December 16, 2011

Popcorn Popping!

Have I mentioned how I love this time of year? I recently talked about some of my favorite traditions. I realized the next day that I forgot a HUGE one that I love. How dare I?! It Mom's famous Rocky Road Popcorn, of course! She gives it out every year to all of our friends and family, much to their delight. It is amazingly delicious..and verrrry addicting! It really has taken her years to perfect the recipe into what it is today and it is NOT an easy thing to make. 

I wish I could say this was a recipe post, where I give you all the recipe; you go out and get all the ingredients and try to replicate it, but alas, it is not. Hey now, now, calm down. Even if I did give you the recipe, there is no way you could duplicate it. I could never duplicate it exactly the way she makes it, it just isn't possible. This recipe is my Mom's pride and joy, and she would never let me give it away. Hey, don't get mad at me...maybe you are one of the lucky ones who gets some this year (if you are my neighbor).

We did have fun documenting the process though. I never realized how much work..and chocolate..go into making this! My mom is amazing in the kitchen! Growing up, she was always known as Martha Stewart. She can whip up anything you ask her to, and would do it gladly. I never had to learn how to cook until I got married and discovered my Hubby wouldn't be satisfied with Mac&Cheese forever. Boo. It was only then, that I discovered how much work it takes to make GOOD FOOD! Once you get a recipe down pat, you kind of want to keep it for yourself. I would be doing her a disservice if I just gave out all of her secrets!

However, I will give you some clues as to how she makes it. This year, my sister and I decided to learn how to do it with her, so that one day, we might be able to duplicate it for our families & friends. It was a ton of work..but the end result is DE-licious and well worth it!

I guess this is more of a you-can-try-to-guess-how-to-make-Lesa's-Famous-Rocky-Road-Popcorn-post. Ha. Sorry,  peeps.

Maybe, just maybe, you will try and make some..let me know if you do! I would love to taste some :)

Happy Popcorn-making!

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  1. I might just do that.. except we need the recipe. I have no idea how to make Carmel :)

  2. I wish I was your neighbor! *wink*

  3. Yumi!!
    Love your blog it's fav i follow you XO

  4. I so want to try this! Is it hard? It looks delish!!

  5. @Jam, Rio, Bri, Rissa
    Hi! Yes it's pretty time consuming, but if you do try is well worth it! And thanks for following :) You girls are cute!

  6. Oh my god, I must have that popcorn <3 Looks FANTASTIC!


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