May 3, 2012

The Girl Behind The Blog!

Happy Dance!!! The day is here! Ashley & I are BEYOND excited to see all of your VLOGS!!
I'm completely FLATTERED & consider myself LUCKY to be a part of Ashley's amazing series!
Three cheers for Ashley! :)

I can't wait to hear what your beauty MUST-HAVES are!!
 As you know, I may or may not have SLIGHT hoarding obsession tendencies with beauty products. 
This is only furthering my obsession, people. here we go...

Now it's YOUR TURN to link up to your vlogs below! Grab a Button, and be sure to go and say hi to all the other awesome beauty-obsessed chicas as well! 
The Life of the Wife
<div align="center"><a href="" title="The Life of the Wife"><img src="" alt="The Life of the Wife" style="border:none;" /></a></div> card please? I've got some shopping to do! :)
Jenna, The Wife
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  1. MMk. You're such a doll, and I am for shoo ore (sure) trying that mascara cause your lashes look sick!

  2. Omg just found your blog and LOVE this link up! Definitely going to record a vlog over the weekend to link up! I'm a bit of a beauty hoarder as well so I'm definitely going to follow you and would love it if you'd follow me back too! And I LOVE dry shampoo. I think its a must for all mothers. Lol.

  3. Girl you are so stinkin cute! I just bought that Suave dry shampoo this week and oh snap. It's miraculous. thanks for hosting, Jenna!!

  4. You've got to be the CUTEST thing ever!! I absolutely love the Suave dry shampoo- seriously- best $3 I've ever spent! I love how you and Ashley have joined everyone together for this awesome, awesome link up!

  5. You are too freakin cute! I just discovered dry shampoo and it might change my life. I'll have to find the Suave stuff...not sure if that brand is available in Oz, but I probably won't be buying much of anything until we're stateside again. Excited to try it though :) :)

    Thanks for co-hosting the link-up. You know I love you girls!

  6. Hey Jenna :)

    I'm a new follower/reader and honestly forget how I even stumbled across your blog! But obviously thought you were funny and fashionable and had to add you to my reeder! Love your blog :)


  7. LOVE getting to meet you like this! You are adorable!! I might try the liquid liner. I've been wanting to for a while. I hate the creasing. =(
    Anyways... Yay!!
    Love these vlogs.

  8. jenna!!! i was smiling the entire time. you are sooo cute! i love your little sing songy thing you do =)
    also, i love that you mentioned suave dry shampoo. i had no idea they had that. i actually mentioned how i HAVE to buy suave (cost savy)... and i always thought dry shampoo was more expensive.. seriously i want some, because sometimes is shower simply because my hair looks greasy =) not because i smell horribly. thanks girl =)
    and thanks for hosting =)

  9. I have officially fallen in love with your blog.. anyone who openly admits that motherhood means bi-weekly, instead of daily, showers is good people in my book! Thanks for this link up, I am not a "beauty nazi" and still had a lot of fun!!

  10. "But... he's just going to have to deal with it... Shhh!" BAHAHAHA! I hope he doesn't read your blog daily. ;-)

    You are awesome, Jenna, and I'm so excited that you were Ashley-s co-host this month! Both of you are simply WOOONDERFUL to me!

    Happy Friday, dear!

    P.S. Skype or Google Hangout with Jamie, Kim, and Fran soon? Yes, please.

  11. I just started using the Suave dry shampoo last week AND OH MY GOSH!
    Best stuff ever made EVER!
    It does wonders for me :)

    You're so cute!

    Happy Friday, Jenna!

  12. love your tips! suave is awesome!

  13. Oh my goodness, you are too cute! I might have to try the Suave dry shampoo. I bought expensive Kenra dry shampoo and I'm not really liking it!

    I took your previous advice on BB Cream and I LOVE it!

  14. I do love the dry shampoo! I got it free a few months ago with a coupon and it's wonderful. Altho, the smell of the Sauve dry shampoo is a little strong for me. I might have to try another brand? Thanks for hosting!!

