April 2, 2012

Beauty Q&A (Edition Three)

This week I want to focus on a few of my MAKEUP TRICKS & SECRETS
Shhh..I'm only telling YOU GUYS!! 

So...without further ado...

Number 1: Trick to a "SLIMMER NOSE"
Take your regular foundation and apply it to your nose. Then take a highlighter 
(I like Benefits High Beam) and swipe it down the center of your nose. You can also apply bronzer (lightly) to the outer edges of your nose--but don't get too crazy, you want it to look natural.
Set w/ translucent powder.

Number 2: Vaseline is your BFF!
 I carry a jar of this wherever I go (don't you love the portable jar?)! My favorite uses for this stuff:
{Dab a small amount to cheekbones for a little glow}

{It REMOVES eye makeup AMAZINGLY!}

{I mix "almost gone" LIPSTICKS in with it and make my own tinted lip balm!}

{Apply it to lips and scrub gently with a toothbrush for a greaaaat LIP EXFOLIATION!}

Number 3: 3 Tricks for longer-lasting EYE MAKEUP
1. PRIME your eye with an eye base (I love Laura Mercier's)!
2. CURL your eyelashes--squeeze and hold for 5 seconds (I love Shu Uemura's)!
3. PRIME your eyelashes with a Mascara Primer before applying mascara!

Number 4: Trick to making your LIPSTICK last longer
{Apply a light layer of lipbalm or vaseline around your lips before applying lipstick/gloss--
it will prevent feathering and bleeding}

{Find a shade of lipliner that MATCHES your lipcolor--then fill in your entire lips with the liner}

Number 5: FOUNDATION Tricks
{PRIME PRIME PRIME (have you noticed a theme here?) Use a primer to even out your skin tone, take down the redness, and smooth the look of your skin. Apply it, let it dry, and THEN apply foundation}
**I like Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer & Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster 
(I have YET to find a drugstore one I like)**

{Apply foundation FIRST, the gently dab concealer on with your ring finger.}

{Set your foundation with a translucent powder, to help with oiliness. I keep these Bobbi Brown blotting papers (bonus-it comes with a mirror!!) in my purse so I can pat off excess oil during the day}

So there you have it! My Top Tricks (for today anyway)! 

Have A Beautiful Monday!
Jenna, The Wife

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  1. What foundation primer do you like? I have tried a million it seems and haven't been thrilled.

  2. Love your tip on slimming the nose down! Heaven knows I NEED that, ha ha!

  3. I love these tips, the primer def helps with foundation staying all day :-)

  4. shu uemura is the best.
    i love their stuff. love. love.

  5. I have several comments for this post :)

    1) the thought of putting vaseline on my eyes has always weirded me out. Does it get not burn if it gets in your eye?

    2) I heard for a while that shu uemura was no longer sold in the US and I've been wanting one! When I go to Sephora I get this.... http://www.sephora.com/search/rdShu.jhtml?searchString=shu%20uemura

    3) I am obsessed with toothbrush lip exfoliation!

  6. I have the same question...what type of foundation primer do you use?

  7. The toothbrush exfoliation is one of my all time fave tips! Don't you love that your lips look so full after? Bonus! I must grab myself one of those little Vaseline tins. I have never spotted one before.

  8. Great tips, Jenna! I always put chapstick on before applying any lipstick. :)

    Thanks for saying "hi!" Love your site!

  9. Love these tips as always! oh vaseline--you're my friend!

  10. Great tips, my friend! I have recently re-discovered the beauty of Vaseline-- it really is remarkable! I love the Shu Uemera eyelash curler-- I can't believe they don't sell it here in the US anymore :( So sad! ox

  11. these are some great tips and I have to agree with priming your face and yeah vaseline and I have been BFF's for few years now!


  12. such great advice! i love the vaseline usage! ha

  13. great tips!


  14. I love these posts. Thank you for sharing! x

  15. You can now buy the Shu Uemura curler on their own website, just click Jenna's link in her post. They stopped selling in US last year but I just ordered mine today!

    Thanks Jenna :)

  16. These are such great tips! I am so glad you mentioned eyelash curlers. I have faithfully used one since I started wearing mascara, and I love it. So many people I know are afraid that they'll pinch their eyes or rip out lashes, but they just don't know what they're missing!


  17. Vaseline I hear is the best remedy to EVERYTHING! I once watched a special on a 75 year old lady, who no joke looked to be not a day over 40, her secret? She put vaseline on her face every night! It was beyond amazing!
    Loved your tips :)

  18. Vaseline is the Best Very good Tips
    Hope You Stop By & Follow back


  19. Ah I love Vaseline! It is such a great and cheap product. I think it is the best makeup remover around! :)

  20. Hmmm...I may need to try foundation primer. I'm such a lazy makeup applier though...there's part of me that doesn't want to add another step! Does the high beam down the middle of the nose make it look shorter too?!?!? Haha.

  21. thanks jenna for these.. i love the vaseline one.. i need to take more interest in my appearance...i barely have time to squeeze my normal makeup on..but you always look gorgeous... i loved these...

  22. Love these tips and I should use vaseline more I never realised it was so useful.

  23. Can I just say that I LOVE all your beauity Q&A posts. Thanks for helping this frumpy mama out!


I seriously A D O R E each of your comments!! Your feedback & love make my heart happy!


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