October 30, 2012

Why I Hate Halloween & Scary Movies

WARNING: You're about to dive into my crazy mind - it's pretty koo-koo up there!

Now, now...I didn't USED to be afraid of scary movies like a wimpy little girl. Back in the day (5 years ago to be exact), I LOVED watching scary movies. The Hubs & I would watch them pretty often. We would go to the movies and watch them, we would watch them at our old house in our basement, we would even (gasp) rent them from Blockbuster (remember those days?).

But those days are over.

I'm a big ol' fat scaredy cat now.

It pretty much sucks. And my hubby gets so sad because I won't watch scary movies with him anymore. He had to watch one last week by himself while I was out with my friends. Poor guy.

The reason behind my scaredy-cat-ness? Two words: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. If you haven't seen it - DON'T.

Don't judge me. If you didn't think that movie was scary - - you are crazy cakes. Because it WAS the scariest movie ever. It freaked me out. The girl in it KILLS her husband for freak sake. She becomes possessed. I mean - it was banana cakes!! After the movie ended, I thought about it when I left the theater, and kept thinking about it until I FINALLY fell asleep at 4am, Then, I thought about it for the next week, I thought about it every time I heard a noise, I thought about it every time I was home alone. I could NOT get it out of my head.

I was becoming a huge sissy pants. Yup.

About 3 years later...I was finally getting over it. And then my hubby & some friends made me go see PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2....and I about died. I was absolutely terrified. I covered my eyes through 60% of it (and felt like a complete baby)..and I STILL had nightmares about it.

I know what you're thinking - I'm pathetic. And it's true. There is not much that used to scare me...but now...oh man...just about everything scares me. Going into my basement by myself is terrifying. Staying home alone by myself makes me a wreck (I even sleep at my parents house sometimes). And Halloween night?? HATE IT with a passion now. Well..except for Davis dressing up as a cute monkey - that I like. ;)

Embarrassing confession: the other day, I was watching TV and The Haunted Mansion came on (you know that DISNEY movie with Eddie Murphy) and I watched it for one minute and had to change it. Wow. I mean..come ON, Jenna...BUCK UP! :)

Oh how I WISH I could just get over it and realize it's not REAL (along with all the other scary movies I won't watch now)...but I'm not there yet.

I'm working on it....I'm really trying to live by this motto:
Side note: Isn't that print/saying beautiful? You can find Kelli Murray's Art HERE.

SO there you have it. That's the reason I hate scary movies...and going down into my basement now...and sleeping alone. It all comes back to that stupid movie!!! GRRRR!

Is there a movie that you watched that scarred you for life--please say I'm not the only one! :)


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  1. You are not alone! I refuse to watch scary movies!! I can't wait Criminal Minds either! SO SCARY!!


  2. I don't mind most scary movies, granted no matter what it is I do tend to get a little freaked out for a while afterwards until I forget about it. But! We watched the first Paranormal Activity and I thought it was pretty good, definitely more freaked than normal but I slept like a baby that night. Then we started watching Paranormal Activity 2 when it came out, and I shut the son of a gun off quicker than you can say scary movie. I couldn't handle it because of the toddler in it was about the same age as my son. It freaked me out so dang bad!! I won't watch any more of them. No way.

  3. I have been obsessed with scary movies since I was like ten. I must say though that you are not alone, I am getting to the point where they scare me more and more and I am not sure I like it! My friends and I used to create scary environments to watch them in, and now I want the lights on and my dogs at my feet. Sigh! Lol.


  4. Don't worry you are not the only one that hates scary movies. They give me anxiety BIG time. Every now and then my hubby gets lucky when I agree to watch one with him but I have a sick feeling in my stomach the whole time. The things we do for love...:)

  5. I hhhhhhhhate scary movies! Even previews for scary movies give me nightmares!

  6. Oh my goodness Jenna, I am the same! I can. not. and will. not. watch scary movies!! I saw 2 minutes of friday the 13th on tv last night and had to hum some hymns to get me to sleep. How's that for embarassing?! haha! I don't think the haunted mansion is scary, I actually think it's a bit dumb. But they are making a new one, because that one didn't do the ride justice. haha! However... jurassic park scares me. Isn't that ridiculous?! Dinosaurs. I often have nightmares about dinosaurs! You had to change the channel for haunted mansion and I had to change it for jurassic park. I'm ridiculous.

  7. Oh man, I can't do scary movies either!
    I swear, the second I popped out a baby, I became a wuss about that kind of stuff. So weird.

    Also? That print is amazing!

  8. haha I hate them too! i really just don't get them!!

  9. I could never see Paranormal Activity! I'm such a wussy about ghosts and being possessed. Irrational, I know but I can't help it. I could watch movies with a serial killer all day but no way on the supernatural stuff!

