January 4, 2012

The Dirty Laundry (Literally)

Life is not all sunshine and cotton candy, my friends. It's OK to be honest about what really goes on in your life. It can't be glamorous all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing about the happy parts and the fluffy stuff too, but I like to know that people have bad days too (makes me feel a little more normal). Please don't tell me that I'm the only one.

I'm hoping you want to hear the not-so-fluffy parts of  my life too. Cause it's about to get REAL up in here :)

Today's Episode: A Not-So-Perfect Day in My Life 

Get woken up at 7:15 (by a happy, but super LOUD baby). No chance of sleeping in today.

Give Davis a bottle, he screams bloody murder when I take it away from him. Get a headache.

Make myself a smoothie (trying to be healthy), but don't get to eat it...I knock it over on accident, it spills onto the floor getting everything wet & sticky. So a bowl of cereal mush it is.

Realize I have a huge pile of laundry that needs to be done. Don't really want to do it (and I haven't).

Give D a bottle, he screams bloody murder when I take it away from him. Again, get a headache.

Feed D squash, get spit up on all over my shirt (two wardrobe changes today already).

Dishes are dirty in the sink. Even though there are clean ones in the dishwasher, waiting to be emptied.

My baby has a bad couple of hours (I still love him though..even when he's a grumpy gus).

Forget to eat lunch.

Haven't showered all day. And I probably wont.

I have a perfectly good treadmill that is begging to be used, but instead I will half-heartedly do an On-Demand Workout.

Empty the garbages. Something in the bottom of the bag is leaking smelly goo all over my leg as I walk it outside.

Sing LOTS of silly made-up songs to my baby...realize I need some grown up time.

I know I have a million things to do but instead, I'm watching Bravo.

Can't wait for the Hubby to get home so I can take a breather.

Remind myself to think of my favorite quote)...

via Pinterest
And remember that I don't have it all that bad...so I kiss and love on my baby some more.


Wanna tell me a not-so-perfect thing that happened to you lately? I would love it!

Jenna, The Wife Pin It


  1. I love this post! You're so real! I love that about your blog! I had a bad day,too! I'm definitely getting out the cabernet and having a glass of wine this evening! :) Cheers!

  2. I hope your day has gotten better :)

  3. Woo.. Same here girl, minus the baby ;) Work day from hell..! Definitely going to drink some nice vino tonight. Thanks for sharing your quote. It's so true! I wanna put it on my chalkboard !

    XO. A Southern Bee Diary


  4. you are just a normal human being
    don't ever forget that!
    laundry is done but it's still sitting
    inside the laundry bag, i have to clean the house,
    we have to take down or xmas deco, etc etc
    but guess what i am doing after this comment?
    going to the couch watching my novela and probably
    passing out for an hour nap. Welcome to the club
    haha ... you are great and things will get done
    when its the right time. Enjoy the baby, enjoy
    the hubby .. breath and relax

    kisses and hugs!


  5. I love this. I love reading about "real" experiences. Not just the "today I got free stuff in the mail for being so awesome" posts. (Although wouldn't THAT be awesome?!)

  6. Oh Jenna, you just totally spoke to my heart today. My day has been one of those days too.. my baby is sick and a Mr. Grumpy Pants, my house is a terrible mess, I haven't made a proper dinner in who-knows-how-long, and my hair needs a serious washing (i can't even admit how long it's been since I washed it..) Thanks for your honesty! I do love that quote.. life as a SAHM is pretty amazing, but it doesn't mean that every moment is perfect. And, if it makes you feel any better, you still look absolutely stunning, and your baby is GORGEOUS! I hope you can rest and relax this evening.. drink a coffee, take a bubble bath, whatever works for you! xoxo


  7. I LOVE this post. And that is one cute boy you have!

    p.s. I just laughed at the post you wrote about cottage cheese on my blog because what I love most about it IS the texture! haha

  8. A not-so-perfect life is the best kind of life. It keeps things interesting.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Ahhh this is so cute/true life! Haha. I don't have a baby but I'm sure when the time comes I'll be in the same boat as you! Life is super random and not so glamorous sometimes ;) You're so pretty!

