May 8, 2012

A Little OCD Today

Lately my life has become overrun with stress. Usually, I don't let it get the best of me...but it has officially taken over. I feel like I am constantly busy doing something. I can't blame it on anyone but me. You should know that I have OCD. I don't take meds for it (because my OCD takes over and tells me it's not good for my body) but I have been diagnosed by my doctor numerous times. Most of the time, I can can control it, but lately, it has hard to keep under wraps.

You all know I have been trying to open a jewelry shop (which IS coming later this month). THAT, along with daily life, cleaning, trying to give my attention to my ever-moving baby, my family, friends & my neglected Hubby, has me IN OVER MY HEAD right now. I try to keep it under wraps, but it has become extremely hard as of late.

I have a BILLION things going on in my head. Literally a billion. Nighttime is the worst for me. I canNOT shut off my brain. While my husband is peacefully sleeping next to me, I am making lists upon list upon lists of things I should be/could be doing instead of sleeping. Sometimes I WILL get up and do something that's nagging me JUST to get it done (and to get some sleep).

If you've ever gotten an email from me at 3 you know why! :)

Some other crazy OCD obsessions I have: 
--ONLY eating the outside of things 
(ie NO Crusts, no outside of the cookie, no top of anything..only the middle)
--Checking to make sure I turned off the lights at least 3 times before I leave to go anywhere
--Making my husband check the basement for noises, even though I know there's nothing down there
--Checking the tires on my car every time I drive anywhere

The list goes on and on...but I will try not to scare you all TOO MUCH (too late? :)!

I "manage" it by making lists, like I said. I know most women make lists, so I know it's not abnormal, but mine is to an extreme. Ok, why am I telling you all this? Because writing/blogging is one way for me to deal with the stress. I have always loved writing. When I was little, I wanted to be a Mystery Writer so BADLY. I wrote small books all the time, and showed them to friends and family (maybe one day I will have the time to sit down and finish what I started). Other things I do to manage it just AREN'T working though.

You might not have extreme OCD like I do, but I know you all get stressed from time to time (or every day).

So, I am asking you, my wonderful friends & readers, what do YOU do to RELAX, DE-STRESS, or WIND DOWN!? I am having a hard time finding my "happy, calm place" right I want to throw it out to you guys. Hopefully you have some pearls of wisdom for me! Love you all in advance for taking the time to read my crazy post today.

Hopefully I will be back to my normal self soon! :)
Jenna, The Wife

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  1. I don't really have any advice unfortunately, as I have this issue too... my mind is constantly making lists :) I'm working on opening up a shop too... probably early June! Good luck!

  2. I read. I pick a good book, go to a quiet place, and let my mind be absorbed into what I'm reading. It takes my mind away from all the crazy around me.

  3. there's a video on youtube it's 'bedtime yoga' it's about 9minutes long and very easy and relaxing you can even do it on your bed! have a cup of white tea after the yoga and take a melatonin or two and you should sleep like a baby :))

  4. I dont suffer from OCD but throughout my life I have suffered from anxiety and depression so i can kinda get where your coming from. You just feel trapped sometimes! Before i had my baby I read a book about relaxation and visualizations for childbirth but i now use it in everyday life. One of the relaxation techniques has you think of a place. the most perfect, relaxing place you can think of, and get specific with smells, feel etc. Just go to that place when your mind is going a million miles a minute. The other technique I like is body relaxation. Start with you toes and feet, tense them up, count to 5 and relax them, do that with every body part going up your whole body til you get to your head. I never get to my head cause I'm so relaxed i've fallen asleep haha.

    ya this is really long sorry! Good luck with everything and remember to give your mind a break every once in a while!


  5. I read before bed. Or sometimes I listen to music. But I try my best to convince Chris every night to leave the tv off before bed.

    Also, I do the same thing with tires. It's the strangest thing. And the one time I DID get a flat tire on the road, I was eerily calm.

    Good luck with everything :)

  6. That's a hard place to be in, dear. Ways to relax vary so much depending on the person. I've been in a really similar position (which I'd rather not display publicly in your comments), and for me, I needed to do a few things:

    - Major change: re-prioritize and put a few things on hold to find balance again.
    - To simply relax, I took up regular nightly reading, sat in my parents' hot tub, had coffee/tea dates with friends that got me out of the house (but I also kept them brief to not eat too much into rest time at home), crocheted, gave myself a chance to unwind earlier in the night by turning off the TV and computer, exercised, etc.

