March 2, 2012

Things I Saw At Walmart

This is what I saw yesterday in ONE shopping trip to Walmart. A little Friday enjoyment for you. :) 
  • A man with his cart in the middle of the aisle. If the aisle is vertical, his was horizontal. Blocking the whole entire aisle. He was picking out Taco Sauce (an important reason). 
  • A small toddler taking off his diaper and proudly announcing, "I have a weinee Mama!" (while his mother ignored him and continued to look for the right kind of Oreos (also important). 
  • A very large woman on a riding scooter with FOUR of her dogs riding in the basket..and one on her lap.
  • A tiny little MAN riding in a shopping cart with an extremely tall woman pushing the cart. 
  • A woman putting her newborn baby in one of the "display car seats," strapping him in, and rocking him back and forth while talking on her cell phone (whatever works I guess).
  • Two teenagers slyly trying to put bottles of beer down their pants (I walked away before I saw if they got caught :)
  • A redheaded girl picking out a box of pizza, only to knock the entire refrigerator case of pizza on top of her (NO it was NOT me! Ok..maybe it was).
Oh Walmart, how I so adore my shopping trips to your store. I am always guaranteed a good laugh (and sometimes a good cringe).

Speaking of a good laugh (ha) little guy is clapping (stop the presses!) and I just had to share with you! I've been trying to teach him to clap for like a month and yesterday, he just GOT IT! Love him!


{Oh and excuse my crazy cheesy voice in the vid, but hey, I gotta do it!}

Have a beautiful weekend loves!
Jenna, The Wife
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  1. That is HILARIOUS. I always see the best stuff at Walmart when I go, which is not very often. The last time we went to buy a Wii game it and it was total pandemonium. Not one employee had the keys to get into the locked cases.

  2. NO WAY! Walmart brings out the best in people... NOT! Haha, I can't believe you saw all of that! I'm definitely going to have to start paying attention to the people while I shop there! (Walmart brings out the most interesting people in this new small town we're living in.... it scares me.)

  3. walmart is just the best for people watching! it is so hard not to go in there and spend way longer than you ever need to because it gets so distracting!

  4. Thanks for sharing, these definitely gave me a giggle!

  5. That video just melted my heart! I'm worried that blogging has only made my baby fever worse! I'm surrounded by so much kid cuteness, it's unbearable!

    Happy Friday to you and your family, Jenna!

  6. A friend of mine sent me a text the other day that said, "At Walmart watching a lady try to push 3 full carts at the same time." That place is great entertainment! Too funny :)

  7. So funny! Gotta love those WalMart trips!

  8. Hahaha oh Walmart....
    never fails!

    Maybe I should stray from Target and make an
    occasional Walmart visit to get some good laughs :)

    Happy Friday!

  9. That is quite the eventful shopping trip. I'd have to say visits to Walmart end up looking that way too. Why does Walmart attract all the crazies? (I guess I'm one of them huh?)

    Your little guy is so cute! He's an excellent clapper haha!


  10. So funny. HAHAAA. Oh Walmart...

  11. Walmart sounds the best place--we don't have it over here so I will have to find somewhere else to go and see these things.

    And your little guy is so cute--love his laugh!

  12. Wal-Mart is always good for cheap entertainment :) They should make a sitcom about the people of WalMart.

  13. There are so many characters are Walmart..thanks for the laugh!!

  14. These are the kinds of things you just can't make up. Truth is stranger than fiction and Wal-Mart is a gleaming example. I'm envious of your bravery. I can't go anywhere near the place. It makes my blood pressure sky rocket! haha but there is ALWAYS a crazy story to share.

  15. I was seriously going to write a WalMart post next week. If this were any other store, I would think "she HAS to be making this up"...but no, I believe every word of it. I LOVE the lady and her dogs. Hilarious.

    And Davis clapping is so adorable!

  16. wow. dude. have you seen that website call i saw it at walmart?! or something like that. it's full of photos people have taken of the crazy stuff they see at walmart. freaky times, peoples. freaky times.

    and ps your voice is cute as is your baby.


  17. MY WORD!!! Haha good comic relief there, too bad we aren't seeing pics! LOL
    I can't get over your babe clapping so so so cutie!!! Adore that video and still can't get over that you saw all that in ONE shopping trip!

  18. walmart seriously has the best people! haha.

  19. this is a great post. the lady with the dogs in the cart is just terrible. LOL> all of it is terrible.

  20. Walmart concerns me.... :P I'm sorry that you were avalanched on by a bunch of pizzas. I'm glad you survived. :)

  21. Haha...
    Your trips to Walmart seem to be really fun!

    Congrats to the cute (CUTE!!) little guy!! :)

  22. Wow, good ol' Walmart... sheesh!

    - Sarah

  23. OH gossshhh! That is hilarious! Walmart...just makes me feel better about myself sometimes...

  24. Hey lady! New follower from #ff.

    It sounds like we have a lot in common! I am also a new{ish} mommy to an adorable little boy. Yay for clapping!!

    AND I also shop at wal-mart where I see all sorts of interesting scenarios. Today we took our time walking around because {one} it's just plain entertaining, and {two} my son was enjoying waving at everyone.

    Have a fab weekend! Amy

  25. Ha! I see a lot of crazy things in my supermarket too! At least it makes grocery shopping entertaining! x

  26. haha! Hi jenna, thanks for stopping by today.. i am so thankful for all the encouragement and kind words the past few days... such a simple thing can seems so scary when its your baby...
    speaking of walmart stories, one time i heard a mom teaching her two year old to say "sh**"...she goes "say sh**" and the 2 year old says it... i could not grasp the concept of that. its one thing if you talk that way and your child catches on. its quite another to actually teach your 2 year old to cuss... i will never forget that.

    1. Here I am piggy backing again! Dang computer! It sounds like someone had an entertaining trip to the store! I think my favorite was the large woman in the scooter with her dogs. Service dogs? I doubt it. It never ceases to amaze me that there are so many...interesting...people in the world! Lol!

  27. Walmart is a crazy house! I live in a military town and if I forget it's payday and go to walmart, I see all the crazies and lines of 20+ people. Absolutely insane.
    Your blog always makes me smile!
    Good clapping little one!

  28. Oh my goodness, I'm going to start going to THAT Wal Mart.

  29. Haha that is too funny! Feels a lot like my first public transportation experience. :D

  30. Your little guy is so cute! And people watching is so much fun, thanks for sharing your observations, they made me laugh. People are funny.

  31. hahaha omgosh walmart. i love walmart. this is hilarious.

    hope you had a good weekend beautiful!


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