  10. I am the same way! When my hubby and I were dating, we lived for that stuff. We saw every one, and I remember being so scared, at night I'd run from the bathroom into my bed but after seeing the movie "the grudge" and that crazy was in the bed...the only safe place!!...that was it for me. I swore them off and haven't looked back!

  11. Haha I love scary movies! But I'm always super terrified afterwards.

  12. I cant watch them either!! like you, i used to be able to watch every scary movie out there! as well as crime shows like CSI. but then i started having crazy fears and anxieties!!! Like, were talking, curled up in a ball-praying my heart out-cold real fears anxiety. At one point i was afraid i was going to snap like one of those teen killers a kill my family-redic! but its crazy real! the fear is paralyzing! My hubby knows now why i avoid anything of the scary nature because he too, convinced me to watch one and i am STILL getting through the scary random thoughts that pop in and wreak havoc! So your defiantly not alone! I think some women were made this way to help our children not become desensitized but violence, gore and satanic things. I think thats one way satan knows is the easiest to get into our minds- and once he's in there, he hard to shake out. and i really think Heavenly Father realizes this and causes us to feel anxiety or uneasiness. Which as horrible as it is to go through, it's a blessing- at least thats how i look at it. ;) because i honestly wont allow anything of that nature in our home. but yeah! your totally not alone. and right now, i cant even watch Hocus Pocus lol

  13. Paranormal activity was so scary! I have only watched the first and I still have to try to remind myself that it wasn't real!

  14. Oh my gosh, I hate Paranormal Activity. I used to love scary movies too, but now? Not so much. I think the Haunting in Connecticut is what ruined me. Pathetic? Any way, now I'm on the edge of my seat when I watch Hocus Pocus. It's that bad. :)


  15. That eCard is right! Why in the world do they say HELLO? LOL

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  16. I do not like scary movies at all and I super don't like haunted houses. I'm not sure what it is about scary movies. It's all fake, but it's like...maybe that could happen. As for haunted houses, when I was a kid my parents took me to our local haunted house and it was so crowded that there was a very long wait. While we waited they showed Freddy Keuger movies. Then while I was in the haunted house Freddy came up and tapped me on the shoulder. Not cool. *shudders*

  17. What is going on with getting older and not being able to handle the scary movies?! I was so obsessed with scaring myself back in middle/high school and part of college, but no more!! My imagination is way too vivid and I have many dreams of being chased by killers. So I can't watch much now lol but my hubby never liked them.
    Anything dealing with demon possession is also where I draw the line. I know that's real and I don't like to give away my thoughts to Satan to scare me more :-) so don't worry, you aren't missing out anymore! Lol

  18. I can't really handle scary movies...but I watch them anyway! Insidious scared the pants off of me though. I'm pretty sure I slept with the light on after that one!

  19. When I was in high school I watched Silence of the Lambs at a friends house. She lived out in the country and when it was time to drive home, I was so freaked out...to make matters worse one of our guy friends went out side and hid in the bushes as we were getting ready to leave. He scared the crap-o-la out of me when I was getting in to my car and I had to drive home with the overhead dome light on in my car because I was so scared! I've pretty much stayed away from scary movies since then...

  20. Movies don't scare me as much as like suspense books or those investigative TV shows about real things that have happened or the crime shows. Those just put ideas in my head. I'm such a paranoid person!

  21. The Saw series (earlier ones) really did me in... I was in college and went to go see one with friends and about lost my mind when I went to shower down the hall all alone in our shower stalls - I was convinced someone was going to come snatch me up and I was going to die - I ran back to my dorm after shampooing and completely forgot to do the rest of the "routine"

    no more scary movies for me oh no no no!

  22. haha love this post! i used to realllly like scary moves... but i am older and wiser now and stay away!!!!!!!!
    and man i love kelly murray!

  23. I didn't see that movie just for that very reason! I hate being scared and the feeling of being scared and when my older brother who doesn't really get affected by anything told me he had to sleep with his light on, I knew I just couldn't do it. So you're not alone! I heard it was one of the scariest movies ever!!

  24. Hahahaha you and I, we are the same. I'm a big, fat scaredy cat too! I have never seen any of the Paranomal Activity movies, but I have a feeling they might pop up at the scary movie-a-thon my husband is MAKING me go to. Tonight might be the night I actually pee in my pants. I'll keep you updated. ;)

    By the way, The Ring and any of the Saw movies still freak me out to this day. Happy Halloween pretty girl!!

  25. i am a massive wimp and hate scary movies--i hate the suspense, that music and i just prepare myself that someone is going to jump out and it freaks me out.

  26. haha i am the same way! too funny!


  27. are you kidding me? i hate hate hate scary movies. movies are supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT. scary movies are torture.

    i couldnt even watch signs in college.

    in high school at a party we watched "candyman" and ugh to this day i get chills just thinking about it. i had to hang out in the kitchen with the friend's mom.


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