    There are so many things you can do, but I don't know exactly what your family's routine is and what would work best. We can discuss more in e-mail or on Skype... ?

    Sending love and peace to you today, friend!

  7. Exercise might be a good way to de-stress! That works for me! I've heard yoga does wonder for helping to control your mind. I've never tried yoga but it would be worth it if that helps!
    Pray :) Lots of praying!

  8. Some ways I destress are: bake, go for a swim or a run, take a bath and read, get comfy in my bed and watch one of my favorite shows on my computer via hulu (I hardly ever watch tv so this is always a treat!), nap!

    I am right there with you about opening a shop! I have been saying every month for the past 3 that I'm going to do it this month! But life just keeps getting in the way! So I've made it a goal to at least get it up an running this month, even if it isn't as full as I'd like it to be. I think once it's running that will be motivation to make new products. Can't wait to see your's!

  9. Hi! I just came across your blog, it's so fun! And now I'm your latest follower! I would love to participate in your "last things thursdays". It's such a great idea! Do I just link up with your blog to do it?

  10. When i need to de stress i actually get out of the house and spend some time getting distracted and just getting away from all the stuff that needs to be done.

  11. Take a warm bath and listen to music, but you have to listen with earphones so you can block out the noise. It works like a champ I promise!!

  12. I am a chronic list maker. I make lists for everything. And I have a million notebooks full of lists to prove it. (well maybe not a million but there sure are a lot of them). And I check all the closets in the house before bed - even though I know there are no people in them, I still check every last one of them, and I have to lock the car at night even after my hubby locks it, I need to be the one to hear the horn honk that it's locked. You are definitely NOT alone. To relax, I blast music and dance around the house. I also take bubble baths with candles and I crank the tunes and lock the bathroom door. It's fabulous (but I will admit sometimes I bring those listmaking notebooks in there - and now I have an app on my phone that I can make lists with so it's dangerous.) Anyways, this comment is far too long now, but try the bubble bath, maybe it will help you :)

  13. Oh lists. I need them with me everyday. I find that sitting in complete silence, reading a book, calms me down.

  14. A hot bubble bath and a book! I'm not OCD but I'm a MAJOR worrier. I worry about something always! Good luck.

  15. Ah - reading this made me feel not alone! I have OCD too, but never wanted to take anything for it either. I make lists all the dang time! That oddly helps me destress, but the problem is that I have 17,000 lists in various places, so it's very disorganized. I constantly have a million things and to-dos going on in my head at all times and it makes me crazy. Sometimes it helps to bust out a blog post to get things off my mind, but I think the internet is making me more crazy lately! So much more to do - Blogger, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook - and seeing everyone else manage it all better than I am - oh my!

    I like to do things in even numbers (particularly 2, 4, and 8... because if you divide 4 and 8 in half, you have another even number. Unlike 6, which divided in half = 3, which is odd!) - I could never eat 3 cookies, I'd either have 2 or 4. Um... or 8... :).

    Sorry this is not offering you any advice, but you are not alone!

    I do have a yoga DVD called Candlelight Yoga that can calm me like none other (though it's gathering dust right now...). Highly recommend it!

  16. Okay so I definitely think we all have OCD tendencies! I will only eat things in twos.. like M&M's or pretzels. I always have to have even numbers.. on the TV and radio volume or the thermostat. I think the best way to relieve some stress would be to take a bath, read a book, or go for a walk. Those things usually help me! Hope you find something that works!
    I know something that might cheer you up! I'm having an awesome Anthro giveaway on my blog today.. check it out :)

  17. Hugs girlie. The best way I de-stress is to get everything clean, melt a sentsy or light a bunch of good smelling candles, take a hot shower and put on fresh from the dryer cozy clothes and eat something yummy and drink tea. Sounds like a lot of work, but I can generally get my best relaxing in that way. I can't go get a pedi or something and then come home to a disaster or it starts all over. It'll get better! xox

  18. oh man im not blessed with ocd but i am with anxiety... I also take on too many projects and I'm starting to just learn to say no.. kinda :)

  19. I suffer from OCD too..... quite extreme when I was younger. As I have gotten older I have learned to manage it better but I can definietly tell that stress can trigger it. I make lists too to help me out too.

