August 17, 2012

Five Things Friday

It's FRIDAY! Holla! This weekend is going to (finally/hopefully/pretty please) be a super relaxing weekend with my hubby & baby D. I can't WAIT to do absolutely nothing
Are you guys doing anything fun?
I mean who WOULDN'T want to hang out with this awesome kid?
(and yes..I realize I sound like a man in this video-hehe)

I am ALWAYS curious about what people have in their purses for some reason 
(I know I'm not alone here, right people?...right?). So I was THRILLED when Tauni (aka the coolest chick I know) asked me to be a part of her awesome-sauce series "What's In My Handbag"!! 
So...if you are really curious, HEAD OVER THERE and check out what's in my purse 
(SPOILER ALERT - a lot of CRAP!) :) 

Oh...and there MIGHT be (well..there is) a little DISCOUNT CODE 
to NEON & NUDE too! So get your cute behinds over there ASAP! 

I am not a seamstress. Never have been--and PROBABLY never will be.
But I'm dyyyyying over this shirt. 
I saw it on Pinterest, and followed all the links..but for some reason I CANNOT find where to buy it!  
(insert crying Jenna face here)
So if any of y'all want to make it and send it to me that'd be awesome. K? Thanks! :) 
No but seriously...I NEED this shirt!!

Today is someone's birthday. Not just ANYbody...but THIS awesome girl's birthday! Brittany is one of my all-time most favorite friends ever!!! She seriously is the BEST. 
I am truly thankful to know her and have her in my life! LOVE YOU B!! 
Here's to a million more awkward moments! ;)

Thanks to my super influential friend, Alycia, I had to go on a little F21 shopping spree and buy things I really didn't need. 
But every now and again, I deserve a little somn' somn' for myself, right? 
I mean..I can't just say NO to a shirt that has a NEON HEART on it, now can I? 

Happy Weekend Peeps!!!

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  1. Your little guy is absolutely adorable!
    Love that grey shirt :D Hope someone is crafty enough to make it for you.
    Happy Birthday Brittany!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh~~~ you just made my day doll face!! thank you!! I even got teary eyed! I am a sap I know~ xoxo luv u~!

  3. That shirt really is awesome. And your little man is hilarious!

  4. If you find the fabric and the shirt, send it my way and I'll whip out that pocket for you! :) have a great weekend mama.

  5. OMG - love that sweater with the heart, so cute!

  6. I like the t-shirt too... probably wouldn't be that hard to make!

  7. Baby D is so cute! I could play with her like that all day :)
    Love that t-shirt...I'm no seamstress either! I really want to learn and even bought a sewing machine almost 2 years ago, but rarely use it. Happy Friday!

  8. Jenna, love the shirt. Love it. Since you don't sew, I have a super simple solution for you. Attach the pocket with hem tape - you just iron it on. Since you wont really be putting a lot of stuff in the pocket, it should hold just fine! Plus, what a great tutorial for your blog, no?! I sew, but I used the tape to hem my drapes ages ago.

    It's like this

    Second, thanks so very much for your sweet words and for participating in my handbag series. I sincerely think you are the cutest ever!

    Finally, thanks for the awesome discount. Can't wait to get my necklace!

    xoxo, T.

  9. Have a wondful, relaxing weekend with your family :) xo!

  10. ahhhh how freaking adorable is that video?! obsessed! i would love to spend all my time w baby d!! that shirt is adorable! hope youre having a relaxing weekend! xo Kelly

  11. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
    Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.


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