May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend!

I had such a nice loooooong weekend with my little family!
{So this will be a looooong post} :)

We didn't go on a trip anywhere, or do anything specifically PHENOMENAL, 
but that was just fine by me.
Seriously, just spending time with my hubby and my baby was just what I needed wanted. 

Ty took the day off work (which is a HUGE DEAL if you know my hub at all), and we went to the aquarium with D. I loved watching him look at all the fish and pointing at the penguins. Now Ty thinks we need an aquarium in our house. NOPE. Not gonna happen.

The rest of the day we just hung out and did nothing....awwwwww....nothing. Sometimes it's good for the soul. Oh, he DID make me watch "Chronicle." What a weird movie. 

Saturday was all about The Salt Lake Shine Event! Prepping, going to, and participating in the event. 
It was quite the crazy/fun event!!
I got to meet/hang out with some BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING people. 
Including Ashley, Brittany, Jamie, Elise, Megan and Jessi

We ran around downtown SLC "Spreading the Shine" the POURING/MONSOON-ISH rain none-the-less (very ironic, no?). I got to ride around with Brittany, and oh man was it fun! That girl is my new favorite person. She cracks me up! 
We gave some cookies/$1  to some homeless peeps, 
and the looks on  their faces (and ours) were priceless! 

Left some messages on the sidewalk & in the bathroom 
at Gateway for people to hopefully brighten their day. 

Wrote a note to a security guard and held the umbrella for him in the rain. 

And lots more! It really was true what Ashley said:
You don't have to do a HUGE thing to make a difference...
 LITTLE things can make a difference too.

Saturday Night I went to dinner with Ashley, her sister, Brittany & some friends to Happy Sumo for sushi! YUM! Those girls are HILARIOUS. Then met up with my sisters & their hubbies/boyfriends, played some arcade games, and went to see "What To Expect When You're Expecting" (at 10:00 no less--waaaay past my bedtime). 
It was pretty made me remember giving birth which I REALLY didn't want to relive. :) 
We just lounged around, did some yardwork, made some more jewelry, hung outside in the beautiful weather, went on a picnic, and just RELAXED. It was MUCH NEEDED. 

Oh, and my hubby made me some DELICIOUS dinner (lemon pepper chicken, salad & fruit) - have I ever mentioned how I LOVE it when he makes dinner? Well I do. :)
Davis tried his first pickle and LOVED was SO MESSY..but I didn't care!! :)

I hope YOU ALL had a FABULOUS WEEKEND! What did you do??
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  1. I saw What To Expect When You're Expecting last weekend. Loved it! Lots of tears from me lol

  2. We must live quite near each other. Maybe someday we'll run into each other and I'll freak you out cause I recognize you. :) Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Wow, looks like you had a great/fun weekend!! Your family is adorable! :)

  4. Darling weekend pictures! Your family is so precious, I wanna meet em!!!!


  5. I'm still so bummed I couldn't be there for the event on Saturday :( Looks like you had an amazing weekend! <3

  6. Looks like a great weekend! We were both WINNAS this weekend, you know. You with the shark mask. Baby D with the pickle. Me with the wild turkeys.

  7. Your little guy is just so adorable!! And I can't believe he liked the pickle! How funny. Sounds like you have a great weekend. So glad to hear it.

  8. love that first picture - so cute!! you look great in your hat!! and I love those yellow pants!!

  9. Sometimes a weekend full of lots of little things is the best kind!

  10. This looks like the perfect weekend! Your little one is beyond adorable! xo

  11. WOW! That was a busy, busy weekend! (So what had you in the dumps? Because these photos depict an awesome, busy weekend!)

  12. I saw "What to Expect..." this weekend as well. My husband and I were able to go on a date courtesy of some of my students. I got some great gift certificates during Teacher Appreciation Week!

  13. I love you. the end
    oh PS - WHY did we not get a picture at din din?
    guess we need to do it again soon so we can take a pic ;)

  14. So fun. I loved What to Expect!! Saw it this weekend as well. Did you have a traumatizing births story? Or just the normal "it's the worst pain ever"?

  15. awww! looked like a blast! hope you enjoyed your time before getting back to the grind!

  16. "and it made me remember birth, which i don't want to relive" Haha, girl. You crack me up! I think my doc will end up having to put me under since I pass out from just getting blood work... Glad you had a great weekend though!

  17. Im a new follower and Im loving your blog.

  18. love you in a hat and yellow pants. :) looks like fun and you do great things for people.

  19. I love all these pictures! I heard the SLC Shine Event was great! Looks like a ton of fun. I'm so glad you guys had such a great weekend! :]

    - Katelyn

  20. So so cute, looks like such a fun weekend. Davis is adorable!!

    From Cupcakes, With Love x

  21. what a great weekend!! the shine event looked like it went so great - it totally is the little things :)

    I heart going to the aquarium with the kids - zach even loves going to the pet store so we can look at the fish in the tanks there ha! cy wants an aquarium in our house too -- i just say 'someday'

    & i looove doing nothing with my favorite people & watching kids eat new things :)


  22. Looks like a fantastic weekend! You guys look great! :)

  23. You are so beautiful, I just love your hair!

    So fun that you got to participate in Shine :) Love that project!


  24. I'm scared to see that What to Expect movie... don't need to over think the whole thing more than I (we) already do!!
    Pickles are DA BOMB. That kiddo has good taste. :)

  25. you have beautiful hair! it always looks so healthy - whats your secret?

  26. Ah your hair is just gorgeous. I wish I had red hair like that! I had red hair until I was 2 and then sadly, it changed color. I get hair envy sometimes when I see gorgeous red locks like yours!

  27. I'm so glad I got to finally meet you in person! you are just as gorgeous in person :)

  28. I love these photos. I love this blog. I love your pretty face. <3 Happy weekend, sugar. xo

  29. I loved hearing about the shine project! What a great idea! Is it all over or just in Salt Lake? New comer to your blog, so far, I like what I see : )


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