October 28, 2011

Fashion Fix Friday!

About three times a week. Yup that's about right. Three measly times a week is how many times I actually get "ready" for the day. I'm talking about getting ready in the sense that I go to my closet, look at what I have, and attempt to put an outfit together. Most days I am lucky if I can shower, throw on a random shirt & jeans and maybe an accessory or two. The life of this wife is not that glamorous anymore, my friends (well it wasn't all that glamorous before either). However, I do have an unending love for fashion. I am always perusing blogs and looking through the latest Lucky or Elle magazines when I get a chance. I like to think I have a pretty good style formed for myself. 

So, when I do get up and get ready, I always think to myself, man I should take a picture of this, to remember this 1/3 times that I got ready this week. Does anyone else feel like that or is it just me? Because, really, how many more times am I going to think to myself..man I look pretty darn decent today?

So, in honor of my second time this week of getting full on "READY," I decided to do an impromptu silly photo shoot (with my sister being the impromptu photog). Laugh if you must, but it just made me feel better to do a couple of fun poses. They are funny, yes. They aren't professional, no. But they are quite the memory to put in my fashion files :) I encourage you to do the same..it is quite fun!

 Sweater: Forever21//Striped Shirt: Urban Outfitters//Scarf: Forever21//
Jeans: Hollister//Belt: JCrew//Shoes: Nordstrom
This is how I really am most of the time..a BIG DORK! It's way more fun :)

Have a Fantastic & Spooky Halloween weekend!

The Wife

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  1. You are definitely a "fall" in those fall leaves.
    Cute pictures! Whose yard is that???!!!


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