January 7, 2013

My First Kiss (Went A Little Like This)...

The elementary school bus lets off right in front of my house. I can't help but reminisce a little when I see those crazy and super loud kids running off the bus. They punch each other, pull pranks and laugh uncontrollably....with no care in the world. (P.S. I promise I'm not creepy... D just likes to sit and watch the bus come and go and says, "Bisss Bisss." He loves it.)

So, last week, I watched as a boy and a girl had a little encounter. The boy put his arm around the girl, and you could tell, she immediately got tense. She stopped and removed his arm from her, and started talking to him (or yelling possibly..I couldn't tell). The boy then proceded to KISS HER smack on the mouth. And she stopped again. Looked at him mortified, and then turned and began running towards her house. He just stood there, looking completely devastated. True story. 

That got me thinking about MY first kiss. I was about their age too. At the time it happened, I felt SO OLD. Now, I see those two young kids..and think nooooooo don't do it! Don't kiss and grow up! Stay innocent forever.

Yikes. You know you're gettin' old when you start thinking things like that. 

So..for your reading enjoyment..a little glimpse into MY FIRST KISS (sorry Mom & Dad).

Yup. This is me in 6th grade. Ain't my scrunchie the bomb? :)
We thought we were SUPER DUPER CUTE with our cheerleading outfits on. Ha. That was my best friend, Telisa (sorry T, don't kill me for this pic)...who has 3 kids of her own now..yikes...we are so old! And that other awesome lady was my fave teacher ever, Miss Kennedy. Loved her.

In 6th grade, I had two main concerns. One was obsessing over going to middle school the next year. I'm pretty sure I only did great in school because I knew you had to get through 6th to make it to 7th (where all the cute boys were). 

Oh does that help you figure out what number two is? You guessed it.  BOYS, of course. Boys boys boys. Man alive I was boy-crazy!!

Well, all the "popular kids" had boyfriends/girlfriends. Everyone was "going out" with someone. Not me. I wanted to keep my options open. Ya know, live it up in 6th grade and all that! Hehe. 

That is, until my friend told me that someone (we will call him Austin to protect the poor guy) liked me. Austin was pretty cute, and pretty popular. So, we started "going out." 

What did going out consist of? Pretty much nothing. All of us couples  just hung out at the jungle gym during recess. The boys all talked and punched each other and the girls all giggled and laughed with each other. Occasionally, a more SERIOUS couple, would break off somewhere and go hold hands..or make out. 

Austin & I had done neither. Which was fine by me. I wasn't really looking for anything but to hang out with the cool people (sad...but true), Well, everyone kept pressuring Austin & I to hold hands. So, I did. We held hands (GASP!)!! I didn't like it at all..and my face turned bright red every. single. time.

I thought that was plenty, but nope..the others kept egging more & more. They would call me after school (with Austin on the other line, unbeknownst to me) and say "Why won't you kiss him? He wants to kiss YOU" and "Just kiss him already!!") Things I thought were super convincing at the time. Ha.

So one day, after school, I had had enough. I just wanted to get it OVER WITH. Really romantic, I know. After the bell rang, all the 6th grade kids and some stragglers from younger grades, gathered around a brick wall behind the school. I walked out and saw everyone gathered around Austin. I had to walk through all my friends just to get to him. Then, we just stood there looking at each other. With everyone looking at us, yelling/chanting/screaming at us to "just do it"! Awkward much? 

He was leaning up against the wall, but wouldn't make the move. So I put my big girl panties on, and just went for it. I pretty much lunged at him and started making out with him. Everyone was cheering and clapping like crazy hyenas. I was mortified. I pulled away and before anyone (especially Austin) could say anything to me, I ran. 

I ran to the bus, sat in the very back, and wanted so bad to cry. But I held it in. I was embarrassed, humiliated and most of all..terrified. Terrified that I would never live that moment down. Ever. (And I didn't. My friends constantly brought it up pretty much until I graduated High School. Good times).

That next week, Austin called me on the phone & broke up with me. Two days before V-Day. Yup. It was awesome. He said it was because it was too much pressure with everyone telling us what to do all the time. But I pretty much thought it was because I must have been the worse kisser ever. 

I think I spent the majority of middle school and high school trying to make up for that one kiss. Trying to prove I was awesome at that kissing stuff (again...sad but true). 

It was an experience I will never forget. I'm just glad I got over it (even if my friends never did). Otherwise I could be in a convent somewhere. ;) 


Do you have an embarrassing kissing story? Do share! Tell me I'm not the only one! :)

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  1. lol this story just brought back all sorts of middle school memories! Love it.

  2. hahah this was too cute! Deff made me smile even though its Monday!! Got me thinking about my first kiss and all that fun middle school stuff.

