October 23, 2012

Instagram Thoughts

To say I'm obsessed with Instagram is the understatement of the century. I think I found out about it right after D was born last year...and I was all like....ohhhh ya what is THIS cool app? I honestly just thought it was a cool way to put sa-weeeet filters on them. Little did I know what kind of crazy phenomenon it was going to turn out to be.

If you follow me, you know I probably post a pic 5 times a week ok ok...sometimes 7 or 8...or 9 or 10. Yup I'm one of those people. I just can't HELP myself. I may or may not be addicted (ok I totally am--who am I kidding?).

What is it about Instagram that makes it so gosh dang addicting?
Is it that everyone can see what's going on in your life?
Is it that you can see what's going on in everyone else's life?
Is it because everyone can "like" your pics?  Confession: I may or may have not uttered these words, (much to my embarassment now) "Oh boo...that pic only got 35 likes." Truth.
Is it to gain followers?
Is it to post really artistic/sideways pics of your daily coffee? ;)
Is it to post pics of your cute kids & remember the little moments that you'd probably forget otherwise?

Whatever the reason...Instagram is awesome! I don't really care WHAT the reason is...I still love it. I honestly thought I'd be sick of it by now. But I'm not. It lets me keep up with my friends who live other places, and see what they're doing. Yes, sometimes..it makes me a tad jealous when I see them at Disneyland or in Hawaii every day, but does that stop me from looking at it every. single. day? Nope.

In my opinion, it's BETTER than Facebook. It's like Facebook without all the stupid political statuses and statuses about what you ate for breakfast. Now we can just take a PICTURE of what we ate instead. I mean..SO much better, right? :)

For me, it's also a great way to promote my blog & shop, too. If I'm doing a giveaway (like yesterday's) or  a Fashion Post, I will most likely post it to Instagram too. If I have new/upcoming product for Neon & Nude -- I love to post pics & get your opinions on if you love it/hate it.

Now..for some weekend pics (according to Instagram of course)! :)
1-Me & D trying to take a pic of my new Whippycake headband
2-Going to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out our pumpkins. And having WAY too much fun "driving" tractors.
3-GNO with my crazy fun girlfriends. 
4-Carving our pumpkins, eating LOTS & LOTS of caramel corn, chili & candy with my whole family.

WHY DO YOU LOVE INSTAGRAM? I'm totally curious!!


P.S. TOMORROW I will be part of Kelly's "Messy Project"! It's going to be AWESOME!!
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  1. I am obsessed with Insta as well.
    I adore it!
    those pictures are lovely! :):)

  2. Instagram is awesome. I agree with all of your points above, it's just a great way to keep up.. and sooo much better than facebook and the drama that comes along with it. And yes, it's great for our blogs & shops as well! PS-your family is super cute!

  3. I am literally obsessed with Instagram too! To the point where once I decide to take a picture, I think about it for at least a few hours before I finally take the picture. I totally agree with what you said about it being better than Facebook It's just so much simpler!


  4. I'm obsessed with Instagram too. It's like my phone is useless when there are no new posts. LOL I also check it more than I check Facebook. I also love that they don't have algorithms that prevents you from seeing all the posts on your feed :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  5. You're not alone. Isn't everyone obsessed with IG?! No? Oh, well, I am!

    Also, this just occurred to me: Why didn't you go to Influence?

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  7. I also love Instagram! People always get frustrated with me because it takes me forever to choose what filter I want. Hmmm, do I want Hudson, Toaster or Earlybird? :P

  8. Totally agree! I'm obsessed too! I post pics all the time, and i love creeping on other peoples pictures too! I will have to start promoting my blog through it i never though of it.


  9. I like instagram much better than facebook too! :D And no worries, some people post multiple pictures a day- every day! I am sometimes one of them.

  10. 7 or 8 times a week? If you're one of THOSE people, then I'm one of those times five. I may have a problem :P

  11. I will agree with you cause instagram is probably one of my top reasons for wanting an iphone. Yes, I confessed that too =)
    So when I finally get one....you can bet I will be ALL over your pictures with likes. Oh wait I already am =) lol
    I'm with you on liking that app so much! =)
    Can't wait to see your fashion post, that looks like such a neat idea!!
    Much Love,

  12. I love instagram as well and I definitely agree that it is better than Facebook.

    I originally got it before many people were on it and back then I just used it for iphoneography. As a photographer, I found it to be challenging to just use a camera phone to get great pictures and I like that challenge. As time went on, more of my friends have joined so my Instagram is now a mixture of thoughtful shots and good times with/communicating with friends.

  13. I love being instafriends!! This way I get to see pictures of all the fun meet ups that I have to miss out on :( ha ha!
    I need to start posting more pictures though. I have no doubt once baby girl arrives everyone will be SICK of me posting pictures :) ha ha.

  14. haha. i heart instagram too. i was just a newbie this year, because i had android. im an addict =)

  15. I'm obsessed too! :)
    It's way better than FB.... and lately I'm on it more than twitter too!

  16. I'm obsessed too. I check it way more than facebook!
    & all of your pictures are adorable.. like always!

  17. I love Instagram too. On the debate days I won't even get on Facebook and twitter. Instagram seems pretty safe from all the drama.

  18. Agree!! it's much much better and fun!

  19. i have an instagram post i wrote about a month ago still sitting in my drafts.. you may or may not have just given me the push to finish and publish the dang thing!! ha


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