April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

Oh hey there. Yes, I still blog. Ha. I don't really have a GOOD excuse for the lack of blogging lately...but I do know I've been having lots of fun lately with my family & friends. I think once the beautiful weather hit, I've been having a hard time staying inside! Total case of SPRING FEVER over here....all we want to do is be outside!

So, sorry about the lack in blogging - but I'm not sure how many of you are even still out there reading this, anyway. ;)


Our Easter weekend was chock FULL of craziness & fun. I feel like I didn't sit down all weekend. Which is good, in a way, I guess.

We went to Davis' first ever H U G E Easter Egg Hunt at a park by our house. I had NO idea what I (or he) was in for. The last time I went to an Easter Egg Hunt that huge was...well...never. So I think I was more overwhelmed than he was. There was 6 different stations for each age group, so we found his (0-2) and went and stood..just waiting for the chaos. There was probably about 200 kids WITH at least ONE parent in tow. It was packed with people. Ty decided he would brave the madness and take him into the hunt (I was glad he was brave..cause I was a wee bit lot intimidated).

They had just laid out the candy, eggs, cotton candy packages, caramel corn and firemen hats out in a big square. It was a sugar rush waiting to happen. The fire truck sounded its horn and the craziness ensued. I mean, I couldn't even find D & Ty for the first 20 seconds. They got engulfed in easter candy flying, people's butts bending down, kids squealing, and parents pushing other people (I mean, come ON, people..really?!).

After it calmed down a bit, I spotted them and D seemed to be doing pretty good. Ty said at first he was a little intimidated, but then once he told him he COULD PICK UP the candy...he got it. And loved it. I'm not one for giving my kid candy all that much...so he got to eat a Dum-Dum and he was SO THRILLED. Drool everywhere, sticky hands, the whole bit - he loved it.

It was fun & crazy & totally worth it. His faces were priceless. Awww the things you do for your kids that you would never EVER do otherwise.

D got to "hunt" for his Easter Basket, which was always a tradition when I was growing up, and he loved it. Once he saw it, he ran straight for it and started tearing into it. We kept it simple this year (mostly because that's not REALLY what Easter is about)..just a few toys and that was it. He still loved it. That flying carrot thing was $1 and he can't get enough of it. Go figure.

We went to Ty's Family for a yummy yummy brunch (cinnamon rolls, anyone? I might have eaten 3) and D had his VERY own Easter Egg Hunt (no other grandkids yet!). He got spooooooiled, I tell ya. And loved every minute of it. He's gonna have a rude awakening whenever he gets a sibling! EEK! :)

 Then we went to my family's for dinner & MORE Easter Egg Hunting! We always have an "adult" one, since there is only one grandkid still. Yup. He's the only one on BOTH sides of our families. We are in for it, I tell ya. That's why I'm thankful my sister is having a BABY in August! He needs a little attention stealing, for SURE.

My Mom was SUPER PROUD of her Peeps Centerpiece - cute, eh?
(I told her that's the only thing Peeps are good for...I am NOT a Peep Fan. Bleck.)
She always has the best spreads! 

I don't know why none of us can make normal faces...it's a serious problem. :)
We were missing our other sis & her hubby - who moved to TX - SO MUCH!!!
It just wasn't the same without them. Boo. 

My Mom gave D a "What's Easter" book, too. It's always a good reminder what the TRUE meaning of this holiday is about. Not to get all religious, but really. It is.
I am so grateful for this day. 


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  1. looks like a perfect easter! you and your fam are adorable!

  2. so cute! i did a recap too :)


  3. Oh gosh, I use to love easter egg hunts! I feel like we should create an adult easter egg hunt. Maybe with truffles instead of jellybeans inside? Yum...

  4. Lovin' all these photos! I like that vase with the colored Peeps in them! Cute!

  5. Spending time with family and friends making memories is the best excuse for a lack of blogging! (after all, they are usually the ones that give you material to blog about!!) Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Always fun to read your blog Jenna! And the extra bonus of seeing cute pictures of Davis!! (and all the rest of the family) Love It ♥

  8. What a fun Easter! I've sort of fallen off the blog bandwagon lately too, but with (hopefully) pretty weather coming soon I don't think I'll feel too bad about it.

  9. Sounds like such a great weekend!!

  10. What a fun weekend! I adore the centerpiece, it is something to be proud of. =)
    one sweet tuesday.

  11. soooo cute! you have a beautiful blog and family!


  12. Decorating in my mind is all that peeps are good for too! I think they are nasty to eat.

    It looks soooo beautiful weather wise there - we still have snow on the ground.


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