May 7, 2013

The Thing(s) I'm Most Afraid Of

Today is Day 7 of "Blog Every Day In May


When I was younger, I was afraid of almost nothing. I mean, ya sure, maybe a monster under my bed, or not getting asked to Prom..but for the most part..I was pretty fearless.

Everyday was exciting. I had no idea where life would take me or what crazy adventure my friends & I would go on that day.

Then I had to grow up. Things became a little more "real." Life became more real. I had to pay for rent, utilities (water?!), my own clothes, car (gas was only $1.25! so it wasn't that bad). Fears started creeping in... 

What if I lost my job? What if I don't finish school? What if I can't pay rent this month? What if I'm single forever? Creep, creep, creep....

If we're being honest (and I am), I am afraid of a LOT of things. I have become a total scaredy-cat. I could go REALLY deep and tell you lots of crazy emotional fears, but I'll try & keep it pretty surface-y.

I am afraid of snakes.
I'm afraid of being alone at my house when my hubby is gone.
I'm afraid something bad will happen to my son when I'm not around (talking about my PARENTING fears is a whole separate post!) ;)
I'm afraid of being buried alive.
I'm afraid of losing myself as person, because I'm a Mom now.
I'm afraid of my basement.
I'm afraid of losing someone close to me.
I'm afraid some crazy attacker will break into my house & I'll have to defend myself.
I'm afraid of scary movies.
I'm afraid of the dentist (they're so mean if you get a cavity!).
I'm afraid of flying over the ocean.

Ok guys, get it? Hehe. I could go on...but I don't want this post to be forty two pages. I have no idea why, as we get older, more & more fears creep in. I wish (oh how I wish) I could STOP these things. Some of the fears, I can control pretty well (meaning I don't let them consume me). But some of them, really really take over my thoughts. Bad news bears. I guess that's why they are called fears, though. But can't I just have one or two? I mean...really. :)

Am I alone? Does anyone else think that as you got older, more fears took over you?
Do tell.


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  1. Growing older definitely contributes to fear and self-consciousness! I 100% agree with you, girl!

  2. Your so cute!! I have more fears the older I get too :-/ blah! growing up sucks sometimes!~

  3. Totally agree, something just happened once I started to get older and I'm more afraid. I use to love scary movies and now I can barely get through watching the Walking Dead without covering my eyes with a blanket. And I also hate being home alone when the hubby is gone. Scary!

    xo, Courtney

  4. for sure fear creeps in more and more as we age! When I was younger, I never worried about what was in the ocean, but now I can't even go to my waist without being on the constant lookout for sharks!

  5. First off...I'm loving all this blogging you're doing lately! I think I've always been afraid of stuff, but they have just shifted to things that are losing someone, or stuff parenting related. But just as I typed that out, I realized that I still have an insanely irrational fear of ET.

  6. Yes I agree the older we get the more fears start to creep in. We realize all the bad that is out there that we were sheltered from as children.

  7. so with you on the dentist!!! the noises, the sounds. everything! :)
    stopping by from the link up

  8. You are not alone in this!! I desperately wish I could return to the innocence of my childhood and the carefree and fearless little girl I was! But I think that's just what comes with growing up...realizing all the bad in the world and being terrified it will happen to you!

    I pretty much have all the same fears you mentioned...and then some! Here's to hoping we learn how to deal with them better! :)


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