March 8, 2013

High Five For Friday!

My hubby has been traveling for work this week, and taking care of an all-of-a-sudden-super-needy-toddler has been super hard on me. D literally won't leave my side, and cries everytime I do. Anyone else experience this? If you've got any advice for me, that'd be MUCHO MUCHO appreciate it. This kid is killin' me this week. Love him, but man oh man. Can't a girl pee in privacy? ;) 

So, needless to say I'm SUPER HAPPY it's Friday! Date night tonight, and a fun weekend ahead. PLUS it's been super sunny & warm around here (well, warm for March here anyway) - and I'll totally take it. 

Time to shop by myself this week was MUCH needed. I couldn't say no to this just screamed BUY MEEEEE! So I did. Jacket pressure. 
I fully plan on wearing it tonight on date night. 

This busy board my hubby & I made for Davis was a H U G E hit with him!!
He plays with it every day. His favorite thing on there? The door stopper. 
Whoulda thunk it?

Warm Days = Happy Mom/D 
The 51 degree weather called for a park day! Plus, him saying "HAND" when he wants to hold my hand now just melts my heart. Happy moment.

Happy Mail - From The Gnarly Whale.
This stuff smells amaaaaaaaaazing and actually WORKS! Go figure. 
Plus my hubby keeps smelling my hair, which is always a good sign! :)

Fun times with new/old friends at the PEEK EVENT hosted by Moms Best Network
Had so much fun with these girls & our kiddos. It's events like these that make me love being a blogger even more! 

There ya have it. Happy little moments from my week! How was yours?! 
And HAPPY WEEKEND, cute friends!!

Linking up (for the first time!) with cute cute Lauren over at My Grey Desk Blog
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  1. You look fabulous!

    Oh, and also, I cannot wait until I have a little one who will come to me and say, "Hand." :) So sweet!

    Happy Friday, babe!

  2. that jacket is so cute. and what a great idea with the busy board, plus it's adorable!

  3. That jacket is adorable!! I don't know if I would havebeen brave enough to buy it but I sure would have admired it!

  4. Those pictures are all so dang cute! I'm loving the little busy board that you guys made - that is a genius idea! My so went through a super clingy stage a while back, I couldn't leave the room without him crying and forget about trying to use the bathroom by myself! Hopefully it's just a stage and he will grow out of it. I just kept telling my son that I would be right back and we started playing hide and go seek and made a game out of me leaving.

  5. Love the jacket! Where's it from?
    Love the hardware board. I've seen them before and loved the idea. Yours looks awesome because it has more pieces and more variety than the ones I've seen before.

  6. Love that lock board! such a great idea to keep him busy I love theblazer/jacket where did you get it!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend with the hubby being home!

  7. That 'busy board' is awesome, what a great idea!!!!!
    Enjoy date night tonight, sounds like it will be a welcome treat for both you and the Husband. Big hugs for the WEEKEND .... wish they lasted five days and the work week only two. Wishful thinking!

    Nicole @ Three 31

  8. That jacket is too cute on you. Good thing you bought it. :)

    I LOVE the busy board. I need to remember that one for a year from now. Seriously SUCH a great idea. What a great way to develop fine motor skills.

    So that beach wave stuff really works? I might need to get some of that. I'm looking for a way to shake up the straight hair routine. My hair has some natural wave to it, but definitely needs some product help.

  9. Oh yes...Walker is going through his "only mommy" phase now, and Charlie went through it as well. Just think, when he turns 3 he won't want to enjoy it! :-) It is hard, though!

    I'm definitely going to have to make this busy board for the boys. The would love it!

  10. That busy board is amazing. I'll have to make one for my little guy when he gets older. Such a fun idea!

  11. That jacket looks amazing on you ;) what scent do you like the best? I'd love to try the beach waves spray for mixing up my spring hair look ;)
    xoxo- Kaara have a fun date night!

  12. i love you phone case! where is it from? and where is the pretty floral blazer from?

  13. LOve the jacket!
    My kids do the same thing. If either my husband or I are gone for any amount of time they get really crazy. Dislike:(
    That little bust board is awesome!!! I must make that for my kids. Absolutely love it. Great idea!

  14. That floral jacket is too cute!! Happy weekend!

    xo, Courtney

  15. Thanks for the shout-out for our Gnarly Whale products, Jenna! I appreciate it! :)

  16. I'm super glad you decided to purchase that jacket. So cute!

  17. All the babies I know love the door stoppers the most :) it is a total must-have for busyboards. I love the round shape, too! Kinda like the Aviator round busy board I made for my son here:


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