July 9, 2013

It's Somebodies Birthday!!

It happens to be my cute husbands birthday today!!!! He's turning the big 2-9!!
That's right, I'm 3 WHOLE weeks older than he is. Which means I'm pretty much robbing the cradle & he's basically the cub to my cougar. Hehe.

I could gush & gush all day about this hubby of mine..but I will try to only gush a little bit.

So I'm gonna do one of those uber cheesy name things where you say something nice about the person after every letter of their name. Yup. It's happening, people. Buckle up.

T is for Tall. Ok, ok, that might be silly. But really, I appreciate his tallness in SO many ways. He is 6'4 - and it's the perfect height for a girl who is 5'9. He makes me feel so little in his arms. He can reach things I can't. His tallness has come in handy MANY-O-TIMES (need a light bulb change without a ladder? Yup. He can do it). I just fit under his nook perfectly. So, ya. him being Tall is an awesome trait.

Y is for Yummy (don't gag-bear with me). Let me explain. He is always feeding my sweet tooth with yummy goodies, this one. Especially being prego. He will run his little butt off to 7-Eleven and get me whatever craving I'm just dyyying to have at the moment. I mean, I used to read stories & watch movies about guys doing it..but never did I think they ACTUALLY did that! I've got a good one.

L is for Laborious (meaning devoted to labor, diligent). It's basically just a fancy word that means hard working...ok...and that happened to start with L. He really is the hardest working guy I know. He goes to work at 6 every morning, comes home at 6 and still has time/energy to love me, play with D and help me with whatever I need done. Plus he squeezes in his workouts somewhere in there too. He is SUCH a good provider for our family, I just got super duper lucky with snagging him. Yes I did.

E is for Empathetic. Basically, he listens to me and doesn't try and give me advice unless I ask him to. Doesn't every girl hate when they are just trying to just vent to their guy, and all the guy wants to do is FIX the problem. I mean - how DARE they! ;) It's taken him a while to master, but he is REALLY good at being empathetic now. Once I vent and get my "life threatening problem" out - and has listened for an hour - he actually does have some pretty good advice. THAT'S a a good man.

R is for Really. Because I just really really really really really really really love him. Really. He is a wonderful hubby, an even more amazing Daddy, and I am SO excited to see him with this little girl - she is gonna love him just as much as I do (and have him wrapped around her little finger)!!

I hope I didn't embarrass you TOO much. But hopefully a little. 

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  1. okay I may have to steal this when Jon's next birthday rolls around! This is so cute! Y--- yummy... love it! Happy birthday to your youngster hubby ;)

  2. so sweet! i am sure he enjoyed reading this :) happy birthday to your husband!

  3. Awe this is too sweet! I adore it :) Happy Birthday to your hubby Ty..


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