January 16, 2012

Happiness Inducers

I'm announcing the winner of the Thrifty & Fabulous Giveaway at the bottom of the post, so if you're just here to read that (ha..hopefully not) scroll down.

Hey! Are you still with me? :)

I'm feeling a little off today. Maybe it's the crummy weather, or the quiet lull after all the Holiday Hubbub, but I'm just not feeling myself. I am having to say, "SNAP OUT OF IT, JENNA!" Whenever I get in a weird funk like this, there are a couple of fail-safe ways I get myself back to normal! I would assume we all have some, right?

Numero Uno: Taking a long, hot bath while reading a good book (if my hubby will watch my babe in the meantime)! My current read: The Happiness Project (ironic, no?). If you haven't heard of it, go check it out! I love it so far..it makes me really want to stop and appreciate the little things in life (which is my goal this year)!

Numero Dos: Putting on some tunes and having a dance party in my living room (with my baby in my arms). There is something about dancing just for the fun of it that makes me feel like a kid. Especially when my baby is giggling and smiling up at me (probably thinking I look crazy, but still).

What songs are on my Ipod right now (that get me in the mood to dance):

  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Marvin Gaye)
  • Fire Burning (Sean Kingston)
  • Little Lion Man (Mumford & Sons)
  • Lots of Lady Gaga :)
  • Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz)
  • Forget You (Cee-Lo)
Numero Tres: Online "Wish" Shopping. Ok, I might be the only one that does this. I go to my favorite stores online (J.Crew, Ruche, Nordstrom) and just put everything I want in my cart like I actually have the money to buy it. I obviously know I can't buy ALL of it, but it's fake retail therapy for me. You would think it would depress me even more, but it has the opposite effect. When I'm done "carting" all the things I want, I think to myself, I don't actually need all this stuff...and I feel content with what I have. Weird, I know. 

What's currently in my "cart:" 

*I might actually BUY this one. I mean, it's called the "Jenna Bracelet" for pete's sake!

Numero Cuatro: Doing anything creative. My favorite loves include painting, drawing, and recently, I have started making jewelry. I don't know how I got into it, I just decided..hey I could make that $100 bracelet!

What do you think? Like it? I am kind of in love with them!!

Numero Cinco: Do something NICE for someone ELSE. When I'm getting down about something or in a bad mood, it's usually because I'm focusing too much on myself. So today, I wrote a note to one of my sweet friend, sent it in the mail, and hope it gives her a little joy today.

*PS I LOOOOOVED reading all the nice things you have done for other people on the Giveaway post. LOVED it!!

What do YOU do to give yourself a little "Happiness Shot" (I'm not talking about druggies here, people, so relax)?

DRUM ROLL.....................
The Winner of the Thrift & Fabulous Giveaway is.......

Britney @ The Twenty-Something Wife! Congrats Brit!! (EMAIL ME TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE, DARLING!)
**And SORRY..but I deleted the Random.Org Widget on accident! You'll just have to trust me :)

Love you all! Get HAPPY TODAY WILL YA!?

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  1. Love your shopping cart, like all of it!

    I'll have to check out that book it looks awesome. I'm reading Bood 3 of Hunger Games right now.


  2. I love to put things in a shopping cart on anthropologie.com and pretend I'm going to buy it all. It's a good way to pass by the Monday blues!

  3. Awww that is so nice!!!!!! :)
    good tips to have a good day ♥

    you started making jewelry how fun!
    where you buying the stuff?

    Melina ♥

  4. I love your list! And dude, that's a killer bracelet...you should be selling those.

  5. Cute bracelet that you made! And love that you wrote a letter...it's a lost art in my mind!

  6. Jcrew is a wallet killer. Love all of the stuff in your cart! Lately I craft to get my happiness shot :) Or if I'm being lazy I watch one of my reality shows haha

  7. I do the same thing with the shopping cart!!~

  8. I'm so excited :) & I love the braclet that you made its gorgeous!

  9. I love this entire post, but my favorite is number five. It is such a sweet idea! I am definitely going to try it.

  10. What do I do to get happy...hmm...

    My bad day cure-all:

    Step 1: Light Bath and Body Works candle (I'm a candle junkie, no lie)

    Step 2: Brew pot of blonde roast coffee from Starbucks

    Step 3: Netflix stream something with Cary Grant in it.

    Step 4: Commence warm-puppy-cuddling.

  11. hey lovely jenna.

    that stripped shirt is a fav. so adorable.


  12. Such a great "happy list"! I agree with all of it! :) Doing something nice for someone else is so rewarding and spontaneous dance parties are my favorite!

  13. Those bracelets are super cute! I can't believe you made them! Etsy shop!!! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I love online wish shopping too. Even though I know I'm not going to buy anything it is just fun and relaxing for me to look!


  15. That bracelet is beautiful! I think we might need a tutorial. Or an option to buy. Or cart it :-)

  16. The peach j crew striped shirt is in my cart right now too! NEED it. Great minds think alike!

  17. I love little lion man by mumford and sons


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