  10. Oh.my.word! My day was so similar! Started at 4:30 when I was up feeding the babe. Went to change his cute little bum and he peed all over. As I was wiping him down, he peed again. I was doing all this by the glow of a flashlight. Then I decided to bail that and turn on my lamp. Don't worry, hubby slept through all of it. Since I had to change D's entire outfit he was super awake. Rocked him to sleep. At lunch K had a nuclear melt down, she was crying, D was crying (gas pains)=lunch not being made. Fed the boy, set him down to make lunch...more screaming. Picked him up and just about everything he ate was then ALL over the front of me. It was a lot! Then another peeing incident...total wardrobe change for the boy, and my bed. Then a pooping incident. Started a load of laundry, cause we created a whole load just today. Caught a 20 min. nap on the floor in the office. K was watching a show, D was sleeping. Then as I'm making dinner, my microwave stopped working while I was in the middle of making corn bread in it (trying to be fast cause dad will be home any minute)...oh, and did I mention there are 3 loads of laundry on the chest at the end of my bed and has been there for 3 days! I wanted to just check out today! In the end I still love my kiddos and have a great life! Plus K's bday present came in the mail today, I did get a ten minute workout in, and my new exercise shoes came too. *sigh* I still love my life! Thanks, I needed to get that out.

  11. The keep-it-real posts are always my favorite :) Thanks for being so honest!

    My not-so-perfect thing was when my family came out to visit us this week....we ALL got sick at different times, especially my SIL getting car sick in the rental car....NOT FUN!

  12. @Valerie Griffin
    Eew gross Valerie! I don't think we can be friends! ;)

  13. Awwww this is such a great post...love the last picture...too cute...glad I found your blog thru Vanisha's blog!

  14. So so CUTE! I love this post. Thanks for sharing your day with us. :)


  15. Ahh yes! I love REAL posts :) Because currently I am waiting for my daughter to wake up in a disaster of a living room, with a pile of dishes to put away and a laundry basket of clothes begging to be washed. But I am just not feeling it yet.

    P.S Thank you very much for your comment on my breast feeding post! I will email you soon :) I would love to chat. Really appreciate it!

    Have a good day!!

  16. GO GIRL!! way to keep it real.

    hope today is going a leetle bit better! :)


  17. Love this post girl! Happy Thursday!

  18. OMG I definitely go through the same laundry/ dishes dilemmas as you! But I'm glad to see by the last picture you posted (which was adorable!) that you had a happy end to the day :)

    I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow back at ashareyes.blogspot.com

  19. HAHA your babes is adorable!! Love the crying/happy pictures...such a transition! I like hearing that bloggers lives aren't so perfect after all...too perfect can be depressing.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  20. I love this REAL post! I think it's important for readers to know that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows in life. I don't have kids yet, but I too have laundry that needs to be done and things that need to be cleaned, but of course, while riding yesterday I fall off my horse and get a concussion. Now, i'm in bed until my head goes back to normal. Life is definitely interesting sometimes. Hope you get a breather tonight!


  21. I'm with you on the putting off the laundry.. I've been putting it off for an extremely long time. I'm almost running out of socks amount of time. I think it might be time to buy more... that's how I solve the problem ;) Thanks for finding my blog! I'm now a follower of yours.

  22. i cannot tell you how many days of mine went just like this when my littles were babes. it seriously gets better and better!

  23. I love this post! I love when bloggers can be authentic like this. Your baby is absolutely adorable too, and so are you!

    Courtney Lane

  24. oh mercy... we have days like this at our house ALOT! :) if i can avoid (or just procrastinate) doing house-holdy stuff... i do! :) i would much rather squeeze on my 2 year old and make her giggle!
    your blog is darling jenna! so excited to be a new follower!!! happy friday AND happy weekend!
    (your baby is THE CUTEST!!!!)

  25. I've had so many days like this as well. Never a dull moment for us mommies. :) Your blog is beautiful. I'll be sure to follow.


  26. Not so perfect things happen to me daily! haha. Whether it be me spilling something on my scrubs or taking a slight little detour aka getting lost on a drive to a friends last night! :) You gotta love life!

  27. love this post. i needed it today! thanks

  28. I love this post! I found you through the link up fave. Post in January. I can totaly relate to all of this. Just another day in the life of a mom!


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