April 13, 2013

Pinning Lately...

Oh heeeeeey. Not sure if anyone still reads this ol' blog of mine. I've been obviously a wee bit MIA lately. !

For today, I thought I'd share what I've been pinning lately. I've spent a lot of time on there lately, trying to get ideas for my FAMILY ROOM REDO (which should be done pretty soon - I just need to find a couple chairs, shelves & paint!

I need to find a cute chair that's under $250 (really, I'd like it to just be free :)! It's harder than I thought. Sooooo ---- if y'all have any ideas/sites/places I can go to get cute cheap chairs - I will kiss your faces off!! I need help!

I'm planning on putting some super long shelving in our Family Room. Kinda excited about it!

I'm OB-SESSED with pink lips for summer right now. That Nars color is the best. Getcha some.

 Lace shorts & me are like BFF's right now. I need them like a fat kid wants cake. ;) I want them in every color for Spring/Summer.


(with the actual links)

What are YOU pinning/loving right now? 
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  1. I really want a cute chair also! I'm on the hunt :)

  2. have you thought about garage saling for one or whatever and then reupholstering it? I saw two wingback chairs for $5 each at a garage sale recently and I totally wouldve taken them if we had a bigger car!!

  3. I'm going to be stalking this post because I'm looking for the exact same thing. We bought a new sofa and now our occasional chair doesn't match. The cutest/cheapest option I've seen is World Market's Cute As A Button Chair. Let us know what you end up with!

  4. I LOVE that yellow chair :) And I've always wanted lace shorts like those - so cute!!

  5. love the lace shorts too! have you tried thirft shop or salvation army for your chair?

  6. Hello you! Iv just got back into Pinterest lately getting some ideas for my upcoming kitchen renovation. Theres always inspiring images that take me away to my dream kitchen within minutes!

  7. I've been looking for chairs too. Here are a couple of links to cute affordable ones.


  8. Ikea just got in some REALLY cute armchairs and Im obsessed. They are about $150 and so worth it.


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