February 14, 2012

The Day of Love

Love is in the air today...do-dee-do-dee-do! Alas, this year, my hubby is away today, so I am alone on this Valentines Day (don't cry for me, I'll be ok).

Well, I won't be completely alone..I have a date all lined up for tonight! Me and Baby D are gonna hang out, read some books, have a yummy dinner of pureed sweet potatoes and blueberries (just him, not me :) and cuddle on the couch. I'm pretty excited about it!!

I do miss my Valentine though (I think this is the first V-day in 7 years that we have been apart), but I'm so glad I have my little guy to keep me company!

Us throughout our EIGHT years together!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your Valentine (whether it be your kids, significant other, or a box of chocolates. Ha)!!

One more thing...The AMAZING, TALENTED & SUPER CUTE Annelise (AunieSauce) and I are teaming up NEXT THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 for a FANASTIC new LINK-UP PARTY!!!!!!

We are combining her "Thursday 13" and my "The Last Thing I" posts and introducing......

The Last 13 Things

Tell us the LAST 13 THINGS YOU _____ (FILL IN THE BLANK)! It can be ANYTHING!

The Last Thing I ATE
The Last Thing I BOUGHT
The Last Thing I ATE

For another example of what we're talking about, check out this POST or this POST!
Who's EXCITED?! Can I get a Wahoooo??!

Get those posts ready, and be sure to LINK-UP next THURSDAY!! 

XOXO (I never say that, but today I thought it was appropriate :)
Jenna, The Wife Pin It


  1. sounds like you have a great valentines date :)

  2. Enjoy your Valentines date :) my hubbs is traveling for work to I have a date with our little men! Happy Valentines Day! Xo

  3. Happy Valentine's Day girl! I'll definitely be checking out that link-up next week! xoxo

  4. Happy Valentines Day! Can't wait to do the link up. Enjoy your date tonight!! xo

  5. Sounds like a fun link up :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, girl!

  6. This is so cute!! I hope you had a great day :)


  7. y'all are kind of cute. and by kind of. I mean really.

  8. Aw cute collage of photos! I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's night with little man.
    I will have to make sure I link up next Thursday :)

  9. Hope you had a wonderful special day!!!

  10. i am so linking up next week ♥

    your date was pretty cute ;)
    you lucky girl haha

    MELINA ♥

  11. AHdorable collage!!!! Glad you still had a wonderful night! Before I got married, my daughter and I spent every Valentine's together, and we'd go on dates with my Mom too!

  12. so....you used to rock the bangs, eh?

    13 things tomorrow? see ya then.

  13. I love the picture collage of you and the huz! So stinking cute!


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