February 5, 2012

Guest Post: Nicole from The Neesby Lookbook

Hi all! Aloha from Hawaii! I have a FABULOUS TREAT for you today. It's Nicole from The Neesby Lookbook!!  Nicole is one of those people that you come across and you just LOVE HER instantly! She is super duper talented, an amazing writer and super funny (I could go on and on). I just LOVE HER oodles and oodles!! I hope you take the time to read her beautiful story, and then go show her some love on her blogEnjoy!

Hey Lovelies!  Nicole here from The Neesby Lookbook.
How lucky is the beautiful Jenna?!  Soaking up some rays in Hawaii right now.
We must all collectively hate her right now, kay?  Ready.set.GO.
Kidding.  But seriously. . . 

On a normal day, you would find me sharing about the Hubs' and my adventures in the midwest.
Stories about living in a 120-year-old house.
Traveling to places around the globe.
And most times I just get googley over how much I love being married to my best friend.

I recently had the privilege of visiting my sister and best friend who lives in Mexico.
She works with kids who live in poor communities
They tutor them after school.
Plan special weekend activities in their communities.
Help them purchase school uniforms so they can actually attend classes.

It's such a beautiful story that is unfolding in her life.


Every time I visit and we ride down the huge hill
so riddled with potholes it threatens to throw you out the window,
I am reminded how love makes all the difference in the world.

Love in the form of a game of checkers
Love in the form of tiny dirty fingernails getting pink sparkly polish.
Love in the form of hugs and kisses on their grimy little checks.
Love that goes beyond language and racial barriers.
Love that quickly whispers
You are valuable.  You are special.  You have purpose.

I am always. always.  always 
challenged to show this love wherever I go in the world.
At home. At work. At church. 
It will make a difference.

Will you make a difference?!

- - - 
Please hop over here and say hey.
New friends are always welcome . . . 
cuz there's always room for one more in the family!

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  1. I love how two of your guestposts just "happen" to be about Mexico! Weird how that turned out, huh?

  2. thanks love. you are a doll.

    happy sun-soaking! ;)


  3. I love her blog, too. :)

    Hope you are having GREAT time in Hawaii!!

  4. NEW FOLLOWER! Just found you through Linsday Nicole! seriously love your blog! :)

  5. Love this post, and I hope to make a difference everyday.


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