August 29, 2012

Some Pinteresting Thoughts...

 I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I'm going to be completely honest here. 
So go ahead and judge if you want (I can take it ;). 

I'll tell you that I got completely pin-crazy there for a while. I mean, I would sit there for hours on end and just pin EVERY possible thing I could. Did I ever MAKE any of the food I pinned (hardly ever)? Did I BUY any of the cute outfits I pinned (nope)? I got really consumed with what my house should "look like" or what I "should be dressing like" according to all of these beautiful pins I was seeing (and pinning like it was going out of style). 

Then, I stopped pinning all together (to the point I almost deleted it all together--I know--GASP). 

It was making me feel horrible about myself. I know, how could a website do that? But it did. It was making me feel like a bad Mom. Like a bad wife. I thought, are all these people REALLY doing all of this? I must suck at life. For real. These women that do these projects all the time, or make these amazing meals, or are DIY-ing everything in sight...I do they DO it all? I can barely keep my head above water as it is. Sheesh.
 I mean, the intended goal of Pinterest is genius (I think we all wish we would've come up with it). 

I think I'm getting better now, though.

I have slowwwwwly started getting back into it. I really have to be careful though. I can't let myself drown in the ocean that is Pinterest. I just realized that I needed to use it more as a place of inspiration, rather than a place of complete and utter failure for every project I was never going to do.

I'm more just talking about this all, because I feel like it's easy to get wrapped up in what everyone is doing (or pinning) and making yourself feel inadequate. <------That word can take over your life if you let it. I just have to do what I want to do, and realize that if I'm happy with it - then life is good!

I mean...I DO LOVE Pinterest for all the wonderful and beautiful things it brings into my life...
I have gotten SO MANY amazing ideas for my wardrobe, my home, and for dessert & dinner!
I'll give it to ya,'re addicting (but in a good way) :)
You can follow my Pinterest boards HERE.

(I would love you to leave a link to YOUR PINTEREST below so I can waste time with you
follow YOU - I love getting new inspiration!!)

AND What are YOUR THOUGHTS on Pinterest? Love it? Hate it? Love to hate it? :) Lemme know!

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  1. I feel the same way, I too have a love/hate relationship with it :) I do love finding awesome recipes/outfits/clever tricks and tips, but it's also such a time suck! It's like ok, I just spent an hour pinning workouts, baked goods, and house ideas when meanwhile I haven't worked out, haven't cooked dinner, and my house is a mess. Plus I don't love how it's hard to search for specific things on there...but it's definitely fun from time to time, I just have to limit myself! Glad I'm not alone! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more. I love the idea of Pinterest, but I just can't do it. To say that it makes me feel overwhelmed is an understatement. I find that it's better if I just avoid Pinterest altogether and just see the fun ideas that my blogger friends post. My sanity remains more intact (ish!) that way!

  3. Awesome post and just what I needed to be reminded of today. Yesterday I was feeling VERY inadequate to the point of considering shutting my etsy shop down because I just felt like I was never going to be good enough. Not because of Pinterest but because of all the brilliant people out there and blogs I read. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I love the inspiration but if I let it all get in my head, I start to feel not good enough and that's a serious emotional struggle for me.

    Thanks for this! I needed to be reminded to just do my thing and as long as I love it, that's all that matters :)

    Definitely heading over to follow you on the time-warp, er, I mean Pinterest :)

  4. Love it! The bedroom pic especially! :) Here is my pinterest board (specially for "The Dream House"):

  5. Love this post! Sounds like you would like my mom's ebook (Currently available for download and coming soon to Kindle!).

    Not a DIY Diva: How to Create an Authentically Inspired Life in a Pinterest World

    ...that's a shameless plug right there ;)

  6. i couldn't agree more!

  7. I have a serious pinning problem, and I used to feel the exact same way as you. but now, I try not to take it too seriously. However, I have made one mason jar inspired thing, and LOVE it. That's about all i've really taken away from pinterest, LOL. For me, since i'm currently unemployed and looking for work, it's a great way to take a break from the job searching every so often and think about something else :)


  8. Great post! I enjoy pinterest, but really would like to challenge myself to do some of the projects I've pinned.


  9. Definitely love to hate it. And then love it some more.

  10. I feel the same way. About a year or so before I started writing this blog, I wrote a home decor/DIY blog found out about Pinterest before it was a big craze (not to sound uppity or anything it was just used in that circle very early on). I used it like crazy then but went through a phase where I didn't use it at all. Now, I've started again but I'm cautious about comparing myself too much.

    Here's my pinterest

  11. Oh man, I'm completely with you on this one.. When I first got into pinterest I was on it ALL.THE.TIME.
    I realized, just like you, that it was quickly consuming my life & making me feel like a failure of a person in general. It was also making me consumed with 'things' in general.. wanting what I don't have, desiring to be skinnier, wanting new style & clothes. In a way it was becoming an idol. =/

    Then one day I just stopped pinning. for whatever reason. I just recently started looking on again, but it's definitely not as exciting as it first was.