  3. HAhaha, awwww! After reading this, I feel like my first kiss story isn't even fair! Haha. My first kiss was early in high school with this tall, dark, and handsome football player that I had hung out with a few times. ;) And our first kiss was outside in the rain. Sigh. Haha!

    - Katelyn

  4. Well, SUPPOSEDLY my first kiss was between me and my best girlfriend at the time, Julie. Rumor spread that they saw us "peck" at the water fountain in the cafeteria. Julie and I have no idea how this rumor started because it's not true! Too bad no one believed us.

    My real first kiss happened when I was 14. We were at the mall and my first boyfriend stole my phone. He promised he'd give it back to me if I kissed him. I fell for it.

  5. I was in 7th grade when I had my first kiss. He was in 8th grade, so I thought I was cool! He kissed me and I knew I never wanted to kiss him again! I broke up with him about a week later.

  6. hahahaha oh my! I so need to do a post on my first kiss. This is hilarious cause that's pretty much how my first relationship was, in 6th grade. And now I'm married to the guy haha

  7. hahah geeze you were a young one to be kissing ;-)
    I totally understand though what you felt, because all the popular kids had bf and gf so I wanted to have one too. It never happened until my junior year of HS lol oh well! My first kiss was awkward and I didnt like it at first. It was on a beach at night, so the setting was great, but he sure liked to use his tongue more than I wanted to.
    Funny thing is, he ended up marrying my best friend, and he was her first kiss as well!

  8. Ha ha, awww, thanks for sharing : ) I was in kindergarten when I got my "first kiss" - a boy kissed me on the bus. And "going out" in elementary school consisted of visiting Friendly's after school together. You had to get your parents to send a note if you were going somewhere else after school, and boy would he make a big deal if two people were going to Friendly's ; ) Ah elementary school...

  9. Oh the memories this brings back. I remember my first kiss it was in grade school on the playground in the slide where I got my first kiss on the cheek.

  10. "*kiss* and twist, *kiss**kiss* and twist."
    I'm gonna have to listen to that song now! lol
    This post made me think of my first kiss, awww, nothing embarrassing though. It was in 7th grade I believe & by a guy that I had liked since about 2nd or 3rd grade.
    That's kind of messed up though. Who pressures people to kiss and hold hands?! :-/

  11. That story brought back so much of the awkwardness that middle school really signified, and the innocence we carried. Just to think of how big of a deal that was, compared to the things that are a big deal now. Makes me miss my youth!

  12. AWE this was so sweet! My mom told me that the lipgloss she LET me wear would turn my lips black if I kissed a boy... later on in life she told me to send her the therapy bills. :)

  13. AHHH I just loved this! How I love you Jenna and your awesome stories! I once bribed a boy to date me if I could give him my teddy grahams... He was known to give girls beanie babies, so my heart was after him like a dog trying to find a bone. Oh middle school, I don't miss it, hhaha!

  14. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing. Middle school....most awkward years ever! My first kiss wasn't anything special, but I didn't want to kiss for a while after that. I think I was scared for some reason. Maybe I was scared of growing up.

    My friend and I had nicknames for different kinds of kisses. We named them after languages. So obviously "speaking french" was one, but a kiss on the cheek might be "speaking Italian" or a kiss on the neck might be "speaking Chinese." I guess we did it so we could talk about what we did without others knowing what we were talking about.

  15. Sitting on the jungle gym holding hands. WASN'T THAT THE TRUTH?! I had boyfriends in middle school that I wouldn't even talk to. They would ask me out on AIM and we'd be "boyfriend/girlfriend" for a week before I'd tell them I didn't want to be their girlfriend anymore hahaha.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  16. Aweeee!!! I love this story! Makes you reminisce for sure!! I don't have any crazy first kiss stories but I do have a story for you. I was in the 4th grade and I was dating this boy for awhile. Really what was dating in 4th grade? Lol. Anyways one day right in the middle of class he got down on one knee, pulled out a ring I'm pretty sure he got from a cracker box and asked me to marry him!!!! Who does that in 4th grade?!! It was embarrassing and ridiculous. Not only did I say no, I broke up with him!

  17. haha you're a brave one for posting this. Gah middle school was the worst! My first kiss was very similar to this. Except a lot less friends gathered around to see us lock lips. But that doesn't mean they didn't egg us on!

  18. This definitely makes me reminisce! I remember my first kiss, and I was totally mortified. Mine was in the third grade, and my "boyfriend" was in 4th grade - we were also neighbors. One day we were hanging out in my back yard and he grabbed a handful of huckleberry leaves and said that he was going to throw them up in the air and if one touched me I had to kiss him. Well, as much as I tried to duck and dodge I failed and got nailed with pretty much all of them. He kissed me, it was sloppy, disgusting, and SO weird. When he left I ran inside and cried and told my mom because I thought that it meant I was pregnant! HAHA!

  19. LMAO! I love this story! Glad you escaped relatively unharmed!


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