April 17, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Day

Who remembers the "Choose Your Adventure" books? 
As a kid, those were my favorite books ever (well, those and The Sweet Valley Twins Series)!!
You got to pick your own path and make your OWN story. 

I mean, for me, this was just amazing-especially since I always wanted to be a writer. It would say something like "If you want Peter to go through the Cave of Darkness, turn to Page 77." I always PEEKED at where that adventure would take me (shhhhh..don't tell)...and if it said THE END, or the character was going to die, I would choose the other path. 

Ha, I know..I was quite the daredevil. 
One of my favorites 
Why am I telling you all this? Well, today, it's a "Choose Your Own Adventure" day. I'm in 3 places at once today (how nice would THAT be if it were reality)! It's a little self-promotion, ok...so sue me! :)

Adventure 1 - Head over to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot where I'm talking about our Hawaii Honeymoon.

Adventure 2 - Go to The Hollie Rogue and check out my must-have products for Spring/Summer (High & Low edition)

Adventure 3 - Check out my little snippet on Pocket Change's Best of the Web--where I was featured!  Yay!!! I LOVE this website--it is CHOCK FULL of awesome information about EVERYTHING!!!

Or.....peek at all 3 (like I do) and have ALL THE ADVENTURES you want! ;)
If you don't know about these books, then all this was lost on you, and I probably 
just confused the heck out of you--oh well, it's your loss (I kid, I kid). 

Jenna, The Wife

P.S. The next post will be "The Last Thing Thursdays" so GET THOSE POSTS ready to LINK-UP!! 
I love reading all of your posts each week!! You guy are SO CLEVER!! 
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  1. LOVE this!! I used to love those books!

    I, too, would peek at all of the options...

  2. Wow! You are popular today missy :)

    I picked adventure one and went to see you honeymoooooon. I love Hawaii and it looks like you had a total blast. I'm ready for another honeymoon lol!

  3. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books! I always had my hand all twisted up from holding all the places I needed to go back to as I cheat/followed a possibility...

  4. Those were the best books! Love the spring/summer must haves!

  5. thats so awesome look at you go! please say you registered for breathing space??

  6. I loveeee how you presented this!
    It's so funny because my friends & I were reminiscing about these kind of books on Sunday night! :)

    Going to check you out girrrrl!


  7. Oh my gosh i totally forgot about those books until now!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED them! I don't know how I forgot! Hehe!

  8. Ok, I definitely have never heard of the Choose your own adventure books, BUT I did love Sweet Valley High!

  9. I forgot about those books. Not gonna lie, I kind of want to go buy one now. 30 year olds can still choose their own adventures right? Ha!

  10. AHHHHH! I loved those books when I was little, what a great throw back!

    Sarah & Kristina

  11. Ha! Sweet valley high!! Loved those!!

  12. You mean you CAN'T be in three places at once?


    I hope you're having a great week, J!

  13. I feel I missed out not having these books--the downside of living in England ;)

  14. LOVED those books!!! you are the cutest!!


  15. i loved those books.

    my gosh, you're friggin everywhere. you're exploding and i don't think i can handle it. woa, woa, woa.

    j/k. (go girl!)

  16. Your blog is so amazing Wow, what a colourful, beautiful, stylish book here!


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