  15. I'm in I'll have to give Suave dry shamppoo a go... it would be nice to save from hair products. SO glad I found your amazing blog through Asheley's blog. I'm your new follower! :)

  16. haha I loved your vlog, especially the hand motions! I do love this series because I feel like I get to know you (and the others) more and more each time! Great tips :)

  17. Ugh, I wish I had the hand stability to put on liquid liner. :) It looks like a dotted jagged line when I try. You rock, thanks for the link up :)
    -Megan @

  18. Thanks for hosting this! It's fun to see you "in person" :) Seriously going to go out and buy some dry shampoo. Why I have not done this before, I do not know...but you have convinced me! And you are so pretty!

  19. I could have done this exact same vlog!! Obsessed with the dry shampoo (got the girls hooked on it at Snap!)and the They're Real mascara is amazing!! miss you and love you!

  20. my favorite part of this video has nothing to do with beauty products..

    "i'm a new mom, and sometimes i don't shower...shockerrrrr"

    i. die.

    i have a love/hate relationship w/ mascara, too. why can't eyelashes just be perfect all.the.time?!

  21. This was such a great link-up! I definitely agree with you on how great the Suave dry shampoo is! It is the greatest life saver invented. And I am going to have to try the Benefit mascara because a lot of people have said that it works wonders and may just be worth the investment haha.

  22. HAHAHA gosh I love you. I seriously laughed the whole way through. Love that you sung half of your words. You're my fav :-)

  23. hey this was so fun! love vlogs. i definitely want to try that mascara, you convinced me :)

  24. I think I have told you this before - but you remind me so much of Isla Fisher!

    OK so I bought some dry shampoo from my hairdresser - but I need to dry this Sauve version. I wonder if it's marketed in Canada?! I now have a mission.

    Thanks for co-hosting this link up - it was a really great way to step out of my comfort zone.

  25. This is awesome!!!! I'm definitely going to be going out and getting that dry shampoo... like today! Because, you're right... the showering/ hair washing thing is sort of a luxury these days :)

  26. You are so cute~! I'm also a dry shampoo lover, my hair would be so sad without it some days!

  27. shhhh he'll just have to deal with it. exactly ha!

    I LOVE DRY SHAMPOO!!! I haven't tried suave yet so that's getting put on the top of the shopping list.

    by the way: i love your guts! in case you didn't know.

  28. Now I have to try that mascara! I'm also a try-every-new-kind-of-mascara-that-hits-the-market kind of girl, and Falsies has been the first mascara that I've actually bought more than one tube of! So if that was your fave before the Benefit kind, I know I'll love Benefit! Thanks for the tip!

    Will be posting my vlog soon! :) What a fun idea!

  29. Jenna, you are hilarious and beautiful! =) Thanks so muc for co-hosting this link up! =) I am DEFINIATLEY going to have to try that dry shampoo. One of my close, non-blogging friends has been trying to convince me to use dry shampoo for awhile now. So fine...I'll go get some! =) Thanks again!
    Alesha <3

  30. suave shampoo! only the BEST stuff ever. there's no better dry shampoo out there! and i totally put falsies in mine, too. it's KILLER! love it!

    found you through this link up. YAYYYYY!

  31. I just love this. I seriously can't even believe how alike we are. Haha. I am DEFINITELY going to try that liner though. The one I use is good, but still starts coming off by the end of the day. So thanks!

    - Katelyn

  32. Must. Try. Benefit. Mascara. I'm a falsies girl. Since you are too (and your lashes look awesome in your video), I trust your take on Benefit. Oh Sephora...

  33. I LOVED your vlog!!! Need to get and try all of those!!! I've heard that the dry shampoo is awesome! Does it smell good? I need to buy that mascara and eyeliner too!! :) Happy early mothers day!! LOVE all the pics in your most recent post! :)


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