January 22, 2013

ALT SUMMIT!! It's Happening Tomorrow!

Hey y'all. Just wanted to POP IN really quick to let you know I will be going to ALT SUMMIT (ummm...pretty much I'm dying inside from excitement) 
Wednesday through Saturday!!!!

So, I am taking a little mini-break from blogging (well, not really - I'll be up to my ears in blogging stuff!). I'll be chatting/learning/talking/mingling/laughing/being nervous/dancing/posting waaaaay too many pics all week long with some verrrrrry cool people. You guys. I'm seriously so nervous! If you could see inside my tummy right now, you'd see some crazy butterflies hopped up on Red Bull. Yup. 

If you want to keep up with me & all the other ladies that will be attending ALT this year, make sure and follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@jennathewife) and look up the hashtag #altsummit. It's gonna be amaaaaaze-cakes!! 

Wish me luck!!! 


Also, for those of you who haven't taken the BIG BEAUTY BONANZA POLL, make sure to do it by Friday & spread the word so you can win $25 to Nordstrom!!

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  1. how exciting! i hope you have the best time, i'll be sure to follow along! :)

  2. aack so excited for you! yay live it up!


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