August 5, 2013

Eight Things

Why Eight Things? guys. I have no idea why. Just cause that's all I have time for? Or because I'm too impatient to do ten like I had originally planned? Or I could just blame it on pregnancy. Like I do with everything else. Ya, lets go with that.

1. I'm an AUNT!!!! My sister had her baby yesterday (little miss Hallie Elise) and I am so dang happy for her to be here!! I'm ALSO uber excited for my lil' girl and Davis to have a cousin! It made me extreeeeeeeeeemely excited to meet my own little girl in November!

 2. The Bachelorette Finale is on tonight. Is anyone watching this train wreck? Usually I am ALL about this show. Well...the Bachelor really...not so much the Bachelorette. But alas, I watch it anyway. I have a weird feeling Brooks is going to be back. Just a hunch. It's verrrrrry fishy the way he left.

3. I finished painting the chalk wall in baby girl's nursery today. It was actually pretty easy...and I love the finished look. Would y'all like it if I posted some tips/tricks on how to make painting an awesome Chalk Wall super easy? 

4. I am pretty much obsessed with anything related to a Peach right now. I tried this recipe out at 11 pm last night (yes I know I'm a nut - but once again - I'm totally blaming it on pregnancy) and L O V E D it!!! Try it, my friends. Do it. Do it now!

5. Do you guys follow BUZZFEED on Twitter? If you don' are missing out on some major hilarity. Like this gem about the 33 Unwritten Rules of Life. Toooooo gooood.

6. This weekend, we went to Lagoon, our local "themepark" (Six Flags, it aint..but it'll do) and D rode his very first ride BY HIMSELF. And hated it. I may or may not have laughed because he was sooooo dramatic about it. It's good for him. Don't judge. ;)

7. I pretty much can NOT stop buying baby girl stuff. I'm pretty sure it's an addiction, and I might have to go to Baby Shoppers Anonymous soon. So, I'm curious...what are your favorite sites/stores/shops to find the CUTEST baby girl stuff?? Mind you, I'm not in to butterflies or chickens or ladybugs. Yes, I'm I need some REALLY GOOD places...and I know y'all are super shoppers!!

8. Davis did a headstand today and declared, "Mama look at me, I'm up-tide-down!" Yes, I made that number 8 - just cause I can. :)

Have a butt-eautiful rest of your Monday, peeps!! 
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  1. Love that chalkboard wall- how fun!
    And girl I am all about peaches right now too. I like to top mine with greek yogurt and honey!


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