July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites!

 I was shocked this morning when I woke up and started reading through my bloglist. 
Everyone kept saying it was FRIDAY when clearly, it's Tuesday, people. 
{Ok, so this middle-of-the-week Holiday might have thrown me off a bit}

Here are some of my FRIDAY FAVORITES...cause apparently it IS Friday. Go figure.
You all know my obsession with Revlon Lip Butters. Well....I think this one MIGHT have just taken over (for now). The Balm Stains are glossy, not drying and it STAYS PUT!! Swoooooon!

This Anchor Shirt from J-Crew is seriously so dang cute. It's in my basket as we speak!! 

Your search for the PERFECT self-tanner is over, my friends.  Xen-Tan is where it's at!
 You know how me and my pasty white skin do NOT get along, right? 
This is such a great tanner. Doesn't smell horrible, goes on smooth and even and doesn't look FAKE!
I know everyone LOVES the Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray (and I used to too)...but this is KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray is WAY better. It actually makes my hair have waves, 
FULL-ON BEACHY WAVES (in other words - it DOES what it says it will do)!

Oh what great time-wasters these are. I love them because:
MADEWELL--great for simple pieces that you'll have forever!
WISTERIA - Gorgeous furniture/home accessories (although usually I have to wait for sales)
LYLIF-- Has the GREATEST accessories! 
FOREVER 21--Well, I mean...lately, I would say 50% of the clothes I buy are from here. 

Linking up with The Bargain Blonde today -- come join in the fun!

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  1. Oooh those Lip Stains look fun, I'm going to have to try those out :) Also that Beachy Spray, I recently decided to embrace my waves again for Summer because I hate getting so hot when using the blow dryer! Thanks for the great tips lady! Happy Friday!

  2. I've been so afraid of trying a lip stain because they are so drying but I may have to give these a try!

  3. love love love the revlon balm stains! so worth the price :] have a great weekend!


  4. I want every single product you have listed here!
    EVERY SINGLE ONE! Why yes, I may or may not be a shopping addict!

    With Love,Caitlyn

  5. The lip stain and wave spray have me intrigued!! I must try them!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I need something for my lips! This Balm staines look incredible.

  7. I'm going to have to try this KMS hair play!

  8. I am definitely going to have to try out that self tanner!

  9. Clearly, it's Tuesday...haha. A holiday on a Wednesday was very odd.

  10. I know all about wasting time at those kind of websites! :) Where do I find some of that self-tanner?

  11. Oh man! I am going to have to try that sea salt spray. I've gone on a blow dryer/straightner ban, it's too hot!!

  12. I will definitely have to try that Revlon Lip Butter. I am a lip product fanatic {or hoarder). Found you via Friday Favorites link up!

  13. i want that shirt!! if i lose 20 lbs maybe i'll treat myself lol. & i'm so with you about it clearly being tuesday haha - i had to keep reminding myself ALL day that it wasn't.

    i kinda need to learn how to apply all these awesome lip things you share!

  14. Found you from Friday Favorites link up. Cute blog. I'm in serious need of a great self tanner!

  15. I love those Revlon lip colors! I need to try that hair play product!!

  16. My mom showed me those REVLON lipsticks the other day....I can't wait to try them AND I lost my signature lipstick over the 4th so perfect timing! Have a great weekend! :)

  17. I absolutely love your blog! I need to try those Revlon Lipsticks, they sound fantastic!

    I'm a new follower :)


  18. The Wednesday holiday totally threw me off too! I had a day off work and thought it was Sunday all day....

    Gotta try that self-tanner! I'm all for trying something that doesn't smell bad.

  19. I love the lip stain! So cute like a crayon!! :) And the holiday right smack dab in the middle of the week made me feel like Thursday was Monday! eek! ;) Okay, question, the beachy waves stuff...is your hair straight (naturally) or does it have some natural waves to it already? Cause my hair is stick straight naturally and I'd love to find something that would help it hold a wave of some sort.

  20. Love how you put this together!! It's so easy to read through and I now want it ALL! Like legit I will be getting it all and I'm off to see those sites.

    Have a great week! Thanks for linking up! XOXO

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