July 24, 2012

Vanisha & Martie - Featured Sponsors!

 My head is spinning from all the giveaways I've been doing lately! Lucky you guys I guess :) 
I have ONE MORE pretty sweeeet one for y'all today and then I think I'll be done for a while (phew ;)! 

Happy Featured Sponsor Day!
I have some lovely ladies to talk about today!

Meet Vanisha!
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As you can see, this girl is B-E-A-utiful! Her style is impeccable. 
Not only that, but she has a HUGE HEART (aka helping with a Fiji Library). 
I instantly fell in love with her (girl crush!)..and I know you will too!
Oh and did I mention she's ALSO super smart (getting her PhD in Austrailia)!
And she's super obsessed with Phone Apps (like so many of us)

Check her out, I promise you'll love her!!

Meet Martie!
Martie is a sweetheart. She is Austrian (not to be confused with Germany, right Martie? :)
She is a FLEXITARIAN. Say whaaaat? So cool.

Ohhhhhhh.....and I love her even more because she has GRACIOUSLY bought one of my necklaces from NEON & NUDE and is giving it to one of you!!
Remember the Alissa Necklace? Oh ya...it's currently sold out...
but YOU can win one from Miss Martie! 
Giveaway ends Saturday, July 28!

Good Luck!!

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