October 26, 2013

15 Truths & A Lie

Remember that super awkward game, Two Truths & A Lie, that you always had to play on the first day of school, or camp...or pretty much ANY situation that was "new"? They called it an icebreaker. I called it soooo incredibly awkward.

People would always say the most basic things like, "I like cats" or "I am the oldest of 3 kids". Ummm, me? Mine were always like, "I hate guys that have mustaches" (truth), or "I have a bad habit of picking my nose when no one is around" (truth). ;)

So, I thought I'd revert us all back to those childhood days, and make you do it with me! Except I'm doing 15 Truths & a lie. Just because I can.

Lets see if you can figure out which is the lie. 

1. I hate coffee & think it's the most vile thing on Earth.
2. I love Karaoke, but I'm too scared too do it anymore.
3. I have 6 binders full of poems I've written over the years.
4. I've gotten only ONE thing waxed in my entire life. And it sucked.
5. I used to work in Life Insurance.
6. My favorite salty snack is Salt & Vinegar Chips.
7. I competed in child beauty pageants.
8. I have a mole that changes color. Some call it my "mood mole."
9. I have never skydived, but I want to someday.
10. I've never been farther East than Florida.
11. I love to go on drives by myself & see where I end up.
12. I love playing practical jokes on people.
13. I am pretty fluent in American Sign Language.
14. I love my tiny boobies. :)
15. I love camping, hiking & anything outdoors-y.

Whaddya think? Can you spot the lie? Now it's YOUR TURN! Leave me a couple truths & a lie, and I'll see if I can spot yours!! :) Come on..you know you wanna!


Annaleigh C.! 
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I'll email you today! CONGRATS, girlie!!
THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT ENTERED! I loved reading what your favorite posts have been over these last two years. Y'all are the BEST!

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  1. hahaha small boobies for the win ;)

    I'm gonna guess that you'd never want to skydive...

  2. I'm going to say you love your small boobies. lol, only because I know a few ladies with small boobs and they hate them!

  3. you've got me pretty stumped on the lie.... your such a little sneaker it's hard to tell! ha But if I had to guess I would say #11...I could say you like drives but I don't think you like to do it alone ;) OR that you have a color changing mole ;)
    ps - did you know I used to be fluent in ASL... not so much anymore.

  4. I'm going to hope #1 is a lie ;D ha ha!
    I used to be fluent in American Sign Language too, but I am pretty rusty now.

  5. I'm gonna guess the Karaoke is the lie. I cannot picture you being scared to do it anymore. You would rock at Karaoke! Such a funny list. Girl you crack me up! And as requested here are my two truths and a lie:
    1. I used to pretend I was singing Italian operas when I was a teenager even though I didn't know a single Italian word.
    2. I once dressed up as a homeless person and brought an orange into a grocery store asking if I could exchange it for an apple.
    3. I love plain Greek yogurt and ketchup together. Yummmm!!! So delicious!
    Good luck! :)


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