July 26, 2012

The Last Thing Thursdays - OLYMPIC EDITION

 After I wrote this post yesterday, I realized I have to actually DO what I SAID I was going to do. :)
So...in keeping with this "back-to-me-voice".... I have decided that I'm going to keep a little schedule when it comes to The Last Thing Thursdays (and share it with all of you). 

So...this link up (which I love so much) will be every FIRST THURSDAY of each month. 
That way there is no question of "are you doing a link-up this week?" etc...It'll be better for all of us! 
If you want a schedule so you can plan for each month....
August  2
September 6
October  4
November 1
December 6
Cause let's face it..being on a schedule is just easier for everyone (especially me).

Now onto something I have been waiting for for 4 YEARS!!
Anyone else STOKED?
Tomorrow, duh. I can't WAIT for the Games to start! 
You better believe I have the Opening Ceremonies set to record on my DVR!
 (by the way what did we ever DO before DVR..Cavemen times, I tell ya.)

When the 2002 Olympics were here in SLC, I went to TONS of events and TONS of concerts. The atmosphere was electric. I met so many amazing people from all over the world, and it was seriously an awesome experience I'll never forget. Ever since then, I've been HOOKED.

There is something about watching all of the athletes Olympians come out, that makes me get all giddy. Each country looks SO PROUD of their athletes, and it makes me tear up. Yes, I'm a baby.
And who doesn't love the crazy spectacular that IS the Opening Ceremonies?!
Can't wait to see what London comes up with!

My all-time favorite Olympic Sport is Swimming. 
I don't know why. Maybe it's because I used to swim?? 
(just on a little club swim team back when I was like 10-13--that counts, right?
I am just excited to watch our boys/girls rock it out and win some medals! 

Oh and DIVING! I am in love with that sport. I would totally do it if I wasn't terrified I'd hit my head.

This year I am betting against my hubby. We are picking countries that we think will win the most medals (highest total). We aren't allowed to pick U.S.A, though (even though I know the U.S. is going to take it). I'm still gonna win. Fo sho.

Ok...let's all just agree right now that athletes bodies are ri-DONK-ulous. I have never had the patience (or the desire) to sweat it out in the gym 7 days a week like they do. 
Would I want their body by going to the gym twice a week--absolutely. Am I going to? Nope. 
Umm..she plays FIELD HOCKEY!?? Sign me up. 

I am newly obsessed with Rowing. It never really interested me before.  Maybe I always secretly wanted to be on a rowing team. However, after doing it in Hawaii, I realized how freakin' difficult it was. 
So I'll just watch & cheer from the sidelines for our team!

Alright people....who else is EXCITED? I know you secretly are..so don't pretend like you're not! :)
I'll be watching...will you?

Now it's YOUR TURN to link up to YOUR Last Things
You can talk ALL ABOUT the Olympics if you want..or just WHATEVER you want. 
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  1. I'm kinda excited for the olympics too! I've ever been big on it but watching the trials got me really interested! I love the idea of picking teams and seeing who wins the most medals. :)


  2. yay! love that last things is on a schedule! you know i'm the annoying girl always asking ;) heart you!

    i am pretty excited about the olympics! but it's bringing back memories of being pregnant & super tired because the last time the olympics started i was about to pop with zach (he turns 4 on sunday!!!)

  3. I'm definitely excited for the Olympics. :) My husband and I are living in the UK so we would love to get down to London, but I don't think it will happen.



  4. an Olympian-esque bod with only two days at the gym? Hells yeah, if that ever exists, sign me the freak up!

  5. field hockey chick. i want that body. but i need to break up with gelato first and i don't know if i caaaan.

  6. Yikes! I haven't set my DVR to record the opening ceremony! Ahhhhh!

    And that bod? Yeah, I want hers too.

  7. I'm not secretly excited. I'm OPENLY excited. :) I really love seeing the different countries' ideas in the opening ceremonies, and I really love the track and field. There just isn't anything like a full on sprint to get your heart going.

  8. Vancouver hosted the 2010 Olympics... What an amazing experience to be able to be in the city when it was all happening. "electric" is a great word for it!

  9. i am way more excited than i thought i would be, but maybe that is because i live in london so it is right here!

    i can't wait to watch so much of it on the tv and cheer on GB :)

  10. this just got me super excited! i love the summer olympics!!! yay! happy friday! xo Kelly

  11. Oh I am so excited for the Olympics. I've spent more time at work today than I should admit just looking up cool things about it and getting stoked to watch the opening ceremonies tonight! Love it :)

  12. you are so cute and funny!! loving the olympics (watching now haha :)


  13. Love this post! Too funny! Loving' the Olympics!
    Happily following!

  14. as much as I love USA I always think china will win the most overall. Im obsessed with the olympics right now! I am your newest follower. I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! Have a happy Monday:)

  15. I also love Summer Olympics and almost watch every sports I interested, I love that kinds of spirits and those guys really have great power!


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