March 15, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays!

Hi All! This week has been crazy crazy busy, so I'm kind of glad I can do this post today. For some reason it helps me reflect a little and take the time to stop and think. Which is always good when your world is filled with GO's and DO's and MUST's! Right? :)

The Last Thing I......

"You Are My Sunshine" to my little baby. No matter if he is crying, wailing, or having a hissy fit - for some reason, this song just SNAPS him out of it!

Happy Boy!
Scrambled Eggs for breakfast this morning. Mmmm yummy!

My love of STRIPES & BRIGHT COLORS combined into one? Uh..yes please!

Watched on TV:
FACE/OFF. Have you seen this yet? I'm makeup obsessed (as you well know) so this show is fantastically delightful for me. It's CRAZY what they can do with makeup!!

Bought & Loved:
Did I tell you I'm obsessed with ELF Cosmetics? I mean, the prices are ridiculously low ($1-$10). AND the quality is pretty dang good for the price!!

This complexion brush is my newest purchase--and it blends my makeup/powder flawlessly. Love!
Find Elf Cosmetics HERE

Bought & Hated: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Damage Daily Moisturizer. I was super excited about this (it promises to do A LOT of stuff), but I couldn't take the greasy formula and then SIX weeks later to STILL not notice a difference? Nope. No thanks.
Wished I Had the Money To Buy: 
The most gorgeous ruffle-y cardi from Anthropologie. Alas, I am going to have to save up/have a birthday/have a holiday come up real quick to get this one! 

Laughed At:
My husband squirting baby food Squash Mush into his mouth on accident. Oh how I laughed!!
How does the babe EAT that stuff? :) 


THIS POST by Jess of Two Smuppies about sleeping positions with her hubby. I laughed so hard I just HAD to ADD this in! :) 

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  1. that yellow striped bag is amazing!!!
    and so is that anthropologie cardi!
    xx jes

  2. I loved all of those (except for the "Bought and Hated," of course)!

  3. Soooo I couldn't help but notice the two references to the nasty baby food. Well, if you are up for should go to Amazon and purchase So Easy Baby Food. I made all of Kallie's baby food and with this book, it makes it sooooo easy. I loved it, it was yummy, she loved it and I wasn't afraid to eat it. I did buy her meats out of a jar. Meat and I are not super great friends and I am not too keen on pureeing it. Yuck. Anyway, it is inexpensive and really is EASY! I have loaned it to several of my friends and family and they all love it too.

  4. oh, and with Kallie, the song that always made her smile was "Singing in the rain" love it!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eww...I hate a bad moisturizer. Sorry you had to go through that :-)

    Davis is so adorable. He loves his mama's voice.

    That cardigan is amazing. You HAVE to save and get it!!

    I'll be linking back up with you soon!!

  6. I love that bag!

    And that song is so special to me and the husband he used to sing it to me and write it on notes during our year apart--it brings a lump to my throat just thinking about it :)

  7. What is it about singing right? My boy requires either of these: The Itsy Bitsy Spider or If You're Happy and You Know It!

  8. Ugh - I tried one of Garnier's spot reducer's {I thought I could get rid of my freckles! ha!} It did nothing :P I Looooove that cardigan :)

    Now I need to do my post so I can link up!

  9. Love the Anthropologie cardigan. So cute!!!

  10. I am going to join all the other commenters and say I love that bag and cardi-great taste. Ps-your baby is adorable!

  11. Great Post! and I Love Jes-'s post too! haha! The striped bag is amazing! Xo


  12. love this post! i need to remember to do this next week so i can link up :)

  13. pretty bag, ADORABLE baby, and hilarious husband story. i had to share with my hubs over here since we have a little one due in june, and frankly i can see this happening to him, haha :)

  14. Cute little Sunshine!! :)

    I love the bag!

    I can easily imagine 'the-baby-food-accident'. :)


    This post about sleeping positions - I'm still laughing. :)

  15. Oh man, I just love your little one! I think him and my baby girl will NEED to meet and be soulmates :)


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