January 15, 2013

Bold Lips & Freezing Hands (for a good cause)

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Call me crazy, cause this was what I wore all day today. I think the cold froze my brain or something..cause ohhhh good gravy it was freeze-your-face-off cold!! What would I wear if it was freezing cold outside (like 12 degrees cold)? Definitely not this. I don't know WHAT I was thinking going out of my house like this.

The thing is...I hate wearing coats. I feel constricted and they cover up my outfit. I mean...what's the point of getting dressed cute if you're just going to cover it up with a coat?

radiant cosmetics

I should have worn one today though. Not my smartest moment. Dumb, Jenna.
Oh so dumb.


It was SO COLD today (how cold was it?)...so cold that I had to cover up my purple lips with lipstick. 

Good thing I love bold lips! Bright lipstick has (and probably always will be) a staple of mine. I'm mildly obsessed with color, as you well should know by now. So any chance I get to P-O-P an outfit with some color, it's usually on my lips.

bold lips

cute outfit

fashion blogger
{Flowered Shirt -- Forever 21} {Blazer -- Nordstrom *older} {Jeans -- Hudson
{Pink Necklace -- F21} {Mint Green Belt -- Target}
{Spike Necklace -- ASOS *older} {Goldie Links Chain Bracelet - NEON & NUDE}


my lipstick is from Radiant Cosmetics - in Strawberry Fields.
Kinda in love with it. Ok...I might have worn it every day since I got it.

If you haven't heard of RADIANT COSMETICS, you should get on it and read all about how awesome they are. I love love LOVE what they are doing for women!

This month, they are doing something even awesomer (yup it's totally a word).....
fashion blogger

So check 'em out, get your pretty on & help out a GREAT CAUSE. 


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  1. i hate wearing big bulky jackets too! i normally freeze all winter why people ask why i'm not wearing more clothes!

  2. Even though you froze to death it was worth it cause you look so dang cute! i am loving that blouse. i will for sure have to check out that lipstick because your right. it is for a great cause!!

  3. You have inspired me to try a bold lip. What a great cause as well.

    I love buying coats, but I don't love wearing them. Isn't that strange?

  4. I agree with you on the coat thing. I want people to see my outfit, not my jacket. What a waste. I also love you shirt, its adorable.

  5. Ok you might have been frozen but you look gorgeous! That lipstick is to die for!!! I love it!!!! Great outfit hot stuff:)

  6. So pretty! I also hate coats for the fashion factor....but I hate being cold even more, so I'm always bundled up in them. Just the fact that I look pretty underneath the coat is usually enough to make me happy. :P

  7. holy. crap. jenna. you looking freaking AMAZING! that lip color is stunning on you! stop being so gorgeous!

  8. I love the floral shirt. It's a gorgeous print on you. The layered necklaces are so fun, too! I totally understand not wanting to cover up your outfit because you look great! But don't catch cold! :)

  9. This outfit is adorable! I'm with you on the coat issue. And that lip color looks great on you. I've never been a lipstick person. I feel it makes me look... weird. Does that even make sense?!

  10. gorgeous outfit, pretty lady! i esp love that you are rocking radiant cosmetics - that color is perfect on you!

  11. You are stunning! I love all the colorful accessories! I am your newest follower on GFC and Twitter!

    XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

  12. I love your outfit! I actually almost bought that shirt the other day but I'm not tall enough for it. It looks really good on you!

  13. Very cute... We've all frozen a time or two in the name of fashion, right? :)

  14. Your makeup looks flawless! So gorgeous!


  15. You totally pull that shade off perfectly.
    I stick to the safety of my nude glosses but one day maybe I'll get brave and try something different. probably not. I'll leave it to beauties like you ;)

  16. just discovered your blog through the pleated poppy and would love to follow each other! xo


  17. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! AHHHH I want your hair so bad!!! Can't wait to see you in 5 days!!!!

  18. Oh these shots of you are Gooooooorgeous!!!!!!! Love the lighting and colors. So pretty and wintery!

  19. You are too cute! Love the entire outfit and your makeup. Prettyyyyy!


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