May 17, 2013

A Favorite Photo

Been a little behind this week on The Challenge...but... 

Day 17 of Blog Every Day in May is - A Fave Photo of Myself...

Ok, so yes...this is obviously me on my wedding day, back in 2008. Ohhhh how time flies. This is one of my fave pics of all time of me. Is it the most flattering pic of me? 

But the story behind it is just such a perfect memory in my head. 

Ty & I decided to do something completely different for our first dance. I know that now-a-days aaaaall the way in 2013, this is pretty common. But when we got married, no one was really doing this yet. Oh ya, we thought we were so awesome. And we were. :)

We I had choreographed a whole dance to the song "Canned Heat by Jamiroquai"...which was the song Napolean Dynamite did his famous dance to. We were obsessed with that movie at the time, and thought it would be so fun! We practiced and practiced it, and finally got our solid routine down. Those practices were so much fun to do with my hubby (who usually wont dance for anything!)!!

So, on the day of our wedding, our first dance came. I was a ball of nerves. I was more nervous to do the dance then get married! Hehe. We started slow dancing to our slow song "This Years Love"....then suddenly, the band stopped playing it. 

I glared over at the band, then proceeded to have a full-on Bridezilla moment, screaming at my band leader (who was my friend & obviously in on it), telling him he was ruining our first dance. This went on for about a minute. Side note - Later I found out my Mom had said to my Aunt - "Oh no, Jenna - don't show your true colors"! Ha. Thanks Mom. 
EVERYone was like ohhhhh man, what's going on??

Of course, it was just all for show. Planned down to a T.

Then the Jamiroquai song came on, and Ty & I broke out into our choreographed Napoleon-esque dance. Everyone cheered and laughed and took pics and clapped. 

It was freakin' awesome. It worked out perfectly. We told ONE person we were doing it, so nobody expected it. It was (in my opinion) THE best moment of our reception by far. 
I don't usually pat myself on the back for things, but I was so proud it worked out so well and everyone loved it so much!!

Plus, it will go down in my head as one of the funnest moments with my hubby ever


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  1. LOVE that picture, and what an awesome story behind it! sounds like a fun wedding! :)

  2. Oh, my gosh! I am dying over your mom's comment! BAHAHAHA! That is why I love moms. :)

  3. This sounds hilarious!!! I hope you have video...and you should most definitely post it for us to enjoy!

  4. That is such a fun idea! I love that you were able to surprise everyone and everything went smoothly! Love that picture!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  5. hahahaha!! this is amazing :) :)

  6. lovely picture, memorable story and i love your wedding dress. so pretty!

  7. Love the picture and the story!!! So cute!

  8. Haha that's awesome! Have a video so we can all enjoy??? ;)

  9. LOVE this pic of you! Your adorable!

  10. Haha wow!.... That IS awesome! I've never heard of anyone doing something like that, very fun memory indeed! :-)


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