July 3, 2012

Bear Lake Weekend

 Does anyone want to come over to my house and do my laundry? That'd be great. Thanks!!
I always hate the UNPACKING from the vacation. Ohhhh Laundry Fairy -- where are you? 

Laundry aside..this weekend was PERFECTO!

This weekend we headed up to our family's little cabin up at Bear Lake. It was VERY needed and VERY fun! I wish we could have stayed longer! Our whole immediate family got to come up (except for my bro who is in South America) so it really was such a special weekend.

Some of these pics are from my phone - so they aren't the best  quality..sorry :)
ROADTRIP (with Baby D & Sister in tow)!
STRIPES! STRIPES! And my NEON BOW CLUTCH from Rags to Stitches of course!
Davis had SO MUCH FUN on the boat (except when we had to put his lifejacket on)!
Ty wakeboarded--and is a PRO! Loved seeing him do that!
Davis got a little spoiled with everyone carrying him/vying for his attention :)
The water was GLASS!! I mean..come on!! That NEVER happens!

 I seriously love just being on the boat with my family.
 Isn't my Dad handsome driving the boat? 
D fell asleep -- even DURING the chaos that was about to ensue. 
Just lounging on the boat, watching Clark wakeboard. Until....he hit a wave really hard and thought he popped his KNEE OUT! Yikes. It was so scary! Ty, and my sister drove him to the nearest Doc and they found out he just tore his meniscus (which isn't as bad)..so he's on crutches for a while. 
 I felt so bad for him!!  Poor Clarky!
 I L-O-V-E riding the 4-Wheelers! I took a little jaunt by myself and it was so relaxing!
 Ty & I got to take a little sunset bike ride together -- I love that guy. 
(I made him take endless pictures of him squinting into the sun - what a trooper)!
The Nightly Walks with my Mom & Sisters cracked me up. Power Walking RULES! ;)

Davis seriously had so much fun...I don't think he would've wanted to leave
 (if he would have had a choice)!! 

I can't WAIT until we get to go again!! 


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  1. What a fun weekend!! Baby looks so happy in all of these pictures.

  2. Looks like u guys had a blast!!!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Holy smokes. Waterskiing, 4-wheeling, and biking? Oh, and we mustn't forget the power walking! ;-)

    I hope you enjoy the Fourth tomorrow!

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Love the pictures!

  5. what a great weekend!! I love weekends at the lake.. they are always so relaxing just to see water.. & i agree. where is the laundry fairy? if he shows up to your house, when he is done, can u send him my way??
    Happy Tuesday!!

  6. HAH stripes. I love it :) and I pre-wrote tomorrows post and signed off the EXACT SAME way as you. Except I didn't write "Tomorrow". You'll see. love ya!

  7. awww looks like fun! You have such a cute family! That smooth water looks amazing. It's NEVER that smooth at our lake unless we go super early in the AM or stay late at night.

  8. Looks like a fun weekend :) So happy to see little man having fun - he's adorable! ps, when you find the fairy's #, can you let me know? thanks heehee

  9. omg i love your little man in the life jacket haha! too cute!! happy 4th :))

  10. looks like such an awesome weekend!! and i love the stripey clutch. I wanna get me one!! :)

  11. look at the baby face! He is so cute in the life jacket!

  12. Owww you look so pretty when you're asleep :)
    Looks like you had a fantastic time that water looks beautiful!

  13. aw love all of these pictures!!!!! btw i miss you and your pretty face. promise me we will meet again!?

  14. Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I actually think the phone pics are kinda cool, they have some character to them, which I love! It looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  15. you and your sisters look so similar!

    sounds like you had an awesome weekend :)

  16. What a fabulous weekend! This make me want to find a lake to visit!

  17. Jenna! I haven't met you, but I'm friends with Taryn. I lived with her last fall :) Love all these pictures and love your blog, so glad I stumbled across it!

  18. I am SOOOO jealous that you have a cabin at Bear Lake...I plan to one day. I can't wait to go up for Raspberry Days!!!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  19. looks like an awesome trip, girl!!!!! so glad you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. That looks like such an awesome time! It's been forever since I tubed or water skied. Never tried wakeboarding. Hope you had a great 4th :)

  21. After vacation laundry is the WORST. Looks like an amazing time though, I'm sure it was worth it :)

  22. such fun photos!! looks like y'all had a blast.
    and thanks for reminding me about all the laundry for me to do..... ugh.

  23. haha! how is it that we end up in the same places and don't even live near each other!! We were at bear lake last weekend too! :)

  24. Such an amazing and fun photos! You and your sister look alike, I miss my older sister ( she lives in Europe):(


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