February 22, 2013

A Hiatus & A Neon & Nude S-A-L-E

I have to begin this by saying this: to each of you who have bought, loved, pinned, talked about, tweeted, instagrammed, or done ANYTHING to love on my little shop, Neon & Nude....I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would hug each of you if I could (and I'm totally NOT a hugger). You are the reason I kept going even when I got discouraged. Even when I wanted to give it up. Even when I wanted to throw my hands up and say I can't do it anymore. 

YOU ALL are the reason. For real. Because you loved my lil' shop, I continued on. 

But now, I have to take a little break from it. 

Life is getting in the way of my shop. Actually, my shop is kind of taking over my life. Not in a bad way, just in the I am constantly thinking about it/fretting about it/coming up with new designs/keeping it fresh/taking new pics/sending out current orders/always worrying about it way. 

And even though I L-O-V-E doing what I do (I can't emphasize that enough)..I LOVE that I get to make jewelry and send it to all of you fabulous people. I LOVE when I get an email saying how much someone loved their bracelet, or their necklace and how they want to wear it all the time! Makes my heart happy. 

(lots of love is pouring out of me today, you guys).

I have been debating about doing this BREAK for a while now.... 

Should I? Shouldn't I? What is my ultimate goal? What do I want to get out of the shop? What do I want my customers to feel when they get a piece of my jewelry? Do I want to expand it to other things? Art? Designs? Rings? Do I want to change the name of my blog & my shop to be one cohesive thing? 

These thoughts are constantly running through my head. But I have no time. NO time to really sit & think about any of this. Or DO any of it. I find myself spending less time with my family & friends & my baby...for my shop. Which is fine, normally. Because I LOVE doing it (there's that word again). But lately..it's become a little lopsided. My shop is a big chunky lady and my life is anorexic. :)

I NEED TO FIND A BALANCE. So, that's what this break is for. 

It's going to be good for me...AND good for YOU guys, too! I promise. Hopefully, when/if I come back...it will be for the BEST. The shop will come back better and more beautiful! For the better of my shop, for the better of me, and for the better of everyone involved in my life. 

SO....the REALLY good news??? You guys get to benefit from my hiatus!
Starting today through Monday, my entire shop will be 50% off!!!! EVERYTHING you guys. That's crazy bananas. 

The shop will be officially closing Tuesday, so I hope you take advantage of it -- I really do! 



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  1. I'm so proud of you for going with your heart and trusting your gut... I know your return will be greatly welcomed and you'll come back with lots of totally killer ideas!

  2. Heyooo! I'm all over that. I hope that the hiatus provides clarity for you. Of course, I think we all would like for you to reopen the shop eventually, but your work-life balance is most important! Thanks for the sale, babe!

  3. BOO!!! I want to buy some awesome jewelry but the site is not working.

  4. Everybody needs some me time. I'm glad you're looking out for yourself and your family.


  5. Good for you! Being true to yourself is the hardest thing to do sometimes. And I totally feel you! You're amazing! xoxo

  6. Breaks are a necessity. Tried to vost the store but it says the site is down.


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