restaurants. We devoured every single thing that was put in front of us. Wisconsin Cheese, Bread, Apples, Caesar Salad, Pork, Sirloin, Chicken, Shrimp, Marshmallow Fondue, Cheesecake, Strawberries, Bananas, Brownies, Cake, Smores Drinks, -- oh ya we ate it ALL. Totally worth it. 

After, we headed to the batting cages (dressed up and everything) and swung til we couldn't swing anymore. It was seriously so much fun. Makes me want to join a softball team again!!

As for what he got me? Lets just say he continued to spoil me all day.... :)

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  1. Looks like an awesome anniversary.

    I love your gift to your guy- sooo cute that he had one for every hour! Incredible!

  2. Such lovely ladies!
    Looks like you guys had a great anniversary!
    I love your gift idea to your guy :D

  3. Yay for new bloggers to follow!!! I'm def going to check them out =) Happy Belated Anniversary!!! I absolutely LOVE your gift idea! I just may steal it, lol. My big 10 yr anniversary is in a couple months and after this many years it gets difficult to be creative! Happy weekend <3

  4. The Melting Pot is one of my favorites! :-)

  5. That is SUCH a cute idea to give little anniversary presents throughout the day! Love it!

  6. That sounds like so much fun! What a fun day of gifts you had planned for him. He must have loved that! Happy anniversary, my dear!

  7. Your gift idea is SO CUTE!!!! I bet it made him feel so special. And I love that you guys went to the batting cages.

  8. omg those green/teal pants are SUPER cute!!! i have been dying to try to find some in that shade!!

  9. I just added a few new friends to my Google Reader - and sounds like your anniversary was AMAZING! :-)

  10. i hope you don't mind but im going to steal your gift idea for our one year anniversary!! so thoughtful.. you two are blessed to have each other!!

  11. I love y'all! Batting cages all dressed up... My kinda girl! ;)

  12. I love y'all! Batting cages all dressed up... My kinda girl! ;)


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