    Glad I'm not the only one :)
    Here's my pinterest URL::

  12. I love pinterest but maybe I view it differently than most people. I only pin things I seriously want to try or want to remember for the future. I use mine simply as a bookmarking site. Only in the last month did I add a random fun board so that I could remember some of the funny things I see on there.

    My pinterest is

    1. I'm with you, Megan. I don't have hundreds and hundreds of pins. I look and pin what is interesting. But I use it for inspiration. And it really doesn't make me feel inadequate or anything. I am not a crafty person-at all. I don't have a big clothes budget. So I pin for ideas. I love it.

  13. love/hate relationship, too! just hate b/c it's all consuming butttttt I don't mind that I don't do anything that pinterest has to offer. I'm hoping someday I have to throw a gala and will have millions of dollars to buy/make everything! if only!!

  14. I gave up pinning awhile back but I'm back too. I do most of my pinning via the phone and my favorites are the humor and geek boards. Loved what you had to say and your pins. My favorite is the orange and blue bed!

  15. I've been feeling the same way! It's good for some things, but I've been getting really overwhelmed with how my house should look, and how my outfits need to be. I pin way less now! Following @MrsNikkiL

  16. See....I have to be careful following your fashion board...because I want everything you pin!!!!

    (I do follow you though) :-)

  17. I LOVE pinterest but I definitely feel the same! There are soooo many things that I like and want to do and make but there is just so much that I get an overwhelming feeling almost!

    Here is my pinterest! Feel free to follow me and explore my boards!

    ♥ Samantha

  18. I am the same with Pinterest! I was totally obssessed for a while...had to take a break, and now seem to have a better balance. It's takes hard work though! haha

  19. I am following you on Pinterest,here is the link to my boards

  20. I already follow you. I am at

    I love it still. I've cut down my time on Pinning but I still check it every few days to see what my friends are doing. I have actually made quite a few food items from my boards, so that's helpful..because I am not much of a cook. :)

  21. Great finds! Here's mine-

    I definitely use Pinterest as more of an organizational tool for things that I take note of while I'm already browsing the internet and want to save for later. I rarely browse through the home page or any of the category pages just because... well it becomes addictive and kinda depressing!


  22. I have a similar love/hate relationship with Pinterest regarding my wedding planning! I love seeing all the ideas but at he same time I'm usually overwhelmed with too many ideas.

  23. I bet every single girl out there has a similar story to this.

    A couple times when I've felt stressed by all thats on there, I've asked myself 'Will it matter 50 years from now? will it matter 1 year from now?' and the answer is usually 'Nope'.


  24. I was just thinking similar thoughts today about Pinterest. On one hand, it can be this incredibly awesome tool for new recipes, crafts, and outfits BUT, in my darker moments, it makes me feel exactly what you described - inadequate. Thanks for this honest post, sweets!

  25. I JUST got one, and I totally know what you mean! EVERYTHING I see right now is pin-worthy...I ended up with 22 boards and who knows how many pins in two days!

  26. I have anxiety about my next parties! I feel like my events will never live up to what I see on Pinterest. What happened to just a normal party with snacks and some small decorations? :) I totally feel ya!

  27. Oh goodness I LOVE it! I've found so many great tips and tricks thanks to it. I only pin things that inspire me and make me happy (no negative vibes allowed here, haha) This is especially true for my recipe board. Since we have special dietary needs (food allergies and celiac's disease) pinning all the GF recipes I've found has been a major time saver :) I'm a total cheap-skate so I use those beautiful home decor and fashion pins as inspiration on how I can get the look for less by using things I already have! Lol. I realize alot of those photos have been professionally staged and/or airbrushed so I know it's completely unrealistic to get my hair or home to look like those in the photos ;) I follow your boards and you always pin the cutest things!

  28. I love Pinterest but I spend way too much adding to my boards and not enough time actually making crafty things... or cooking/baking, for the matter. It needs to change!


  29. i stopped "pinning" a while back and to be honest haven't missed it at all. but i bet when its the holidays i will have a look to get some inspiration.

    and i know what you mean about the whole inadequacy thing, it kind of creeps up on you. i get it far too often, and just have to remind myself to go out there and live, all i can do is try my best :)

  30. You can find my boards here:

    Totally understand where you are coming from girl! I find lately I have been using it to find encouraging or inspiring words/quotes and sharing them!! =)

    Much Love!

  31. I love your boards and jewelry. Come visit me on Pinterest

  32. I have the same reactions some times, Although I mostly look at the crafty stuff and none of the home stuff really.
    Some days I do get into a slump about the amazing craftyness that is out there. But I have manage to do an number of crafts I have seen on pinterest.
    My boards are here:

    Have a good time looking, and wishing lots of motivation to you xx

  33. I went pin-crazy last fall, but now I just pin whatever I want when I want to. I've also become really good about following the pins to the original link to see whether or not I really think the recipe, project, idea, etc. is worth pinning to me. Instead of pinning projects I know I do not have time for, I just look at it, smile, and move on. ;-) Haha! It can be a total time-sucker, otherwise!

  34. How am I just now following you?? let the stalking begin....

    Oh, and I'm:

  35. I'm finally following you! You can find me here: - And I totally know how you feel about Pinterest. I'm trying to weed things out, decide what I don't like, etc!


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