July 9, 2012

Our World Market Backyard-BBQ-Birthday-Bash!

 Today is my amazing, funny, sweet hubby's Birthday!!!! He finally joined me and turned the BIG 2-8
(Ok, so I'm only ONE month older than him, but I always like to rub it in that I'm smarter than he is - cause I was born one WHOLE month before him, duh.)

Last night we had a little family celebratory birthday bash in his honor. 
You might have seen my Instagram post the other day {where I spent 2 entire hours shopping} at one of my favorite places ever - World Market. Ok, please tell me you love that place like I do? I shop there on a pretty regular basis, and I ALWAYS find something new that I've never seen before
 (and that I MUST HAVE)!

I seriously got SO MANY cute things for our little party. I couldn't decide what to get (which is probably why I spent over 2 hours in there) because I wanted it ALL!
I got some ADORABLE Chalk Labels, AMAZING Pillows and my favorite thing ever-
the yellow IKAT tray! How cute is that?! 

They had the cutest Candle Holders there...and OMG I was seriously DYING over the Pineapple Candles. They smell like heaven in a candle. I might have made EVERY person at Ty's party smell them! :)
The fun umbrella straws were a HIT - everyone kept saying they made their drinks
(the Blood Orange Soda is delish too) feel fruitier! :)

Description of Photo
I HAVE to mention the rug I got there - because I'm obsessed with it - and it was only $20. I mean, really?! How great is that!? I think the decor totally made the party more fun!

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I'm loving the Yellow Ikat Lights too - they added such a fun touch! And at night..they made my patio feel like a little Oasis in the City!
Ty's "trick sparkler candles" didn't really work (boo hoo)--he blew it out like a champ!
My Mom makes the most amazing cupcakes ever!!
We played games, ate & really made lots of memories (as cheesy as that is).

D had SO MUCH FUN splashing in the pool with Grandpa!
We stripped him down later, but then he wanted nothing to do with it. Kids. ;)

I love you SO DANG MUCHO! 
Can't wait to celebrate with you 
tonight and get our date night on!! 

Oh, and JUST for shopping and spending over $20 buckaroonies (how EASY is that?!), I got 15% off my next SouthWest flight! I MAY or MAY NOT BE using to fly to Indianapolis in October! WAHOO!

Did you know World Market has an AMAZING Summer Sweepstakes going on right now?
I already entered, because I REALLY want to win a free trip anywhere!! I mean, who wouldn't?
Visit WM Facebook Page HERE for more info!
Or follow them on Twitter HERE to get the latest deals/steals/amazing promos!
This post has been compensated by Cost Plus World Market - but all opinions are my own 
(cause for real, for REAL I love this place!)

Happy Shopping, People!!

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  1. World Market is awesome, awesome, awesome! It's one of the best places to buy gifts. Always something different on the shelves.

    Great job with the party planning!

  2. Love it!! Love the anchor pillow & that rug is adorable!!!
    great job.

    Happy Monday

  3. I LOVEEEEE World Market. I can get in so much trouble in that store.

  4. I love World Market! Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  5. World Market is seriously the greatest place in the entire world! Love it!

  6. I seriously want to steal that rug from under your table, it is too freaking cute and $20?!

  7. Omg, this decor is freaking adorable!!! Where is there a World Market nearby??

  8. World Market is a cool place to shop. Always find different things you wont find anywhere else. Happy Birthday to you husband. It is also my birthday today.

  9. Your party looks SO awesome, you did a wonderful job with the decor :-)

  10. I'm coming over and we're going to do a re-do of this party because I am obsessed with World Market.
    All the candy? I could just die.

  11. How cute are you!?! What a sweet wife to do all this for your hubby! I love how you decorated...I haven't been to WM in forever, but this makes me want to go!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  12. I am exactly one month older and wiser than my hubs too. He likes to joke that he's more youthful and I'm an old lady (which I'm sure I'll appreciate less when I'm 30/40+). Everything was way cute but not too girly. I struggle with that so I'm taking notes.

  13. Yes, I am obsessed with that place, too! I click through their website probably on a weekly basis. I love the whole Bali collection they had. sigh...If only I were rich! And I LOVE that blood orange soda, too. :)
    Super cute party!

  14. I'm crazy about that anchor pillow!

  15. You are a girl after my own heart. I die for world market. I could spend 2 hours in there too!

  16. love all of this...turned out adorable! and this may sound so silly, but I love your fence...haha.

  17. looks like a wonderful soiree!!! all of the details pulled together so perfectly. and how come there isn't a world market in CT?!

    dela chic

  18. I love how awesome the party turned out!!! Love World Market!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!! xoxo

  19. Shut up Jenna, you're blog is looking amazing!! I haven't stopped by in a while and I'm SO glad that I did. I can't wait to get caught up, so off I go! Love all these pics, looks like such a blast!! xx Nat

  20. Love the colors!!! One day when I have a backyard, I dream of a fabulous set like this!!

  21. I absolutely love World Market! Everything about your backyard bash looks amazing, love those chalk labels. Oh and I'm two months older than my boyfriend and I love messing with him about it, too ;)


  22. what a fun party for your hubs! very cute :) it was great to meet you this weekend as well!

  23. it is a dangerous place - and i don't even have one close by!!!!! EESH!

  24. I love those pillows, especially the anchor one! Very cute!

  25. i love that rug and so much of this stuff--why don't they have this shop over here :(

  26. omg this party is freaking adorable! I love it! such a great wife! by the way i really love the color yellow on you! very pretty!! happy wednesday & come enter the target giftcard giveaway im hosting on my blog! xox Kelly

  27. So cute friend, I'm obsessed with ikat so I'm a little jealous that you found so many great deals!! Happy birthday Ty!
    love you!

  28. What a cute party. I love those pillows. I might need to pick those up for my son's bedroom!

  29. jenna, I haven't been by in awhile and I don't know why! lol but your blog looks wonderful & I'm glad I stopped by again. This back yard get together is perfect. Love the colors. :)
    I am just so in love with your hair color! To. Die. For.

  30. i love world market! looks like such a cute party :)

  31. oh man! I miss me some World Market goodness!!

  32. So cute! I LOVE World Market, too. Wish we had one where I live, though.

  33. Does your hubby look like Ryan Reynolds? lol I think so!


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