November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend & Cyber Monday

 Happy Cyber Monday to ya!! Did you go shopping on Black Friday? I did...accidentally..and it was actually not that bad..but I went late at night so I'm sure I missed the crazies (phew)!! 

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How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I felt like it went by SO FAST..but I really enjoyed my little mini-break from blogging! We had SO MUCH DANG FUN with our was quite the whirlwind of a weekend!! 
We went to lunch with Ty's family at Little America. It was SO YUMMY! I had some delish salmon (I figured I would switch it up from turkey). It was super crowded..but so great to hang with Ty's family - they are the best! Davis was (of course) being a little ham! The best part of the whole meal..was when Ty's poor Grandpa's pants fell down after we ate. Kinda sad..but he we all was pretty dang funny!

 Then we went to my families for a second HUGE meal of the day. My entire family was there! It was chaotic, fun, crazy and we made LOTS of memories for sure. I love my awesome fam!!
Enjoy the picture overload :)

All the girls in my family (except for the little ones)...and Davis :)
Friday we went to see the lights with my family. It was sooooo pretty. I liked it even better this year because D was in awe of all the lights. Then we did a little Black Friday shopping at City Creek. But not for long..D was OVER it pretty quick. And by over it..I mean...having a meltdown in the middle of the store. Hehe. 
Saturday night we went to see "Lincoln" with Ty's family. It was actually pretty good - I didn't 
think I'd like it - but I did (who knew)! :)

Saturday & Sunday we put up the Christmas Lights (that was ALL Ty, not me in any way)..and all of our Christmas decorations...but my box of ALL of my Christmas Tree Ornaments/Decorations was missing (and still is). I was distraught about it all day - I seriously tore up my basement trying to find it. I had just organized all my huge bins down there..and I know I saw it two months ago..which was why it was so mind boggling. I have just decided to blame it on a gremlin. So I had to run to the store and buy BRAND NEW ornaments. I was PISSED. I hate spending money when I don't need to. 
Ok I'm done complaining now :) But I ended up getting new decorations for the tree..and it looks great..and Davis was happy so I can't complain TOO much. But I'm still pissed. Ha. 

Ok ok I cant help more thing...this vid of Davis "fishing" with his cousins kills me.

Phew! I guess it really was a pretty FULL weekend!! How was yours??


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  1. Is your ENTIRE family gorgeous? I mean c'mon! Save some for the rest of us ogres. ;) Looks like a seriously lovely Thanksgiving! :)

  2. I agree your family is gorgeous!! And I can I please have your hair? Hope that isn't too weird to say, but I love it! Maybe you could do a tutorial on how you fix your hair?!!

    Looks like you have a fabulous thanksgiving! Hope you find those ornaments soon!

  3. You have such a beautiful family!!! You must all have the same sense of style as all you girls are nearly wearing the same outfit:) so beautiful!

  4. does everyone in yout family have perfect hair? JEEEEEZ girl.

  5. what a beautiful family! and can I just say your hair is GORGEOUS!?

  6. This post is so jam packed full of fun! I love to see all the family pics and festivities. And your Christmas decorating has me all inspired! You are simply lovely!!!

  7. Precious pictures, looks like you guys had a full house of family, so fun! And could you and your sister have prettier hair? STOP IT! I'm about to chop my locks off because it's getting so knotty. Help me Jenna!!

  8. When did Davis become a little boy (and not a baby??!) He is so cute!

  9. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Your tree looks gorgeous - I would be devastated if I lost all my ornaments, I hope they turn up soon!

  10. all the women in your family are such beauties! geez, i'd love to have your hair. and davis is the cutest :) happy late thanksgiving!


  11. aww Jenna your baby is so cute!
    THat is all. haha


  12. Look at you, busy gorgeous girl!!! Our Cali Thanksgiving trip went by so fast, too - unfortunately I have crap for photos, and by crap I mean none - so I didn't get to do a recap post as much as I wanted to! How did the rolls turn out?! And OK - seeing you at the SLC lights/City Creek gives me hope that we might magically run into each other one day! Or we can just set up a coffee/lunch date at City Creek - that works too ;)

  13. What a beautiful family!! It looks like you were extremely busy but had soo much fun!


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