February 4, 2013

Elizabeth's Makeup Must-Haves!

Hey y'all. While I'm enjoying the sun & the beach (hehe, had to rub it in a bit..sorry), I asked cute Liz to talk about her fave beauty products! She has good taste, this one! 


Hi everyone! I'm Elizabeth and I blog over at "The Better Belle Project"
You know those lists you make of things you want to accomplish during your lifetime? I make a lot of those! I started blogging as a way to hold myself accountable in my attempts to become the person I want to be - getting back to my roots and being a better Southern Belle! I'm currently living in Las Vegas with my military boyfriend, but we're hoping to end up back in the South in the near future!

One of the goals of my BBP is to consistently do my makeup each morning. 
I work for a very relaxed company, and I have a bad habit of just going into work wearing whatever and not taking the time to look my best in the morning. In the last few months of doing this, I've come across a few products that I really like, and since Jenna loves makeup so much, I thought I'd share them with her and with all of you today!
Last time I was in Sephora, the sales girl helping me talked me into buying Smashbox's Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Adjust (Green). It's AMAZING. I'm on the fairer side of skin tones, and I have pinkish skin all the time - this primer totally balances out the red tones in my skin and makes my skin silky smooth!
Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream is my next step. It's so moisturizing and I love that it has sunscreen in it, which is a must in Las Vegas! It's also rather sheer, but you can build on it to get more coverage if you need it! 
For my under eye circles or any blemishes, I cover them with Tarte's Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer - LOVE this stuff and love how well it stays on throughout the day! I wouldn't call it "waterproof" like its label says, but it's definitely water resistant and stays on even through sweaty summer days.

Lately I've been using a lot of liquid liner for my eyes, my personal fave is Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in black - it really does last all day! I also love their smudge stick collection as well.
If I'm feeling like being a little smokey, I use Stila's Smudge Crayon Eye Color in "Smoke". It's the perfect grayish, goldish, brownish color - you can just swipe it around your upper and lower lashes and it's the perfect smokey eye.
I keep it simple with Maybelline's Great Lash Waterproof Mascara - my Mom used it all the time I was growing up and it's the first makeup I remember stealing from her, I still love it!

Last but not least I finish it off with Make Up For Ever's Super Matte Loose Powder and Physicians Formula Bronze Booster!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about some of my favorite products! I love hearing from readers and getting recommendations as well, If you have a product that you love, I'd love to hear it! 

You can find my blog here, or connect with me on Instagram @thebetterbelle or Twitter @thebetterbelle.

Make sure to head over to Elizabeth's BLOG & say hi! It's such a cute blog!! :)

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  1. Great Lash is such a good mascara and such a classic! It definitely stays in my mascara rotation!

  2. cute post :)



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