May 10, 2013

Day 10 {On Time}...Holla!

Hey, I'm on time with this one. Ohhhhh ya, baby!

Day 10: - - Most embarrassing moment. Oh sheesh.

I have plenty of these stories. If you want more, lemme know. :)

Alright, people, I'm going to take you back to a time loooong ago. A much simpler time.....
{Insert Wayne's World doodly do doodly doo music here}

8th Grade. 3rd Period. English. Scrawny little redhead (that's me) gets paired up with my hot crush of the moment (let's call him..Jake Smith) for an assignment. Jake has been my crush since day one of 8th grade. He knows my name at least, but we are definitely not on more than a "Hey" basis. Jake sits down next to me and we start talking about the assignment, which I totally blocked out what was about - because this whole moment reigns supreme. He was SITTING next to me. We were TALKING. In 8th grade, it doesn't get much better than that. 

So Jake and I have been chatting away for most of the class period. In my head I'm thinking, "Man,'ve really got it going on with him. He's laughing with you, you guys are really hitting it off!" I'm giddy with glee, nervous, but somehow managing to keep my lust for him under control. Hehe.

I start to notice he keeps looking down at the desk at my notebook. I assume he's just looking at my notes I've taken for this forgotten assignment. We continue talking, but suddenly, he's getting more quiet. Like one, two word answers. I don't get it. I'm being so ridiculously funny & charming! It's almost the end of class, and he has completely shut off. I'm seriously devastated. Thinking WHAT oh WHAT did I do to make him not like me all of a sudden?

The bell rings & we leave class. For the rest of the day, I am middle school upset. Can't eat. Can't think about A N Y T H I N G else. So, I finally tell my friend about it because she can't stand me being so sad. Being the awesome friend she is...she decided to ask him what he thought of me (because you  would NEVER ask him yourself, duh).

Guess what she found out? He told her he had thought I was really funny and cute, until...he saw my notebook. I had been doodling during class my FIRST name with HIS last name & completely forgotten about it when I got paired up with him.

So he was staring at:
Mrs. Jenna Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Jake & Jenna Smith
Mrs. Jenna Lesa Smith 

...doodled everywhere in pink jelly pen all over my notebook. Yup. I was mortified.

Pretty much I was that guy up there, wanting to hide in a corner with a bag on my head. Every time he saw me after that, he pretty much turned and ran walked the other way.

Good times, eh? Awwwww...young love. ;)

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  1. Oh goodness. There's no mortification like middle school mortification - that sticks with you forever! And that one right there - having your crush actually KNOW that you like him - oh, one of the worst.

  2. Oh man you totally took me back to middle school in this post! Haha the awkwardness of it all :)

  3. HAHAHA!!!! That is HILARIOUS. I humiliated myself so much in middle school around boys I liked. I'm right there with you.

  4. Oh gosh that is pretty hilarious! Definitely mortifying when you are in 8th grade, but great to look back on :D
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  5. Oh goodness! This is probably the best embarrassing moment post I have read all day! Priceless!! :)

  6. It's like out of a movie!! Ahhh middle school...

  7. hahaha that's amazing. i used to do the same thing with CJ's name - luckily it didn't scare him away! then again .. i'm pretty sure he never saw those doodles. gotta love middle school.


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