July 30, 2012

Beauty Q&A (Edition 3)

 Remember when I said I was going to do these Beauty Q&A's ALL the time? Ha ya..that didn't really happen. I did EDITION ONE & EDITION TWO a loooong time ago. 

Well...finally...I bring you EDITION THREE

I decided to answer the TOP 2 QUESTIONS I get asked most frequently:

Oh man, this is really a hard one. I have SO MANY products in my makeup drawer 
(and in my closet..ok AND under my bed). But the THREE I can't live without/wouldn't dare go out of the house without putting these on are:

My current fave is the {1}Benefit "They're Real" Mascara in black. It thickens, lengthens and stays on ALL DAY without smudging (a must)!
**Another one I love lately is the {2} Revlon PhotoReady 3D Mascara - GREAT for the $$**

I would never leave the house without concealer. Nope..no way..unless there was a fire or something.
My two faves are:
{4} E.L.F Studio Complete Coverage Concealer (it's cheap & it covers!)

Moisturizing my face EVERYday is a must must. And I try to make sure that whatever moisturizer I buy has SPF in it (cause who wants their face looking like a baseball mitt later in life?).
My current loves:
{5} Bobbi Brown Extra Balm SPF 25 - which yes, is pretty pricey...BUT I cannot STRESS how amazing this balm is. It is HEAVEN in a jar. It makes my skin feel moisturized and dewy all day. Plus, it increases skin firmness! It lasts me about 6 months (so I can buy one for my b-day and one for Christmas).
{6} Olay Complete w/ SPF 15 (I get the sensitive skin--but they have ones for regular skin too)

Primers are a MUST-HAVE. If you have never used one, you are missing out!
I will say this though, you don't need a primer for EVERY part of your face. 
There ARE mascara primers (which I personally think are useless)
There ARE lip primers (which don't do anything)

The TWO I absolutely love & use are:
The face primer is a MUST. It will fill in all the little lines, pores and holes on your face so that your foundation goes on SMOOTHER. You can immediately see the difference when you use one. 
So use it! :)
**I love Laura Mercier's. It's the only one I use-it primes my face, and makes my makeup stay on longer through the day. Plus it protects my skin w/ Vit A, C &E. 
Haven't found a cheaper one I like yet.

I don't know WHAT I did in the days before I discovered Eye Primer. My eyeshadow would melt, crease and basically disappear during the day. Not anymore. I put it on before my shadow, let it dry, put my eyeshadow on and POOF! It is like a little daily miracle.
**Again, Laura Mercier's is the best for me. It just DOES the job & comes in lots of colors, which I love, because everyone's eyes are different shades. I use the shade BUFF.

So there you have it! If you have any Beauty Q&A's for me...send them to JennaTheWife@gmail.com and I'll be happy to answer them! I hope to do one of these at least once a month! :)

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  1. Laura and Bobbi can do NO wrong! Great list!

  2. i can never decide about primer, the only time i wear it is when i am going somewhere special as i think it makes my skin more prone to breakouts--but maybe that is because i haven't found the right one yet.

  3. I recently started using an eye primer when I went to Target one day and found the E.L.F. brand for $1 - hello good deal! I was a little skeptical at first that it would actually work, but I'm in love. People ask me all the time if I've just done my make-up even when its late at night and I did it earlier that morning. It works wonders!


  4. Primer is the best! I use it on my eyes and face!

  5. Thanks for sharing Jenna. I have always been jealous of your eyelashes! :) ((yep, I am weirdo)) but, seriously being a redhead and having lite eyelashes-mascara is a must and it must be good quality and long lasting.

    I am definitely going to need to try that eye primer. on my list and buying asap!

    Thanks again for sharing and hope you have a wonderful monday!

  6. Great recommendations! You have such pretty skin so it's nice to know what you use!! And I LOVE Benefit They're Real, it's life changing!


  7. wish there was a 'like' button for this post because i like like like it - & love that you're getting to share a little bit of your passion with us again :)

  8. oh primer. i've always been a skeptic .. mainly because i feel like its just one other thing i have to put on my face haha .. but if you say its a must then i am sure it is worth it!

  9. eyeshadow primer is a must! It really helps your eyeshadow not to crease.

  10. Great recommendations. Bobbi Brown has the BEST moisturizer.

  11. Okay, I'm going to have to cave and try out primer finally. I don't have problems with creasing eyeshadow, but if I like the facial primer, maybe it will sway me into the eyeshadow primer.

    The Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin - my favorite! It's the only moisturizer that doesn't break my skin out.

    Thanks for the informative post!


  12. I stumbled across your blog at the perfect time... I need new mascara!! I'm putting Benefit They're Real Mascara on my shopping list. Thanks! :)

  13. Oh my heck... I so needed this post! I know NOTHING about make up, it's pathetic! Ha ha.

  14. im buying face primer now, you have me convinced. i love eye primer though. have you ever tried bare minerals as a foundation? im skeptical but am desperate for something "invisible".


  15. There are so many equipment for beauty and fashion and I never try this before, because i am so stupid at makeup or something relates!

  16. Love these products & I especially love that you promote the need for SPF! :-)


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