  20. I totally struggle with OCD tendancies too. I can never get my brain to shut off either, bleh!! Exercising really helps. So does blogging and being online. I totally SHUT OUT the world when I'm online. You're not alone!! Much love!!! xo

  21. Here's one thing. Don't feel pressured by your blog. To blog just because its expected of you. Or to respond to "this" or every comment. I get overwhelmed with catching up on blog posts or emails and I only have 124 followers. I cant imagine how some of you girls do it. I have to force myself to breathe and say " ok no one will hate me if I take a break." But my mind wants to argue and say, but if you dont sit ans show blog love, how will you ever gain followers or regular readers?
    I have 3 kids and so much else going on, I just have to tell myself, nope sorry, cant do it.
    :) girl, give yourself a break. U deserve it.

  22. I'm with you on the lists! I actually wrote a blog about that last Friday. Writing lists actually helps me destress some because it gets it out of my mind and onto paper instead. Another way I destress is to do something for myself, something that I enjoy doing and want to do. Some days that could be crafting while other days it could be reading and other days it could be watching a movie. I try to set aside some time each week just to do something I want to do. While having my "me time," I don't think about that long list of things I need to be doing.

  23. Jenna-
    So sorry you're struggling, girl. And thank you for being so honest about your challenges.

    I HIGHLY recommend that you take 15 minutes to try the "Peace" meditation here:

    It's for beginner's and will go by very quickly. In order to get the most out of you, you need to mentally resolve "I will fully give this 15 minutes to God (or Spirit, or peace.) I will cast aside all mental burdens for this 15 minutes."

    They make a HUGE difference in my life, and I wouldn't be recommending it if I didn't think it could really help you too.


  24. One of things I did this past year, when I spent all of daylight working or going to class and all my nights trying to keep up with my homework, was start making lists of what had to be done that day. It made the list of things I had to do much smaller and more manageable.

    Another thing I do is just let myself have "me time" in the car. I crank up my music and sing along at the top of my lungs. I don't have a panic attack if I'm running late, because at that point, I can't help it anyway. Also, when I get in or out of my car, I just sit back and take a couple seconds to breathe deep, then turn the car on or off, and get going to wherever I need to go. Those few seconds before getting in or out of my car give me a energy for the next thing - just the next thing.

    The third thing I do, the one I've been doing the longest and that helps the most, is just praying, "Strength for today, Jesus," or "Faith for today." Knowing He gives me the strength - and that He gives it one day at a time - to do what I have to do for the day gives me enough confidence to carry myself through it all.

    I'll be praying for you! I don't know if I'm OCD from a medical standpoint, but I do know the more stressed I am the more irrationally obsessive I get over the little things. I'll pray God brings you rest and release!

  25. Girl, I get in these modes sometimes. I was there about a month and a half ago. I think time will just have to take care of it.
    But, I always can unwind in a hot bath. Just soak in there for hours, and relax :) Maybe that will help ?

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Just remember it's ok to take a break from the blog!

    I recently went to a wellness seminar and she said something to the effect that you should be relaxing for at least two hours before bed to be able to have a restful night(and give yourself a break!). She also said that she doesn't use electronics during meals.:)

  28. Ah this is not something nice to go through but i hope you manage it soon.
    Im def not OCD but I do suffer from stress and stress related symptoms.
    It amuses me that everyone recommends a hot bath, whilst I love these they do not de stress me as I cant stay in too long as I get bored etc. But they are very good for getting a good nights sleep as it is the effect of cooling down afterwards that mimics the bodys natural cooling when it sleeps.
    Also trying to relax before bed, I cant remember where I saw it but there was a list of stretches to do before bed and one of them {the only one I still do} is to lie on your back with your legs up the wall for 2 mins, No idea why it helps but it does.

    Sorry this is so long :p
    The other thing that helped me with the stress was CBT (Cognitive behavioural Therapy) teaching me what my stress symptoms were and some of the triggers, really helped with the things that were caused by me being overly stresses.
    Hope someones suggestions help you x

  29. Though I don't have OCD I am a chronic worrier and also suffer from insomnia. I am sure that has something to do with the worrying. I also find lists help me. And then rewriting the list. And the again. Sometimes some alone time works. Or a good workout. It really depends on what my mood is. Sometimes a sad movie and a good cry.

    I hope you get some great ideas - and some rest.

  30. if you find something that works to de-stress & find your calm happy place please share because i dont have a clue where to start.

    & you did not scare us! we heart you because you're real & we all have something that we think once we share it people will be scared - we're all a little ocd in our own way :)

    focus on that little baby & wonderful husband of yours!! .. we can wait for our bracelets ;)

  31. I would love love love to see your little stories you wrote as a kid. Can I tell you that I also wrote stories as a kid? Journaling really helps me, just writing in general, and I think having a blog is key to that.


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