June 11, 2012

Makeup Monday - Steph from Bloom in Saturation!

Ohhhhhh boy do I have a treat for you today! 
I am seriously BEYOND THRILLED to have my gorgeous friend Stephanie here. 
We go waaaaaay back, Steph & I. Back to our days working at Nordstrom as makeup artists together! 

I love her to death...and her BLOG is absolutely beautiful (as is she)!
Enjoy her makeup tips....they are purely genius!

From one makeup artist to another...you rock, Miss Steph!!...so take it away!


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Hey there! My name is Stephanie and I write the Beauty blog Bloom in Saturation! I am so flattered and excited to be featuring a makeup post for all of you here at The Life of the Wife. I adore Jenna and her blog so much and seriously, how amazing is her launch of Neon&Nude?! I can't wait to make my first purchase! You kill it lovely Jenna.

Today I am sharing my favorite summer cosmetics with you. When the sun is out and the temps are high, I like to keep my makeup elegant, effortless, and light. I like my skin to have coverage without a heavy foundation. For me, that calls for some Bare Escentuals products! If you haven't tried their skin products, you should. They are creamy and glide on the skin effortlessly when paired with a good skin primer. For this particular look I used the Smashbox Photo Finish face primer but I LOVE the Bare Escentuals Primetime Face Primer as well. They are both Silica based (the pure form of silicone) and help your makeup go on a much smoother surface and help hold your foundation on all day. Seriously babes, ALL DAY. 

It may take you a couple days of practicing using this foundation before you get it right or feel comfortable with it but PLEASE don't give up on this mineral makeup. It rules my world. You can still have a beautiful cosmetic look without spending tons of time or looking completely "done up." 

1- Soft yet covered skin with a light foundation
2- A soft contour and medium pop of color on the cheeks using a floral tone (pink, coral, rose, etc...)
3- Eyes are highlighted with foundation to minimize dark circles or redness
4- Apply a medium to full size warm eyeliner with a baby wing to help create a lift. Choose a dark brown eyeliner as opposed to a black. It will be more flattering on softer skin yet dark enough to make your eyes pop.
5- A good voluminous and lengthening mascara to really open your eyes and bring out your eye color.
6- A soft shade on the lips in the same tone as the blush you used. Just enough color to make your lips stand out yet feel comfortable!
I hope these tips help you with your summer cosmetics. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the look and what you think about the products!

I told you she was awesome! Don't you want her skin? I DO!! :)

You can follow Stephanie here:
Instagram: @thebloomer

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  1. she is so pretty and her skin is flawless!

  2. You used to work at Nordstrom!? Me too! XO!

  3. Thank you so much again for featuring this post! I miss you dearly! I hope to see you next time I'm in SLC :)

  4. Beautiful! I'm checking out these products :)

    1. I hope you like some of them! Glad you liked the post :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Allyson! I'm glad they were helpful.

  6. ooooo love her lipstick. And she looks a bit like Olivia Wilde, no?

    1. Ha! She is in fact one of the celebrities I get. :)

  7. I have the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and I LOVE it! It's the best liner I've ever had :) I love the look! I'm going to have to try Bare Escentuals.

    1. Mary, isn't Bobbi Brown liner the best?? I'm seriously addicted to it. You'll love BE too. If you have any questions feel free to email me at bloominsaturation@gmail.com

  8. Looks great. I can never get my eyeliner "wings" to look right though. A video tutorial would be more than lovely. Bare Escentuals I love, love LOVE. I'd say it's worth the splurge.

    1. Jelli, I can definitely put together a tutorial! And I couldn't agree more with you on BE.

  9. Love this look! That's totally how I do my eyeliner... now I just need to try out all the other tips :)

    1. I'm glad you liked the post Kate! I'd love to hear how the other tips work out for you :)

  10. this is just flawless!



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